Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Need tobe conected

About 5 month ago my PC crashed. No matter what I have tried to due. I hat no succes in renewing or paying for one more year.

I no other complaints.But to renuew my supsription for one more year.

I due hope that you can help me in this matter.I have bought a new M G Butit did me no good.My emai addres is csteffens1@livemail.com.

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Other Company in Miami Beach, Florida - FRAUD!

Bottom line: these guys are a fraud. You buy the glasses, they take forever to ship, then get you to cancel the order and charge a 20% cancellation fee.

Customers figure they can cut their losses and receive 80% of their money back. That's what happened to me and from what I gather to several other pissed consumers. Don't buy! What you think you're saving on their "low" prices ends up costing you double since you have to buy the glasses full price from another retailer.

They should be shut down and investigated. I am amazed that Mastercard/Visa still do business with these creeps.

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Other Company in Burlington, Vermont - Sent books not ordered.

Please cease sending books to Phyllis Hemming

4666 67th Ave Ct W

University Place, Wa. 98466

I have not ordered any and do not want any books. Can't you people understand English.xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x x xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Other Company in Mobile, Alabama - Mad as ***

went to get my tire patched they took off my tire and they broke my tire pressure gage and they wont replace it the young man told his manager that he did not brake it but when the young man told me where the leak was coming from it was not the pressure gage it was broke in half i didnt do it it was not broke when i came in the manager took the young mans word and that was the end of it i am not pleased with the this was handled and i will no longer do business with them

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - I have not recieved my order

My name is Gregory Bates. I ordered multiple items from your company over a month ago (a lap top computer, a printer, and camera.

I have not received my items but the check has been cashed. I would like to know the status of my order. Gregory Bates, Milwaukee WI, 53216. I do not have an order number, I was careless but I do have proof that the check was cashed by your company and no merchandise was recieved.

I have purchased items from your company before but I have never had to wait this long for my shipment.

I am very disatisfied that I have not heard anything from your company or received my merchandise. Please contact me asap concerning my merchandise.

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Other Company in Bengaluru, Karnataka - Not a gym but a pig stye

this is the dirtiest club i have had the misfortune of joining. the franchiser has taken his money and vanished, the franchisee has taken out money with the promise of a international club and has vanished too.

There is no regular cleaning, no systems in place and no inspection all in all this is like a *** job once they have your money no one seems to care and the corporate web site is always down .

i am talking about the club at koramangala bangalore india. beware before you join this club get all your disease shots.The worst managed club and franchise ever cant wait to get out of there....

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Did not get what promotion stated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE reply ASAP... My name is Ida McClelland rear 304 Park Ave.

E.C. Pa. 16117 I never recieved my netbook only the internet mateial. I do not have a pc, i only got this due 2 the promotion of the netbook 2 the time of installation>.

I have yet 2 recieve any bills? All the above was 2b sent 2 my daughter Donna Marsano @ 404 line ave. E.C. Pa.

16117 2 insure delivery!! Either i soon!! get this or i am changing my service, this is unfair! Only reason 4 the bundle was due 2 this netbook please reply @ dk8153@verizon.net and or # 7247584238 s 2 what I m 2 do @ this point...

I will wait 5 more business if I get no reply this contract will hqve 2b cancelled, bad enough i had 2 wait over 10 days 2 get phone service NOW THIS , this is not fair nor is it any way 2 run promotions!!!

Thank you,

Ida McClelland


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Please delete this material, my aunt ida passed away, this is very disrespectable...

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Pre-purchase home inspection

I hired this company to inspect house that I was buying. Shortly after purchasing the property, a major structural defect was discovered that was missed during the inspection.

The structural problem was confirmed by a structural engineer and two contractors. I have paid out of my own pocket $60,000 to fix this company's mistake. In addition to the structural issues, major electrical problems existed. In a picture that the inspector took of the electrical panel, it clearly shows the service conductors coming into the panel through an unprotected knockout .

During his inspection of another sub-panel on the property, he shorted out the panel by screwing into the conductor. Conductors for this panel entered the panel through an unprotected knockout. Report stated only minor electrical issues in the house.

1000 characters is far too few to describe all the problems -- and a 1 star is far too many for this company. Don't take a chance with this company on your biggest investment!




When buying a house one should almost never hire a home inspector that is referred by a realtor. It is usually a case of "the fox watching the chicken coop." Call around to find your own inspector.

Find out how long they take (most homes should take 4+ hours to do a serious home inspection). Ask if they get recommended by realtors (They should answer rarely, unless the home buyer is a relative of the realtor), and if they climb on the roof and go into the entire attic (correct answer is yes).

Expect to pay about $400+ for a quality inspection that is done to protect you. Your inspector should not be a neutral party to the deal, but an advocate for you.

Did you shop for the inspector like a bar of soap at Walmart? Inspector's are not walking warranty companies.

They report what they see. Some see a lot; some do not. They are like bird dogs. They won't find all the birds.

You want a guarantee? Would you pay the inspector the same as you paid the realtor? At 6% on a $200k home that would be 12 grand. A lot of inspectors will give you a guarantee for that.

You simply expected too much.

Next time put 3 to 5 grand into an inspection and you won't get stuck for 60k. I would bet $100 bucks you would be too cheap to spend the $$ :p
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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Terrible work and Delayed refunds

They did a tooth repair and did not show me the tooth. When I got home I saw gobs of discolored compound and called them for repair.

Although they did repair I canceled remainder of services only to find refund would be several weeks before a check was cut. Throughout this entire process they were rude and impossible to get ahold of. Terrible place!

Furthermore every time I called the corporate office I got the same type of response. The question I ask myself is if you do bad work should not first off be ashamed and secondly expidite refunds?

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Other Company in Immokalee, Florida - Fraud

You have been hitting my checking account since March of last year for $14.90 a month. I've never even heard of you. Who is responsible? What do I do now? I've been laid off since August and can not endure this.

What kind of credit review do you do? This is how this type of fraud is perpetuated and you must be held accountable. I have tried calling and am only able to reach a machine. I don't know what kind of business you are in but I'll tell everyone I know what you did to me!

Peter Hermes


Immokalee, Florida
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