Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - UBABLE TO GET A LIVE PERSON ON THE PHONE

Your invoice lists 2 phone numbers both are automated. How do you get to a live person?

push this push thEN can't get a lve person. Why put phone numbers that do not allow you to talk to a person? IF WE DID GET A LIVE PERSON THEY PROBABLY COULDN'T SPEAK ENGLISH. IS THAT WHY YOU CAN;T TALK TO A PERSON.



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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Graphic card installed. sound messed up. they refuse to fix it.

We brought our hard drive in to have a graphic card installed. Brought it home, no sound at all.

Brought it back and now the sound is not right again. Brought it back the 3rd time and they still do not have the sound right. We stopped to see the manager, he REFUSED to see us and told us if we brought the compter back any more there would be additional charges. Our sound was FINE before we brought it in and now they refuse to get it correct.

How can they do this when it is their fault! Further more, why won't the manager talk to us face to face. He refused to address us. They should come out to the house and see the problem if they cannot fix it in the store WITHOUT CHARGING US MORE.

They messed it up with the first graphic card which was more expensive and had its own sound chip in it.

Now we have to wear earphones constantly to use our computer. Jean Witek Service Order:00029-954931946 4/19/2010

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Other Company in Sterling Heights, Michigan - Roofing, still waiting for finish.

I will never take a recommendation from you people for any contractor. You should, probably dont,reasearch contractors.

*** poor roofing job! They took an unusal fast time to finish the job. They failed to clean up properly. left nail in the grass , boty front and back yard, gutters need cleaning, pieces of shingles are scatterd everywhere, hid pieces under mulch, garage is a mess.

they clear tabs that attach to shingles are still attached.

need i say more. I'm curently waiting for a worker to show up to correct this problem, no one wants to take responsibity for this.compony has issues with greed to finish jobs no mater the out come.

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Fake *** colletion company/ic system

This company calls and wakes me up every morning same time. Let my phone ring as soon as I say hello they hang up so I can call back. When I called back and ask what kind of company are they? They ask for my personal information so they can help with that. What the *** is that?

This & any other company like this need not call my phone again. A company just like this is the reason my identity was stolen in the first place. I'm not going to let it happen again.

All legit companies do it like this,(ie:is you name Jane Doe, is your phone number) and if you are a legit company you wont have a problem doing that. But your not are you.


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Actually IC System is a legit company as I use to work for them. They have to ask you to idenitfy your information as it is illegal for someone to give you that information/information on a debt.

They don't cause idenity theft. They are just following the FDCPA which is required by law for them to follow. All your doing is wasting their time and yours.

If its the wrong number than say so. Its not that hard.

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Other Company in Palm Springs, California - Ripped Off

An agreement for payoff of auto loan was $1134.79, to be automatically deducted from checking account. I received bank statement and found they also deducted an extra $9.95 out of bank without permission.

I was never contacted by the rep, Jack Russo, to advised of the additional fee being taken from my account. I am still waiting for payoff letter. I think the $9.95 should be returned to my checking account. What exactly was it for.

It seems they had an account number and just took what they wanted. Both deductions were on the same date.

Thank You

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Other Company in South Haven, Michigan - Continual Phone calls for unknown individual.

We moved into our house May 2006. We have been getting calls continually for an unknown individual.

hat person has never lived at the address. We have told your company this many times. We have asked you to stop calling our home and that the person you are looking for gave you the wrong number.On 4-22-10, I asked your employee Steve Oscar to transfer me to a supervisor. He refused.

I explained why I wanted the calls to stop.

I said I would contact the Better Business Bureau,if I was not connected to a supervisor. He told me to have a nice day.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - Texas $2.00 bill

we wanted one $2.00 Texas bill the advertisement in Sherman Texas paper said it would cost $12.00 so that is what I thought I was getting when I gave them my credit card number I said what would the charge be and she said $60.88 I said I would have to check with my husband, he told them he did not want them and to have a good day. So we sent them back and when you credited our account it was for only $48.00 we want the difference put on our credit card.

If this is not done we will contact the better business bureau about the false advertising. Connie Stuntz

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Other Company in Randolph, Massachusetts - Thrift Shop Scam

Owner of shop was very rude and accusatory after I brought in items for consignment which ended up "lost".

Upon several rude e-mails from the shop's owner (which I have saved) telling me to describe every item if Full down to the last button,it wasn't "sufficiant" enough to her liking and accused me of trying to 'extort" money from her "shop". Her helper that took my items counted them incorrectly 3 times and never gave me a reciet. I corrected him and trusted the shop to sell the items but they never made it to the sale floor.

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - I just recieved my phone bill to find oan has been charging me $1600 for free 411 calls.

I just recieved my phone bill to my surprise I found a charge of $16.00 to make 411 calls 24 hr.s a day.I never applied for this servise.Ends up they have been charging me since !/2010.They claim they sent me a e-mail confirming my servise.They did however stop this service and they owe me $59.00 which I won't see for maybe 2 mo.Look out ,they are out there and put their servise without your permission.I'm new on the internet .so to answer these pop ups you give your address.Watch your phone bill.I have been with my phone servise for 35 yrs.so when these charges I did'nt disagree.being happy with their servise I simply paid the bill.Untill today.WATCH for this,they got your e-mail you also maybe paying for a servise which I never use.THE SNAKES ARE RATTLING

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Other Company in Windsor, Ontario - BLUE SCREENS? SHUT DOWNS?

I am like most of the people on here with complaints. My monitor kept shutting down and there was always a BLUE SCREEN? They tried to help me and said it should be alright now, but it wasn't. It came back. For some unknown reason I had to buy a new monitor. They don't want to do anything about it. Whoever is in control of this MAGIC ACT should step up to the plate and address all these problems, or maybe we should begin a CLASS-ACTION SUIT against them for fraud and whatever else we can do to them.

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