Other Company in Randolph, Massachusetts - Thrift Shop Scam

Owner of shop was very rude and accusatory after I brought in items for consignment which ended up "lost".

Upon several rude e-mails from the shop's owner (which I have saved) telling me to describe every item if Full down to the last button,it wasn't "sufficiant" enough to her liking and accused me of trying to 'extort" money from her "shop". Her helper that took my items counted them incorrectly 3 times and never gave me a reciet. I corrected him and trusted the shop to sell the items but they never made it to the sale floor.

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - I just recieved my phone bill to find oan has been charging me $1600 for free 411 calls.

I just recieved my phone bill to my surprise I found a charge of $16.00 to make 411 calls 24 hr.s a day.I never applied for this servise.Ends up they have been charging me since !/2010.They claim they sent me a e-mail confirming my servise.They did however stop this service and they owe me $59.00 which I won't see for maybe 2 mo.Look out ,they are out there and put their servise without your permission.I'm new on the internet .so to answer these pop ups you give your address.Watch your phone bill.I have been with my phone servise for 35 yrs.so when these charges I did'nt disagree.being happy with their servise I simply paid the bill.Untill today.WATCH for this,they got your e-mail you also maybe paying for a servise which I never use.THE SNAKES ARE RATTLING

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Other Company in Windsor, Ontario - BLUE SCREENS? SHUT DOWNS?

I am like most of the people on here with complaints. My monitor kept shutting down and there was always a BLUE SCREEN? They tried to help me and said it should be alright now, but it wasn't. It came back. For some unknown reason I had to buy a new monitor. They don't want to do anything about it. Whoever is in control of this MAGIC ACT should step up to the plate and address all these problems, or maybe we should begin a CLASS-ACTION SUIT against them for fraud and whatever else we can do to them.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - I am so tired of people trying to get out of paying their bills

I am sick and tired of people calling us to do work for them and when we finish the work they sign the invoice and promise to pay. Then when it comes time to pay their bill they try to contact the BBB or Pissed Off Consumer and try to say we did extra work they did not ask for.

Just to try to keep from having to pay what they owe us.

I feel like a lot of people are taking advantage of BBB and sites like this one. I really don't think it is fair to slander companies when you called us to do the work and you signed the invoice after the work is completed.

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Other Company in Phoenix, Arizona - They call your references if you are late!!!!

Let it be known that this company will call your personal reference if you are late on your payment! I was awakened at 7:30 AM by someone calling about my son in law and daughter and their car loan.

They just wanted me to contact them and let them know they were trying to reach them!

When I questioned Micah about what this was about she hemmed and hawed and said it was about an auto loan. She then asked if I wanted my name removed and so I removed my name as a reference and told them to stop calling me.

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Cops harrased, cursed and disrespected me

Today, a cop came at my boyfriend and told him what his problem was. My boyfriend responded nothing after a while the cop started to take of his tie to fight him.

I came in and told my boyfriend he was more educated and better than him. He left the cop and then came 10 other cops surrounding one person (my boyfriend). One cop told me my opinion was ***, it smelled like ashole, to stop crying like a two year old and got so close to me I thought he was going to hit me. This guy was around 50 years old, I am only seventeen years old.

He scared me and I started crying.

Then the real policemen came and weere very nice and correct, told us to leave because it would be better. Those cops were complete *********, I wish I recorded the whole thing and could sue them or make them pay for their ignorance and trashyness.



Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #138382

I wish the cops did hit you. In the cooch.
Allenton, Michigan, United States #138252
Now tell the true story.You didnt bother to mention what you did in the first place!!!! If you cried like a little baby you probably had it coming!!!!

Grow up or keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!! :cry :upset :upset :eek :roll :?
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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - Create an order that I did not authorize

I am pissesd that they used my Visa debit card for their transaction. I would like to know how they dare authorize a charge or order that I have not ever made.

Also, I do not use my debit card over the internet so I would like to know how they got my debit card number. Now I have to cancel and wait for a new card. This company should be put out of business. They are commiting fraud.

I am really pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How dare they presume I want their crummy magazine. I hope something will be done about this.

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Other Company in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - *** heartless

would they like somebody doing this to them and ? they think they never not gonna get caught?

it wrong immoral it wrong is this caused by an obessive compulsive disoder ? an revenge attack ? or an love of money ? and dont realized the innocent people lifes that hurt behind these acts to full filled thier own self worth .

and happniess while the victim is living with having to reparir the damaged they caused of scaming them out of an dollar. Is it fair to hurt one another when we are susposed to help our nebighbor and love them as are self when many scam of these trying to rob our innoncence of hope for something false but the belief for something better. Now is that fair? to take money and proimes something and never give back what you promise that agreement?

how would it feel ? or you left out before the agreement never met your end !what would be an fair soulution ?

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I changed my address

i have receive my first product in february. Did you send another product at doris lessard oakland park blvd.

fort lauderdale florida.i change my address and i want to cancell my order. please answer me as soon as possible.

i must to cancell my order because i have to follow my husband for about 10 months outside of country and i do not my new address. i like your product but it is to complicated to receive it by mail or another way.

please cancel my order, i cannot receive it. please answer me .

thank you very very much


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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - I have no idea who did this to me

I started checking my bank account and noticed charges that i did not sign up for. I order online often from amazon,overstock and several companies.

I don't know how I got stuck with this charge and I want it removed. I very seldom travel and it's usually local. I do book hotels sometimes from companies like hotels.com or similiar but i don't use passport 2 fun. I have enough *** coming out of my account.

I DON'T need more.

Please check into this for me and get this thing checked into. Thank you for your time.

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