Manager Jermey just blew me off as a customer

I had ask Greg and he could not locate them so, Greg ask the Manager Jermey in the Garden Department where the Indian Harthrown shrubs were located. He just raised his hands, like I don't know and kept on walking.

Greg walked with me at least 2 times thur the garden department trying to locate them. Another employee with red hair came up to us and I ask her if she could look on the computer to see if the store showed any in stock. She said that type would not be located in the computer and her and another employee walked back to the rear of the garden department. Check your cameras!

I do not think Jermey should be a manager of anything! The women in the garden department help any way they can. I bet you are so proud of Jeremy! Whom ever has had a hand in promoting him, also should be demoted!

I have shopped at this store for over 3 years and all the other employees are very helpful. I bet if I was a man, the results would have been different!


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #140920

Well with your attitude you certainly are not a woman. I have a feeling you are a little boy or girl. You are just jealous of Jeremy.

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Other Company in Providence, Rhode Island - My account number for my renewal on 401-308-7902 and now it ran out i want that second number back

you give no phone number for complaints and renewals i need to renew my second number 401-309-7902 now i find out i have lost that account i think that sucks not being my fault. why can't i renew and keep this number i want to renew this number for 5 years like my other number.if you know a way to do this please let me know by coming on line and letting me know.

and what is this 100 words all about?

i can tell you what my problem is less than that. thank you if my wife did not want that number i would cancel both accounts.

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Poor service and no help.

I ordered a full bedroom set (queen bed, mattress, split box spring, 2 night stands, chest of 5 drawers, and a tv stand), on Apr. 3.

I was moving and needed these items. I didn't have a delivery date when I purchsed them, as I had no closing date yet. Once I did have the date, I called, was told all items were available, and gave them the date I wanted them delivered, Apr. 27.

I was told all the items were available, and looked forward to my new room.

On the delivery date, the men showed up on time, with just the bed, the mattress, and the box springs. The rails for the bed were damaged, and there were not enough screws for the rails to be connected to the head and foot boards. I was fuming, and told by customer service that the best they could do was send the replacement rails and hardware no earlier than 2 days from that date.

I wasn't happy, but accepted it.

On that date, the men showed up with 2 new rails, one damaged, and no screws. I had enough, called customer service and demanded they take their *** back, and refund me every dime. I was told that was my option, but she had to check to see if the delivery charge could be refunded.

I screamed, delivery of what??? I had no furniture delivered. I was also told the furniture I did not yet recieve wouldn't be available til May 16. Over 6 weeks after I bought and paid for it.

I am still waiting for the refund to show up on my credit card statement. Never use Bobs again, for anything.


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Contact your credit card company to handle this. I had a similar situation, not with Bobs, but they took it off my card.

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Other Company in Takoma Park, Maryland - Consistenly Poor Quality

Yesterday the RS attempted to deliver yet another damaged headboard. Every headboard has had the same exact problem. Additionally,I have received no less than two calls regarding a delivery when in fact there was nothing to be delivered.

Everyone I speak with is very pleasant, and I do appreciate this, but in addition to polite personnel, I want good service. I am now faced with having to select a totally different bedroom set or accepting a partial refund. Niether of these are good options.

What happened to quality control? None of the headboards should have made it past this dept.

Takoma Park, Maryland
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Received a bill for $315 for collect calls from prison

Legacy is a major ripoff and the government should step in to stop these crooks who take advantage of situations beyond control. My dtr is in a correctional facility and they do not allow phone cards so the only recourse is a collectcall.They encourage the inmates to try and be scandoulous and obtain phone cards if they can.

I received a bill for $315. 92 for a total of 18 collect calls made from a facilty about 20 miles from my home.

I tried calling there customer service which is a joke. They keep you on hold forever and never come to the phone.

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Other Company - Cook at southmore pasadena texas

i would like to tell you i have been going to your store on southmore in pasadena texas for years and today i treated very rudely by your cook , i ordered a x 4 large pizza,i ordered peperoni , bacon , beef and Canadian bacon when i got my pizza back you not not see the ingredients in it, it was mostly cheese ans sauce, i asked the lady for a small box so i could separate my pizza for the kids who go to different school, and she wanted me to pay her the amount of 10.00 for a box , this lady was extremely rude .

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Fake Money Orders

Was scammed, by two counterfeit monoey orders, and a counterfeit cashiers check written on a US bank to the tune of $1,740.00 by:

Wayne Crozier

C.S Brunt Ltd

Sent to Peter Wright, 30 Leicester Square, London UK WC2H 7LA

William Harris

561 373-2396, Davenport, Florida

The money order originated in the United States, on the West Coast.

Had a e-mail from Mr. Crozier wanting to have a faxed copy of the money order. Sent it to him, but did not hesar back,

I associated with the company as it appeared to be legitimate on a Google search.

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Other Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas - Thier Annual fee went from $60 to $300.

What a rip off. After 2 years of working the Rankings of my website I had bought through these guys specialized around Unlocked Cell Phones, they decided to make the annual fee outrageous.

I told them to cancel my account when renewal time came around, and they did, and they also never sent me the remaining $200+ commissions they owed me. What a scam. I emailed them like a dozen times in 2 years and they replied once out of those dozen times.

They never would reply to me about my last payment......WARNING THEY NOW GO BY DOBA or DOBA bought them. Maybe they will give me the rest of my commissions lolz not.

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Other Company in Oakhurst, California - Made false dreams

I am very pissed off with maria for her false promises. she kept writing and asking for money,suddenly I told my husband to let me see that paper I told him to burn that ***, she's all lies.

hopefully when we burned it her psychic *** felt the heat from the

maybe all of her false *** will once be put into place. People like them need to shut down.Always making lies and trying to build up peoples hopes.If she writes us again im going to get into touch with the local authorieites and put her *** into place.

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Other Company in Larchmont, New York - In the dark for a month. sanitzation blaming *** ed now!

My original request was on April 11,2010 to 311. service number 2207873.

2nd request May 3, 2010, I am being told that my request was not put through. but they found a service stop tag # 2918382 to *** edison, due to no currant. Have yet to see *** edison..We are in the dark for over a month now. This is a residential neighborhood,I am a home owner and fear parking in my garage as someone can follow me in.

Last year there was a shoot out in front of my garages. I am nervous since its getting warmer and thats a blind spot where I know there has been mugging and assaults.

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