Cheap furniture horrible service

the service was terrible and they promised deliver and it was 3 weeks later before we got the items and they were cheap and feel apart. the people selling did not know the information about the furniture.

They just wanted to make a sale and be done with it. The guy who sold me the furniture refused to return my calls, just got the lady at service who lied or did not know anything about the purchase. the furniture started falling apart as soon as my grand kids were here to visit.

Cindy Crawford should be embarrassed to have her name on this stuff. I would not recommend to anyone.


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check and see if it was made in CHINA do i need to say anymore

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Other Company in Glendale, California - Does anyone work there?

Does anyone actually work in the Calabassas, California office? When you call there with a question it is very difficult to get ahold of a person.

On all extensions called, you are directed to leave a message with a comment that they will call you back as soon as they can. Well, the return call never comes. I have tried numerous time to get a hold of a certain person that I was refered to and can not get a call returned.

Even whn you dial "O" for the operator, you are directed to leave a message. How do they do businees like this?

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Other Company in Hartford, Connecticut - This time environmentalists are wrong.

I'd like to report the down side of water conservation appliances.

In the past several years my husband and I have replaced two standard toilets with low-flow units. In addition, we have bought a new washing machine and new dishwasher. Yes, we're saving water. But, here's the bad news: because of the now-reduced water flow to our septic tank, we regularly clog up the line with toilet paper and have to tear apart the piping to break up the dam.

Even using cheap, lighter paper and being careful, we cause back-ups. It's not pretty. I hate to think of a new $20,000 engineered system!

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Other Company - Cut off business

as an insurance agent they cut of the business without any prior notice due to a minor problem with no intention from me towards the company. i hereby ask if you have full details about the attitude that i have received from your employees. knowing that i was and still holding the of the company and working uner you rules and regulations.

to stop a business is very easy, but without any prior study of this cuting off both of will face problems.

there is alot of pending issues that the underwritting department knew that i am working in big deals and of a sudden with a decision of on manager everything stop.

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Other Company in Fremont, California - Ripped Off Found on checking statement

I just checked by bank statement and they used somehow an old deleted and destroyed credit card. Tried to call them at 888-239-0316, but will have to wait until weekday.

My bank has been informed and will credit my account and also called FTC. Who and what are these %%#@+***????? If they get bombarded with calls and if everyone reports these creeps to the FTC I think it will help.

I have received numerous magazines in the last 3 days and I assume it came from these creeps. This is the reason I do not purchase or bank on line.

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Other Company in Zapopan, Jalisco - The company did not keep it's word

Good evening

My name is Vicente Ernesto Sánchez and I am writing from Morelia, Mexico.

I bought an Adult website from this company about 2 months ago paying $1250.

We signed a contract on which they told me that they could help me to earn money and promote my site and If I did not make like $45000 after 18 months they would give me a refund.

The made me a lot of promises and everything sounded great when they were trying to convince me to buy the site.

The first problem started when I took like 1 week to make the payment, since they started treating me by telling me that they would send me their lawyers If I did not pay quickly.

I paid the $1250 and they told me that I would get my money back in 2 weeks with their help, because they told me that they would help me to promote my website in a great way and that my business was something that my kids could inherit.

They have not done this, the only thing they have done is giving me a bunch of directories, which most of the times are not even popular, so I submit my website on them.

This is not the type of promotion they promise and I still have not earned money because my site is ranked in the last pages of these directories.

Could you please help me to get a refund from them? Their service is terrible and they have been very overbearing with me many times. Maybe because I am Mexican and I live in Mexico and they think that I could not defend my-self from them.

I hope you could help me because this company is terrible.

Thank you very much

Zapopan, Jalisco
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Other Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut - VERY PLEASED....

I was very pleased with the attention I received when i arrived at the store ...from the manager himself.. and the second time around even better...the delivery was done when i asked them to do it...and the manager called after hours to make sure i was pleased with the delivery and that everything was done correctly....i recommend to any one!!!!!!I'm in Bridgeport CT and the store is on Boston Ave...

5 stars!!!!!! So if anyone would like to stop in...feel free to do so..they will be waiting you will be pleased..Thank u

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Other Company in Salinas, California - Offered sample then billed for unwanted year supply

local tv station ad for .99 trial sample of celebrity white teeth product.soon after billed my credit card for 149.95 for membership i didn't ask for ,want or can afford. poor response from call to company.

have notified cal.atty gen office, credit card company and the tv station where i found this on their front page web-site. needless to say the station mgr and natl sales manager are pissed as well. apparantly i wasn't the first p-o-call that they got.also went on-line and saw many others complaining about similar experience with this outfit. also, i notified that tv stations direct competition alerting them of the scam advertised by their competing local broadcaster.

am i pissed or what? thanks,jeff

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Other Company in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania - Unfair Practices

On 9/5/2009 ordered a full sleeper $799.00 on Sale -PW 20023 , pd extra for the specific color& leather fabric from swatches $99.99 ( SPECIAL ORDER, Guardsman ) which is cked off on order sheet my witness agree with me on color swatch. I was told it would take 14 to 16 wks for delv,I waited & called in December was told by Ms Codio ( Sales Assoc # 3475 - AVI ) that she would send me status on delv, she never did, when the wks were up place another phone call in Feburary wks later & was told that Ms Codio was transferred to another location 215-878-4875 , Then rec'd telephone call on March 11th, 2010 that chair will deliver, when delv arrived, wrong color on delv person's order sheet ( Chocolate ) he called the warehouse to confirm color, I did not notice on order / Delv sheet Ms Codio stated color Bone which is not the color ordered from swatches to which she & I came to an agreement on the color CLAY, & my friend agreed with me on the color, if I ordered bone, Bone the color was already in stock & I would not have taken 1/2 hr with Ms.

Codio & my friend looking at swatches. the delivery man had an order for the color chocolate on his sheet to which my color was Clay and he had a delivery for the chair in the color bone, Now I've paid cash in the Amt of $1069.96 & my son whom I purchased the chair for has since died, the company has had 2 persons call me to say that they are going to take 30% of my Deposit & make a ck out to me in the Amt of $600. ??

& fees for delv included the Corp manager Ms.Susan Goodman 800-595-1422 Ext 5927 told her peons to tell me after all these months that they are going to chrg me for delivery to which I Pd as stated on Delv receipt $ 99.99 # PW 20023

Emotional Stress, waiting for chair to arrive I will only get $ 600.?? back for their mistake which is unfair.

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Other Company in Poteet, Texas - Cancellation problems

this subscription was cancelled and i was already supposed to have a credit to my bank account. that has not happened and now i get another charge and on account of it it has caused me numerous financial problems.

i want this credited immediately plus the 30.00 nsf charge. i expect a call monday april 12 without fail to resolv e this matter. it has cause me a lot of financial problems as this was cancelled. will be expecting a call monday if not other actions for forth coming.

not a treat just a promise. thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

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