Other Company in La Junta, Colorado - Charged us for a class after we sent the material back on time.

You are a bunch of crooks.... A person needs to open the packages of books to review them and see if the course is what they want, but when they do,you call that taking 1/3 of the course and bill the person for that.

I don't recommend them to anyone.

If you do not agree with them they hurt your credit and make you pay them the full amount no mater what. Make sure that if you want to think about taking a course from them that you do not open anything until you are certian that you are keeping it.

Review #162342 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162342.

Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - There return poilcy on cashreturns for lemmon need wait for a check

there return for cash purchases if not use a cc you need to wait for them cut you a check that scewed a bday gift for a frd of mines daughter they wanted all there money same time purchased so what gives,,if return b4 there poilcy on returns no cash back if over a hundread bucks,,you need wait check tieing up your money so can earn 2 cents interest from bank they deal with,,,i know if i stole from they call law why cant we return the fav,,,im never getting from them again im still waiting my check

Review #162334 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162334.

Other Company in Brentwood, New York - Landscaper didn't show

I filled out a consumer request for landscapers. Only one company called back within 3 hrs.

A date and time was set up. The appointment time had passed. I called the contractor who stated I thought it was later. He said we could be there later or we can reschedule.

WTF. I thought we were in a recession and people needed work. These contractors are not thoroughly screened and tested. I had my own business many years ago, and if I couln't make it on time I would at least give a courtesy call.

I would NEVER use this service again!! Thanks for nothing.

Review #162314 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - Falsely advertises software that doesn't work without telling you to buy them all

My computer became so dysfunctional after the installation of 2 your products that it slowed to a point where when I took it in for service, the first thing that was done was the software was removed. I had to pay $69 for that.

SO I not only paid for software that didn't do what it claimed, but had to pay to have it removed. I hope you really look into what your company professes this software will do and the disclose to an individual that once they elect to purchase one of your software packages that they will have to purchase them all in order for them to effectively work.

Personally I feel ripped out and out of monies that could have been better spent. Disatisifed customer.

Review #162311 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162311.

why do the men kik you out?

i am jont1966. i am tired of the guys getting Julius of me, they start on me then wen i get mad i get booted, i have done b/k wen they start.

it's like if you don't kik them , they kik you?

they steel the good lookin girls, or get mad wen i talk to then.they get me mad , the wimon think i am the bad guy.i was in today, at nite i was not letting thim get to me, and that was wen i got booted, i was holding bk, and i got booted........ watz up wit datt?



Wow. I have to agree with Sessa. :?

WHAT THE *** ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT? No one can understand what your complaint is! Here's my advice, go back to school, you desperately need it.

Review #162289 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162289.

I been looking for a ticket for 2 weeks and every time I look for another one the rates shoot up

Where can I find a trip to Vegas from Detroit for less then $200.00 please contact me at 810-423-7072 I have a show in Vegas on the 24 of April and I need 5 round trip tickets if it's possible I'd like to pay for them individual but for the same airline please contact me. I run a Independent Recording Label that is seeking a distribution deal out this trip.

I have Major Record Label looking forward to see my Group in Vegas this weekend each person seeking a plane ticket have at lease $250.00 but the taxes shoot the ticket price to 332.00 per passenger please help us reach Vegas.. Tobias Mayers


1 comment


Give up, dude! Thev rock star dream is like Nowheresville, dude!

Review #162288 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162288.

Uma Devi Visakhapatnam cheated me, promising to date me, she took $ 8995.00 in wire transfer.

Uma Devi, of Visakhapatnam, India, cheated me by promising dating services with indian women, she took a wire transfer of $8999.00 , and promised me that she will provide me atleast five dates when i come there, she is a total fraud and she has got a great deal of local complaints about her dating service agency, which is actually a disguise for the immoral activities she provides to the local users. Please be aware of this and dont fall into her trap. She is also advertising her services to guilliable american and european tourists coming into india , and who may want to date indian women.




Men who transfered amounts may give the way and means of transfering money to her. Either her bank account No. or address she used for receiving the money.







hai uma bustard i never seen like your woman *** u when will you give back my money :( :( :(

yes she did with another name called neha and wire transfer was rs 40,000

be carefullwith this type of ladies and her supporter

my email is ahmdmohd123456@live.com


To Whoever May Concern:

Umbud95 and other ids given below, She is a very big fraud and a ***, sells herself and others like her, probably also has AIDS. Id is fraud with the name UMA DEVI OR RANI. A TRAITOR, CHEAT , THIEF, ***, RANDI AND A LIAR who traps down unsuspecting men for money extortion and sexual abuse with her false stories.

She has deceived me through Shaadi.com and have taken money from me in the amount of USD $8995.00 and later changed her phones numbers and email ids.

This *** sleeps around with Men and disappears with money.

She is the worst kind of female who peddles her Yoni for anythng in this world.

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The following more are yahoo ids on messenger and email, she uses to entice and fleece men. Beware.

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The following more are yahoo ids on messenger and email, she uses to entice and fleece men. Beware.

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This Female seems to be a total scoundrel , using her charms to entice unsuspecting men into her trap, and she has so many different user id on yahoo and google and hotmail. her present id is


She uses this id to display her yoni charms and trap more people for money.

All beware.

Uma Devi, your name appears in some other consumer thingy in USA, did you try to rip off some electronics store in america ????? your daal wont fry now.

when are you giving my money back, you cheat. :grin
Is this the same Uma with the Female Escort Service in Vizag ? I think so, trying to pimp women in the guise of escorts.

what a lame duck female you are. growing fat on other female's earnings. Yuck.

Shame on you. :(
:( Atlast she gets caught in her own web. The biggest cheat in Vizag. Cant trust a woman like her.

Hi Uma, this is VVSSP, atlast you are in the limelight, when will you give back my money , you sweet talking rip-off artist.

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Ashok Kumar
Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh
Review #162209 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Other Company in Wilson, North Carolina - Who is this email and are they for real (pch.claimsdepartment@nba2k.com.cn)

This person is acting as a agent of yours, are they? And are they for real if this person does not work for please take steps to stop them as they will give you a bad name.

I am giving you a chance because I beleive in being fair and I want to beleive if they are fake you will handle this.

Please send me an email letting me know you have taken care of the problem...............................................................................................................................................................................if this is spam please list the site and let the public know about them i know you ahave a geat list of mailings and many people working for you. So take the time to fix it if it is wrong or send me a new email that tells me what i need to do

Review #162177 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162177.

Other Company in Detroit, Michigan - They deny getting my registered letter.

I am a victim of id theft. They put me on the nationwide list when they got a stop payment on one of my checks.

My telephone number was on the check but not one call, only a letter. I sent all of my info in a registered letter and they denied they got it. I have had two arrest warrants put on me which were cleared when I sent the same info. I faxed all again after I called and they said they had received nothing, including a copy of registered letter they had signed for.

Got calls from attorneys last week and had to again fax all. The person has plead guilty and serving time but I feel like I am being punished.

Review #162172 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162172.

Other Company in Pretoria, Gauteng - Damages caused to furniture,dates not upheld, services paid not supplied,

Supplier does not respond to claim requests:

Here is my last correspondance with the supplier and I am still waiting for aknowledgment or responce

I am herewith sending you the only quotation that I can obtain for the replacement value of the goods damaged in January 2010.

I unfortunately can't seem to obtain a 2nd quote as the lounge suite is no longer on the market and that was the highest value item.

The quote as above is from the same supplier that I purchased it from.

I hope that this is acceptable?

I would like to once again plead my case of the claim I put in against VIP for the time delays and services I paid for and did not receive.

I am once again reminding you as to the details of events.

I sent out an enquiry on 28 October 2009 for the move of furniture to be collected from Umtentweni - Natal south coast and delivered to Steelpoort- Mapumalanga for the Wednesday 6 January 2010.

I received your quotation for R9100(excl) (7600 for the move and 1500 for insurance)

5 Nov- e-mail-I requested a new quote to include for shuttle service as I explained that a large truck could not turn around in the complex, as well as a price if you did my packing for me.

6 Nov- e-mail -You requested the distance for the shuttle and I estimated between 250 - 500m

6 Nov- e-mail -I received a revised quote and invoice 8445 for R11,220 (excl) (7600 for move,1500 for insurance, 1350 for shuttle,520 for packing,250 for plastic covers)

11 Nov- e-mail -You confirmed the booking for collection for early morning 6 January 2010,(time to be confirmed closer to date)

23 Dec - telephone -I called to confirm collection, you asked me to pay the balance of the value before 24 December, and yes all is still on schedule

4 Jan – telephone – I called to once again confirm if all was on schedule and what time the truck would arrive on the 6th. You responded that it was the 7th, and I corrected you by stating it was Wednesday the 6th and not Thursday the 7th. You told me you that yes I was correct but you could not tell me what time the truck would be there, but would try for as early as possible.

5 Jan – telephone- you called me after 19h00 the evening to inform me that the truck had broken down and would only arrive on Thursday 7th, we had a disagreement and you asked me to make the necessary arrangements or should you cancel. The time was so short that I had to make calls and try and change our plans.

6 Jan – my husband and myself realized that due to this one day delay we were now so pressed for time, that we started packing our goods ourselves, as we had commitments to uphold.

6 Jan – telephone- I once again phoned you the afternoon to enquire what time the truck would arrive, you told me that it should be there by aprox 08h00.

7 Jan – telephone – I called once again @ 08h30, to enquire where the truck was, and you told me that the truck was delayed as he had to deliver goods for some-one in Durban and that person was only landing at the airport @ 11h00, there after he will deliver the goods and come directly to me.

7 Jan – telephone – I called @ 12h30, to enquire where the truck was and you told me he should be there by aprox 14h00.

7 Jan – telephone - 14h30, I called again? You then told me he should have been there already, you would contact your dispatch Manager and find out where he is.

7 Jan – telephone – 15h00, I called again as still had no response from you, you said that he was on his way but was held up in a road block.

7 Jan – telephone – 16h30, I called again, still no feedback from you, you gave me the driver's number and told me to phone him myself to find out where he was

7 Jan – telephone – 16h35, I called the driver, he told me he was in Umhlanga rocks, I explained that he needs to come to Umtentweni- south coast and not Umhlanga rocks north coast.

7 Jan – telephone – 16h42, I called you to explain what the situation was, you told me that you would find out and come back to me

7 Jan – telephone – 17h00, I called once again, you told me that I must have spoken to the wrong driver, you will call me back.

7 Jan – telephone – 17h10, I called again, you told me he was on his way, I must try and phone him again. We were angry with each other by this time as when I asked who was going to carry these extra costs, you informed me that you could only handle one problem at a time and were only interested in trying to get the movers to arrive. You informed me that we would discuss this later.

7 Jan – telephone – 17h35, I called the driver and he told me that he was then in Durban and was now leaving to come in my direction.

7 Jan – telephone – 18h30, called the driver again, he told me that he would be there shortly, I subsequently left and went to wait at the main road in case he missed the turn.

7 Jan – arrival – 19h00, the truck arrived at a little past 19h00, it was getting dark at this time. I then asked the driver where the shuttle was that was going to move the furniture. He informed me that he never knew about any shuttle, he only had a small trolley to move the goods. By this time I was furious, I am sure that you can understand my aggravation as I had paid for the shuttle –R1350.00.

The driver and myself walked the way back to the unit and I asked him (what now?) on which he responded that he would try and reverse the truck down the narrow lain. I had no other alternative but to take a chance as time was now a major issue. I was supposed to be back at work that morning already. The driver reversed the truck, broke a few branches and damaged a few plants, but got to my unit. When He opened the back door, there was already furniture in the truck. I asked him where the packing material was as I paid for them to pack. He once again told me that he was not informed of this and had nothing. I was now fuming with anger as you can imagine. Fortunately my husband and myself had the foresight to already have boxed everything, but I desperately needed the plastic covers as arranged, as I mentioned on my inventory list that there were large mirrors and pictures that needed to be bubble wrapped. As you can guess- no wrapping. The driver and helpers then first had to unload the previous furniture in the truck to repack this correctly, to try and fit our stuff in. Time was ticking…. Be that as it may, not all our goods fitted into the truck, no matter how it was packed. We actually had to leave furniture behind. We also loaded our car to the brim, nothing else could fit, this resulted in loss of furniture on our behalf.

We eventually left the premises just after 23h00 that same evening.

As you are aware, we had to be there to supervise the loading, and then had to rush home to be there before the truck arrived to once again supervise the off loading. We asked the driver what time he expected the truck to arrive the next day -8th Friday, and he told me that he still had to go via Middleburg to collect 10 more boxes. We were so shocked as how was he going to fit in 10 more boxes if all our goods did not fit. He explained that when they get there they will once again offload and repack to make space for the 10 boxes. I was so tired and exhausted by all the problems and excuses, that we just left.

I had a urgent meeting that I was supposed to be attending the Friday morning, and as you are aware, never made it in time. This was disastrous to my career as I explained.

8 Jan – telephone – 17h15, you called me to inform me that the truck would not be delivering my goods that day, but could only deliver the next morning, Saturday 9 Jan. You also had the gumption to ask if this was acceptable? What was I to say? NO?, I needed my furniture.

9 Jan – telephone – 07H10, I received a call from our mining village security to say the truck had arrived.

9 Jan – arrival – The truck had arrived at last.

And here is where more problems arose. On delivery and unpacking we were shocked to see the damages that had occurred to our property.

Damages occurred while move was done by VIP movers

1. Bed - torn at the base, the wood was protruding -

2. Bedside table badly scratched

3. Tumble drier now had a large hole in front of the machine as large as a glass coaster

4. two seater couch Grafton Everest which was brand new and now was torn through the back of the chair.

9 Jan – telephone- I called you about this as by now tempers were high, your response was of such a nature that this happens and that I need to take pictures and state the breakages on the travel sheet and send to you the Monday.

9 jan – telephone – you called us to find out if the truck had left yet, my husband then spoke to you and informed you that the service thus far was appalling and he wanted his re-imbursement prior to handing the driver his keys back. Both you and my husband had words as tempers were now boiling. I am sure you can imagine our frustration with the whole episode so far?

9 jan - telephone – I returned your call to inform you that the driver had left and I would send you the pictures and mail of my claim against VIP. You agreed that this was acceptable.

11 Jan – e-mail –I sent you a mail as promised with all the pictures as well as a detailed explanation of my requested claim set out below:

Morning Michelle,

As per our discussion, I am forwarding you the queries for re-imbursement.

I have 3 items that need to be reviewed with urgency ?

I have attached the quotation with the extra's marked, as well as the damages on the furniture as per your request.

A: re-imbursement of items invoiced and not delivered = R2 416.80

1. Shuttle - R1350.00

2. Packing - R 520.00

3. Plastic covers -R 250.00

Total -R2120.00

+ Vat -R 296.80

B: Damages occurred while move was done by VIP movers

5. Bed - (replacement as was new- now torn) - ?

6. Bedside table – ( replacement as was new – now badly scratched) - ?

7. Washing machine – ( replacement as totally damaged- great big hole) - ?

8. two seater couch – ( How is this going to be compensated for as it was damaged as part of set- Grafton Everest, brand new- torn )

I would appreciate your urgent attention on this claim from the insurance.

C: Compensation for time delay

1. Time of arrangement was for the morning of Wednesday 6 January.

2. Time of collection was only 19H00 evening of Thursday 7 January.

I had to therefore pay occupation for these two extra days and had to also accommodate via Bed & breakfast for the people that were supposed to move into the premises the evening of Wednesday 6 January. Due to the movers that were only loaded and left at 23H00 the evening of Thursday 7th, I paid for 2 days for the other people for accommodation and inconvenience.

The fact that I was also supposed to start work on Thursday and due to the delay was only able to be at work today, Monday 11 Jan, I have therefore lost 2 days of work of which I had to take two days of leave and am being charged –(disciplinary action) due to the loss of a business contract as promises made for specific dates were not kept due to my absence.

I would like a suggestion as to your compensation for my costs and loss of business for this time delay?

I would appreciate your URGENT response to my queries, as when I spoke to you on Wednesday with regards to the time delay problem, you only answered that you will handle one problem at a time and you were only interested in trying to get your movers to arrive and not listen to my other financial implications.

I now need your attention on all the matters of concern please.

Awaiting your URGENT response

Thank you

The subsequent follow up from this mail is another problem that I now experience, chain of events as follows:

11 Jan-mail - I sent you the above mail including the pictures

13 Jan – mail -I sent another mail asking as to what your plan of action was?


20 Jan – mail- I sent a mail asking what was the development?

( Your response – you are busy with it and will give feedback the next day)

21 Jan – mail - I sent a mail asking what was the development?


22 Jan – mail - I sent a mail asking what was the development?


25 Jan – mail – 06h53-I sent a mail asking what was the development?

( Your response – you would follow up with the insurance, but could I supply my banking details, as you would do the VIP re imbursement within the week)

25 Jan – mail – 08h51 I sent my details and asked for a breakdown of the re imbursement

(your response – sure will do.)

29 Jan – mail - I sent a mail asking what was the development?

( your response – apologise as you were ill, but the refund would be done by 11am that morning- you would e- mail me proof of payment)

02 Feb – mail - I sent a mail asking what was the development?


03 Feb – telephone - Having no response, I then called asking about the development, you then explained that the insurance needed 2 quotes before you could submit the claim.

03 Feb – mail - You sent me a mail, reminding me that the insurance needed 2 quotes, and that you checked with accounts and the refund was not done as the authorization was not signed. You would sort it out the same day.

09 Feb – mail - - I sent a mail asking what was the development, as I still had not received any mail or payment?

10 Feb – telephone – Having no response, I then called. You told me that your payments only run on the 15th of the month and I would then be paid that date. ( but contrary to this you would have paid me anytime according to the previous correspondence I had with you)

15 Feb - mail – 12h31, I sent a mail requesting the payment and breakdown thereof, as promised.


15 Feb - mail – 13h05, I sent another mail requesting the payment and breakdown thereof, as promised.

( your response – I would only be paid the packing of the boxes, and nothing else)

15 Feb – telephone – I then called you to enquire as to what was now going on? You explained that this was all you were prepared to pay as a small truck did the collection, and should you pay this into my account? I once again asked about the other values? And you were very rude and told me if you pay the packing into my account, then I agree that this is all that you need to pay, so do I want the money or NOT? Well, I was now just fuming and I told you that this was unfair. Your response once again was that you are tired of talking to me on the phone and will not speak any longer and if I had any further problems to send you a mail.

Well – here is my mail –

Sorry it has taken so long but, I have been in hospital. I hope that you did not think that this would just go away? AS IT WON'T.

I would really like to know as to why the consumer always looses?

I honestly feel that they way we were treated and are still being treated is unacceptable an unfair.

Please could you re *** the sequence of events and try and analyze it objectively and then give me feedback as to

was VIP professional and did they comply to their promises they made on their contract?


Did they breach contract and am I not entitled by law for damages occurred?


Review #162167 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer162167.