Drivers undere the influence of meth

do you test your drivers? when a driver has his time off and the second they get to there home town head straight for the bag the whole time they are on home time well i really dont think its safe for us on the road they should test them before going back out i personaly know for a fact my best friends husband fits this senerio shall i say ex husband it is not safe they fall asleep and have road rage you would think they would do a better job keeping the roads safe as far as dates every time he came home


tommie lee cunningham




what the heck are you talking about? you aren't giving a company that the complaint is about.

this is for consumers to share their frustrations or experiences with the rest of us. its not for someone to complain about another person.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #147148

Do you have proof that they are on meth, or did they fire you?

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Other Company in Memphis, Tennessee - *** KATHRINE!!!!

Kathrine is the *** that stole truc......I can't say like "gangin with Truc or anything because she would of gotten pissed if I did BUzt she can say at trucs ditched school and *** I'm in my bedroom thinking and cryin because she screws everything up she always has thank god only one day left and I never have to see that ugle *** again!!!!

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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Pissed turned into pleased !

As one of your best customers(your words, not mine)I purchased three chairs from your home store..We chose to pick up the chairs from the

warehouse vs having them delivered..While they were packed in large

boxes with layers of materials to protect them, one arrived with a broken

leg..long story short, I called the store who referred me to customer

serviec in chicago..spoke with a polite & helpful young man who agreed

to pick up the broken chair with a replacement chair..He,somehow, made an

error and the new chair was not delivered as agreed. It was the Saturday

before Easter, and I was having a houseful of guests coming for Easter..

Bottomline, my husband(who has alzheimer's)and I drove to the store where

we purchased the merchandise quite angry..your assistant store manager, who

fortunately for me, was on duty that day, Melinda Nichols, saved my day

and a longstanding customer for Macy's..While she was unable(after much

effort on her part)to get my chair delivered; she did restore my faith in

Macy's with her genuine approach to my problem..very simply, she cared !!

Melinda Nichols should be recognized and commended by all of you..

Macy's is fortunate to have her in your employ..

Mae H. Wakeham


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Other Company in Elizabethtown, Kentucky - *** Artist web Site:

Do not buy from this company. The website is designed to rip you off.

1. They ask for your credit card number before they let you review their products.

2. They do not allow you to review the cost of the product before they complete your order.

3. They do not let you cancel and tell you they delivered the products in less than 24hrs. Yet there site says allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

4. They will also add items you do not want and charge you for it. Along with huge shipping cost. Example strawberry bush 19.99 shipping 18.99???

5. Bad news company that borders on fraud at every turn and does not let you correct your orders before finalizing the order.


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I have a 2007 tahoe and the dash is cracking

i have a 2007 tahoe and the dash has 2 cracks in it i bought it brand new and it wasnt cheap.i was wondering if gm was doing anything to fix it.its looking bad ans i dont think its rt for it not to last 3 yrs.i was wondering has any one else has had this problem,and what was the out come.or if you have any sugestions to who to one drives it but my wife and we have no kids to break one rides w/her.and she takes very good care of it.its almost paid for and its falling apart in only 3 years.




I am the original owner of a 2007. Dash is cracked in 2 places like everyone else.

I am working with Auto Nation Superstition Springs in Mesa, AZ and they are not helping at all. I have spoke with GM Customer Service. They are now offering to fix it if I pay $400 of the $1100 repair bill. I won't do it.

GM needs to step up and take responsibility.

I doubt I will ever purchase another GM product especially if this issue is not covered 100%. I paid $49,000 for this vehicle - you'd think they'd care more about their customers.


I have an '07 Tahoe with the Z71 package that I am the original owner of. I got in my Tahoe this Saturday morning with no crack in the dash, went out for another trip in the afternoon and there was a huge crack by the passenger airbag.

I really baby my vehicle and this sucks to find out so many owners are having the same problem! I wish there was some type of petition we could start to force GM to do something for such an obvious defect in such an expensive vehicle.


My 07 Silverado dash has cracks also. It affects all GMT900 trucks.

I think they fixed it in 2010 or 2011. They refuse to come to a resonable repair (want me to pay half for their issue).

Some get it done for free. Its only a matter of time before this brings them down.


I also have a 2007 ltz Tahoe and it has 2 cracks in the dash. I called GM and they said there was no defect and it was probably from the cleaning products or could be from the heat.

They are full of ***. These vehicles are not cheap and we should not have these problems.

If it were a problem with safety they would recall them so they wouldn't get sued. Maybe I should cut my finger and say it was from cleaning the dash.


I also have 2 cracks in my dash and I went to visit the dealer, asking them to fix it and said that this is a major Problem with the 07 tahoes. Only way to "fix" it is to get something called a dash mat.

But they look ugly so I'd rather have the cracks.

And a new dash is about 1200. I'm pissed!


Consider yourself fortunate, I have 5 cracks, (2 connecting to cause a nice hole in dash) in my '07 Tahoe. GM no help and claims not a defect.

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Other Company in Charlotte, North Carolina - Pissed off at the treatment that i recieived from store #0171

while checking out at store #0171 in matthews,nc i was approached at the self check out and asked for my identification while purchasing a bottle of wine. i noticed i forgot my purse.the purchase was actually for a friend ,whom was present.the girl,or should i say he she.

approached me and said she was unable to allow me to pay for the wine.i explained the wine was not for me,it was for my friend. i gladly stepped aside and asked that thing to go ahead and take it off my purchase. i dont even drink,and im also 36 years old.they took the wine off my purchase and i left the friend went back to the store after taking me home and they still refused to sell my 40 year old friend the wine,even with her proof of age,they began to treat her with disrespect and the he she that dealt with us before came running to the register with the store manager,donald hunt, to argue in the presense of other customers,then snatched the bottle from her hand,with a loud voice, you will not sell her that wine!!!! we shop at this store on a regular,or daily basis!

this treatment was un-called for and a bad judgement call on their part. i am outraged by the treatment my friend and i received!

my friend explained how then she went across the street to food lion and was very pleased with,not only the service,but the hospitality of the employees there! the food lion employee heard the story and wanted to welcome her back as a customer!i will also let my entire friends and family know that food lion is the place to be,if your looking for courtious and customer satisfaction.what happened to,"the customers always right?"

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Other Company in Savannah, Georgia - Confused and need guidance

I had a missed call today on my cell phone so when I got a minute I called back. A woman picked up asking what she had called me about.

I told her I have no clue that she was the one that had called me and that was what I was calling about. She asked me the number I was calling from so I told her and she then asked to speak to me (my name). I said this is her. She then asked me if I still live at this address and I said, "No, who is this?" Then she started asking me other questions which pissed me off cause who would just give out personal information to someone over the phone so I told her all that was irrelevant cause I needed to know who she was first.

She told me she was trying to collect a debt from the hospital. I told her that I was planning to go to the hospital and settle it on Wednesday. She then said that I could not do that and that the hospital sold it to them. Then she asked if I worked full time which I had told her no and then she asked where I was employed at.

I told her it shouldn't make a difference where I was employed at. She got pissed off then proceeded to tell me this will go on my credit report and she would note that I was refusing to pay my debt.

(Which I am not I just wanted to settle in cash with the hospital.) I went to the hospital a month ago and never received anything in the mail about a bill even though I had corrected my address with them before I even left. What do I do.

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Other Company in Englewood, Colorado - They charged My account without my knowledge

I read in a magazine about this teeth whitening product, which had rave reviews & didn't take as long as it would going to a dentist. Well, after going to a Dentist getting an evaluation on My teeth & a very costly bill, I was happy to try this product, just try it, not BUY IT.

The article strictly said I was paying 3.95 for a trial of this writing in fine print even telling Me they would charge my account $39.95 after 10 days...I would have never ordered it & I want My money back!!!

Even when I got the trial, none of the paperwork told Me I had 10 days to try this product. I was also charged $62.90 for another tooth whitening Kit, which I only paid $1.95 for what I thought was only a trial.

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Other Company in Fort Walton Beach, Florida - Found my unlisted phone number and harrased me

in the early 1990s i was sent a credit card that i didnt want and they charged me $75 they kept harrasing me,i also sent a letter this has been years since i have heard anything about this i have a unpublished phone number leave me alone i have already contacted a lawyer in this matter my lawyer will eat you for lunch this is alot of poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo poo this is an invasion of my privacy you are nothing but bullies i hope your like your job dont call again

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Rude Agent

A woman called me and wanted to verify I receive mail at a certain address asked what is was regarding she wouldn't tell me then when I asked again hung up on me. How do they expect a person to give out personal informtion to someone that they have no idea who they are but they can't tell me what it is related to.

What company they represent or anything. They could be trying to steal peoples identities.

I wonder how well they resolve outstanding accounts when they won't cooperate with people and just hang up in people's faces.

Call me again and see what how far you get with obtaining information. What a joke.



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #145599

More than likely the OP was rude and that is why she was hung up on.


More than likely it was some sort of collection agency

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