Other Company in Taylor, Michigan - Think I will pass on this one!

I received a call for an interview today. The person I was talking to talked very fast and I had a hard time understanding what she was saying.

I even pulled the car over thinking maybe I would be able to understand her better. Asked the position and had a very difficult time getting any information from her. Decided to look up this company and found all of the complaints. I did not apply for a sales position and decided not to waste my or this companies time with this one.

Thank you everyone for you input.

Will cancel the appointment next business day. Karen in Riverview

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Other Company in Brawley, California - Can't get thru to them to change payment method

Can't get them to change billing method or address . I moved 6 months ago and all my movies keep going to the other address .

I even called them to cancel my membership in the movie club ,they said that I needed to buy one more movie and I did,and I told them to cancel after that one and they didn't, and kept billing my bank card . I've changed banks and am trying to change my credit card info.

and it won't even do that.What is so hard to get through to them. I've changed my address where the movies are suppose to go ,I get the mail but the movies keep going to the old address which is 1645 miles away.

misled consumer
Brawley, California
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Other Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma - I am very displeased with this club.

I joined this club in order to recieve either "farmville, or "mafia game bucks", I cannot remember which it was. I did not recieve the bucks on whichever account it was.

Futhermore,in order to meet my club membership obligation, it was my understanding that if I did not respond I would be sent the featured selection, that is one movie not two or whatever you feel you can slide in on my account since it is pre-paid.

when my obligations are met I will end this membership with dissapointment,I really did not expect my willingness to prepay to be taken advantage of like it has been.

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Other Company in Athens, Georgia - Free Coffee Pot and Coffee Order

For one of your promotions, I ordered a free coffee pot (red, I think) along with several bags of coffee. This was the first of March, 2010 and it is now the end of April 2010.

I sent in a check for $10 which was promptly cashed by your company. I would like to have the ordered filled or a credit issued. The order was for: Cynthia Barrett-385 Breedlove Road, Ball Ground, GA 30107. I have always had wonderful service for over 20 years with your company.

What gives with this lack of follow through on your part.

Sincerely, Cynthia S. Barrett

cynthia barrett
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Other Company in Clementon, New Jersey - Unreceived jackets

ordered two jackets, got conformation they were sent, never received them, was wondering if they were sent to Florida address, instead of New Jersey address. hope to get them soon.

Basically am satisfied with clothes and service I have received in the past. don' know the model number, but ordered one tan and one blue. thank you for your trouble.Please hurry as summer is coming soon and I need the jackets as soon as possible.

when are you going to open a store in New Jersey we use to have one but some one in your organization closed it.thats all for now time to do the dishesbreakfast is over. BYE

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Set up to lose house within 3+ years!

I refinanced my house to roll in my credit card payments. I was struggling and they knew it.

I was told I would get a 30yr fixed with escrow accounts for everything. I have the papers telling me this. I never got a "truth-in-lending" statement.

The day I signed the papers she breaks the bad news to me in thirds.

Higher payment, no escrows and 3yr fixed, 27yr variable. She told me I had 3 days to have the contract corrected. Calling the broker for 3 days, I was given the run around.

On the third day, they said it was to cancel the loan in writing by 5:00. There is more but I am over the limit.




You need a good attorney that specializes in real estate and Quick!!


What do you mean...there is more, but I am over the limit? I think you mean you hit the minimum words required to post a complaint.

Your problem is a reading problem.

You should have read the contract. Maybe next time bring someone with to help.


You should never have signed the papers. I would have had them corrected, and then signed.

Everyone should know that you don't sign a contract that you don't agree w. You are agreeing to the contract when you sign it.


Be sure to save a large cardboard box so you can live out of it.

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Other Company in Denville, New Jersey - Hire a local Realtor

From the looks of all these complaints,the Buyer Beware,comes to mind.We recently have tried to view one for our selves in the Sussex location but have been unable to figure out how to get into one of these homes.No lock boxes so the local realtors cant get in either.Anyone have a secret to get into the Sussex models?They look nice from outside anyway,drive their to long guess we will look elsewhere.2nd attempt to get into home from a long drive,no answer on the phone number on the sign guess they are doing well enough,If you dont care why should we keep driving up their and cant get in?

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Not a Complaint ! A great PR idea for you !

I am an OLD lady and enjoy watching your variety of commercials on my TV.

During the Christmas holidays a few of your ads stated that you had everything for everybody in your stores. Well, I kept waiting for you to show me toys that children would like and you never did.

My idea is to manufacture Doll Houses with garages for little girls and boys that can be furnished with the exact duplicates of the furniture that you sell to their parents. Garages so that the litle boys can play with ca

rs and trucks and lawn mowers and everything that moves. The little girls will be playing with arranging the furniture differently every day and also taking the variety of dolls; Mom, Dad, sister, brother, grandma to different activities.

I am not aware of how you price furniture, but I do think that it would be a wonderful offer to GIVE the customer a dollhouse with at least one room of furniture. Say the set that the customer is buying - you give the miniature free. You can actually lose the cost of the doll house and miniature furniture in the cost of the full size set.

the customer does not have to be aware of that fact. You can also sell the doll houses and miniature furniture separately.

Do hope you follow-up on this idea. Christmas is around the corner.

Ruth Kraus

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Hair Dressers Can't Do It Right

I have been to 6-7 hairdressers in 3 years and tell them NOT to use warm or natural colors on my hair because I don't like it and I want ash cool tones. My hair pulls red, strawberry and orange out of everything.

Not one of these people every believes me. I had my roots done Thursday and the woman claimed she knew how I want my hair and she didn't style it when she sent me on my way so I went home wet headed. It dried a strawberry color and I have blond highlights and these two colors don't look good together. I called her up to complain and she said I should come right back for a toner.

I live 12 miles away and once home couldn't leave. She complained she had just mixed $6 worth of toner and now it was wasted.

Not wasted like to $60.00 I spent for a touch up! This is typical of every visit to pay a professional to color my hair.




Hair coloring in my case is not a whim or fad. If I didn't have to do it I would certainly not bother with it. It's a difficult thing when your hair goes grey early on in life.

Save your money. Leave your hair natural. :)
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Other Company in Clifton, New Jersey - Customer relations

On or about March 15 , 2010 I purchased a battery for my 1976 VW-

The purchase was done by credit card

Recently I went to give them back the old core-

When I asked one of the register people what to do with the battery- she either did not understand the question or chose to ignore me

I went for a wiper blade a new purchase

Went back to the register with battery and new purchase

Another register person needed to check with the manager - being I didnt have my original receipt

With an attitude she told me that I needed the receipt.

I explained that it was a credit card purchase and you could look it up

Either they were too lazy or they are willing to loose my new sale and perhaps a customr

I am in customer service myself and I do know that you can always track a sale-

With your competition opening up many new locations -

I think it would be wise to retrain you personnel proper attitude when dealing with the public

This store is in Hackensak NJ-

I regret to tell you I will not go back to that location

Most of the personnel either have difficulty speaking English

The others have problem understanding it

Perhaps it was too early on a Saturday morning ,

Regrets -Ard

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