Other Company in Milford, Connecticut - The tow company insists on a fax rather than a scanned email

The tow company towed away my car which I had lent to my daughter's boyfriend. I am 40 miles away from them, I live in the middle of the country at the bottom of a mountain and have no fax machine.

The tow company wants a copy of my license and a note with signature saying that the boyfriend can pick up the car. So I called them and say, "Look I can scan my license and signature but I can't climb the mountain to get to a store that has a fax machine." "Oh, no", the tow man says, "It must be a fax." Although he can not intelligently or otherwise explain why it must be a fax rather than a scanned email. There is no difference, they are both copies. Does he think that a fax is like star trek and it's beamed there?!

I have found others who also are fax addicted but they can't explain why.

If one can't explain why than it's time to question the logic. I wish we could get a public service message out their saying, "A scan is no different than a fax."

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Other Company in Norfolk, Virginia - Water Testing

I guess this is not a complaint, however, it might be a warning. I took a pool water sample yesterday.

I was shocked that I was told that my salt level read 3400 when my pool computer read 2700. They also told me that my calcium hardness read 87, which is way low... I went there because I thought that I would save some gas and time instead of going to Leslie's, where I usually go. After I received the results, I felt uncomfortable about the readings, so I decided to make the trip to Lesley's.

What a surprise... They told me that my salt level was at 2700. Another surprise was that my calcium hardness was at 210, which is in the range it needs to be. The only reason I am writing this is because I called The Rec Warehouse a few minutes ago and asked to speak to a manager.

I explained to him what happened out of courtesy, and he replied, "we get our stuff calibrated once a month, not sure if they do". Wow, won't be going back there!

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Other Company in New York, New York - Tired of harrassment

I received phone call after phone call at my work from this place which I have never heard of before this,about something that had nothing to do with me! I had told them each time to stop calling me at work or I could get fired but to no avail.

When I asked for them to mail or email me information what this was about they refused. I finally had to warn them that if they continued to call and harrass me about something that had nothing to do with me I would contact my attorney.

So far I haven't heard from them. My guess, it's just a matter of time!

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Other Company in Cloquet, Minnesota - Kept putting me off until it was too late

I was told for months that they were working on a loan modification. Even now that my home has been foreclosed on, i still call and they say they are still reviewing our loan modification.

Now it is too late to save the house. I feel like they strung us along, just waiting for us to be too far behind, so we couldn't catch up. We tried to get the payment lower once. They lowered it and then it crept up every month.

We called about the loan modification and they said they were working on it. In the meantime they sent no house payment statement and we got too far behind.

Then they directed us to project hope, whom we are still waiting to hear one thing from. Now we have nowhere to go!

Cloquet, Minnesota
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Other Company in Nottingham, England - They took money from card without my permission

when i requested the product was a trial which i payed in total £2.63 on the 7th of March, then i received one packet, then another two packets arrive in a space of 3 weeks but then they without any consultation or permission (cln*teethcs)on the 8th March took £4.19, (Sii*onlnordr) took £59.77, on the 15th March, then on the 23th of March (Cln* theets) took £95.25,this is not acceptable no permission was given for these moneys to be payed to nor was i asked if i would to buy the product after the trial. i really annoyed.

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Other Company in Victoria, Texas - Harasses my family

This gentleman that works for this company named Jeff Tate consistently calls my cell phone asking for a payment on a collection account that is not even mine. He has hung up in my face while yelling, left harassing messages on my answering machine, and called me out of my name.

I cannot believe they are even allowed to do business with anyone because this is more than unprofessional. I simply called the number back to get information as to why they were calling another number of mine and he took it upon himself to take down my number and begin to call me daily. If my name isn't in their system for owing any debt I don't understand how that is legal to call me. Also when I answer the phone he yells that he wants the money, the money, the money.

He has hung up in my face 2 times while we were yelling at each other because I told him to stop calling and when I called back to asked why he called me and then hung up in my face he simply replied if I wasn't making a payment there wasn't anything to talk about.

I'm so frustrated because this is wasting my daytime minutes as well as demeaning to me for a debt that's not even mine. I would highly recommend people not hire them to collect funds for them.

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Other Company in San Jose, California - Just escaped

many thx for this site. I was abt to get into this mess. I guess they have only one ext and they give that to everyone for different names. After reading all the reviews I decided to stop discussinig with them. They gave be very good deal..

but it's better to stay away.

btw this site is not letting me to submit my comments,is asking you to type minimum 100 words so oooooooooooooooo



























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Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Need tobe conected

About 5 month ago my PC crashed. No matter what I have tried to due. I hat no succes in renewing or paying for one more year.

I no other complaints.But to renuew my supsription for one more year.

I due hope that you can help me in this matter.I have bought a new M G Butit did me no good.My emai addres is csteffens1@livemail.com.

h r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r

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Other Company in Miami Beach, Florida - FRAUD!

Bottom line: these guys are a fraud. You buy the glasses, they take forever to ship, then get you to cancel the order and charge a 20% cancellation fee.

Customers figure they can cut their losses and receive 80% of their money back. That's what happened to me and from what I gather to several other pissed consumers. Don't buy! What you think you're saving on their "low" prices ends up costing you double since you have to buy the glasses full price from another retailer.

They should be shut down and investigated. I am amazed that Mastercard/Visa still do business with these creeps.

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Other Company in Burlington, Vermont - Sent books not ordered.

Please cease sending books to Phyllis Hemming

4666 67th Ave Ct W

University Place, Wa. 98466

I have not ordered any and do not want any books. Can't you people understand English.xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx x x xxxx xxxx xxx xxxx xx x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x xx x x x xx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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