Other Company in Paxton, Massachusetts - I sold my house gone wrong

Wrote to a seller on I sold my house for a property in Webster, Ma. The property has a just reduced price of $249.000.

I spoke with a woman who made an appointment with me and my husband that Friday. I called her in the morning and got a call back about 1 hr later. I said was still interested in the grey house in Webster. At that time she says which house were you interested in???

OH I am sorry that has been sold although it is still on I sold my house as a property for sale. She then told me her and her husband have 17 lots and if we wanted they could build us a house. Bait and switch for sure. I made 3 calls to I sold my house to report this person, but the house is still on the website.

They woman called my cell phone after weeks this past Sun and asked if I wanted them to build me a house again.

Be careful of contractors who try to bait you with a house that is to good to be true. Disgusted with the response from I sold my house.

Paxton, Massachusetts
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Other Company in Portland, Oregon - Money Letter

We received a letter too, but we sent it back a note telling them

to take it out of our winnings. We were warned about them. The amount

was $1,900,000.00 also. We have never heard from them again. We have researched this Company, and it is all a frud. Do not send any money, you will never receive any thing from them. Just tell everyone you know about your letter. I can't think of more reasons you ahould put it in the shreder

that is where it belongs. Thank you for reading my coments about the concast letter.

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Other Company in Duson, Louisiana - Did not get my credit on credit card

I placed an order and the card was charged. They now tell me that they cannot ship until october. I called and was told they would cancel my order and give my card credit. Called the second time and was told they did not have time to get to it yet.

But they sure had time to process it for the order. If I do not hear from you soon and get my crecit I will be forced to call the bank and the credit card company and reverse the charges. This is the third time I place an order with you and have all intentions to order this Mayhaw in the fall. But it needs to get better than this.

Winston Stroderd


Duson, Louisiana
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Other Company in Columbia, Maryland - Erycca Courville Had Car Towed

Keep a paper trail of time of calls.

Buy Kevin Trudeau Debt Cures. He says you have the right to sue the collection agency if they abuse the fair debt collection practices act,

Its more expensive for them in legal fees.versus the amount of the debt,its always in their best interest to settle.know your rights.

take notes date & time.You dont have to talk to them.file a complaint with Better Business Burea,Attorny General & Federal Trade Commison.No calls before 8:00 or after 8:00. Cant talk to anyone but you.Cant call you at wk.

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Took advantage of my friend

I just received a call from an old friend that hired an attorney from Wilens and Baker.

The Attorney was paid $4,000 because he told my friend that he would help him with a case and an immigration problem.

My friend just called me from jail to say that he was still given a full sentence and is now waiting for a possible deportation. No help from the Attorney.

I understand that the Attorney appeared on court 4 times.

It is my feeling that my friend was taken advantage of because he is an illegal immigrant.

It is a terrible shame that must not be left unchallenged.

My assumption must be that this happens often, but those who are hurt are broke and powerless to pursue justice.

By the grace of God....I am neither broke or powerless.

If you have been taken advantage of by this company, please respond.


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I discharged Wilens and Baker and asked for refund. Wilens told me that i owe him money and if i don't pay today he's gonna drag me to court.

the fact is that i gave him 2500 $ and there hasn't been any work done.

I can't afford 5000$ fee i was honest with him and now he wants to sue me.

what a scammer.

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Other Company in San Diego, California - I did NOT post on *** Matches!!!

I have NOT posted on this site, I am not a member of this site, I don't frequent this site, and yet I get approached by IM from men saying they saw my post. It seems that anyone can post anybody's information on these sites!

These folks need to verify information before they post it.

What if there was a TWELVE YEAR OLD on this computer instead of me?!? I think this site is an OPEN INVITATION TO PEDOPHILES to approach children online!

I want to find out who posted my info, put them in jail, & let the prisoner population take care of them!

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - *** funiture

I bought a living room set just about a year ago . Within 3 months the recliner on the couch broke ,little over 1 year the recliner broke what kind of are you people selling than loads Dave D $$ now i have to pay again to get this piece of *** fixed thats twice now.

for what the repairs cost i could hav bought another recliner than again. i wish i had looked at construction of the funiture i would have never bought this *** made out plywood great product to use to construct this great piece of *** funiture thanks

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Other Company in Houston, Texas - Totally dropping the ball!!!

I made an order 3-11-10 it was told to me that the order will arrive in 45 days. I was ok with that until 5days before del I called to confirm my order only to find it wasn't logged for delivery and no one had called to confirm.

I went in and spoke with the David Strall the store mgmt and he NEVER returned my calls I went in and tried to allow him to fix the problem at store level,but he NEVER returned my calls all i wanted was a call to know what happened to my furniture.I was given promised that he would take charge and follow-up with my order.

It has been 2 weeks since my del. date and I still don't know what the status of my furniture is.

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Other Company in Richmond, Virginia - Charlesgrey, pushing me away for no good reason

she and jewels, have constantly kicked out and around and me out and because of their stupidity, they remain. I have constantly had to remake Screen Names to re-enter. I have had to explain myself when I feel unneccessary. Your field of experice, wants to hold on 2 them, set those sails~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So, why am I the 1 to have not only launched her boat. seek some1 2 set your sail, and grab that rod ya fish with and use "him" for bait

It's all been good~ walk if the motor stops or call a cab~~~~~~~~~~~~You Can, just try-

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Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - Inattention to Complaints


My husband and I bought our new mobile home in December, 2009. We moved into it in January of this year, 2010.

While our home was sitting on the lot at the dealers, it went through a tornado that tore up quite a bit in the town of Lufkin. We were told that it only did minor damage to our home and we did not go by to check it out. We probably should have, but that is an error that we made, by not going by.

We were told that some shingles were torn loose and one window was blown out. The shingles were replaced with the wrong color.

At the time we took possession or our new home, we were given a certificate certifying the things done to make the home as presentable to us as possible. One thing that was certified to was that it had been thoroughly cleaned.

Before we could put anything into our home, we had to clean it thoroughly. The tops of the cabinet were filthy, even having razor blades left on top of them. All the shelves were dusty and had to be cleaned before I could put my dishes away. The front of the cabinets, also, had a fine layer of dust on them.

The closets were the same way and we could not put any of our clothes away until we had thoroughly cleaned all the closets, including the shelves. Both bathrooms had dirt and dust on all the cabinets, as well as the sinks and tubs.

If that was all that was wrong, we could have lived with that. But, the only thing that has been fixed by the Clayton representative is a hole around the drain line in the washroom. Our shower leaked on the floor, around the door. The representative from Clayton applied caulk, but the leak continued. My husband finally fixed it himself because we were tired of waiting on anyone from Lufkin and we wanted to be able to take a shower without water getting on the floor.

Also in the master bath, all the corners were messed up by whoever put up the sheetrock and mud. I'm not sure if this part was pulled apart by the tornado, or what happened, it just looks bad and we have asked that the corners be fixed.

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In the dining room it looks like sheetrock mud was spilled on the carpet and someone attempted to clean it up. There is a very obvious stain. I have asked that either the carpet be replaced with the same carpet, or I would prefer that linoleum be put in the dining room. To date, nothing has been done.

We have tried several times to get numerous things fixed and all that is ever done is that we are told that the company has been notified and they are always waiting on parts, or the items needed would have to be ordered. We still have not had any satisfactory repairs done on our home and no telephone calls keeping us up-to-date.

At the time of purchase, we were also told that our unit would be very cost effective as to utilities and that our electric bill would probably be around $90. It is our fault that we did not check that our windows were the ones we thought they were; however, we were trusting the representative at Clayton.

As of right now, we haven't found anything else wrong except for the things mentioned to the last repair guy that was here. All he did is make a list of the things wrong and we have never heard back from him. If we find anything else wrong, be assured that we will put it on the list.

Both of us really like our home, but we also want the things fixed that are wrong. We were told at the time we bought the home that their "service was great".

All we want is to be treated fairly.

Thank you for your time.

Wanda Forrest2705 FM 2109Huntington, TX 75949936-422-5602Koinonea@aol.com

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