Other Company in Jersey City, New Jersey - Bang up Job !!!

Your N.J. district managers are not dedicated to providing good quality work .

The craftsmanship of their employs are poor and not experienced enough to complete a panting site in a professional manner. The district managers are just as inexperienced when it regards to how a house is to be prepared before painting.Especially Adam Mcnicholas and Zack Magi sh .

The proof is in their work. The consumer will only be fooled by their inexperienced of the necessities of painting a house by college students who thrive on how much money they make and how fast they make it while the consumer is oblivious to the unprofessional work being done.

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Other Company in Plattsburgh, New York - Nearly Impossible to fulfill committment

I am finding it very difficult to fulfill my commitment. Anyone notice how hard it is to find "regular club price" movies?

That is how they keep stringing you along. If you don't want the featured selection, you are pretty much hanging out there with regard to fulfilling your commitment. I ordered a boxed set, OF COURSE that didn't count. So, I have been searching the website and the catalog when it arrives for movies priced over 19.95 that are not blu-ray, and I gotta say, it is like banging your head against the wall!

I was trying to get people to join to get a free movie, but I decided that I wouldn't do that to anyone I liked ~ major frustration!!! No recommendations from me for ANYONE to join.

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Other Company in Gardena, California - Memorial Day

It's a shame that a day set aside to honor those who have made the Supreme Sacrifice has become just another day to party and be used to make money. There is a movement to return Memorial Day to it's original date each year (30 May) and folks need to support this.

Memorial Day has degenerated into nothing more than a 3 or 4 day party week-end as well as another way for stores to make a profit off of the blood of our Servicemen and Women. In addition to supporting moving Memorial Day back to 30 May each year, don't shop at businesses during their "Memorial Day" sales.

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Call ingore - mailing people saying they are approved and it never come true. I don't think that is

I have had several companies tell me a loan officer will be calling, no call. I have had them call and say the money will be in your account today or tomorrow, after giving out all your information.

It's bad that you do an application on the computer then if someone do call they ask the same questions when it's should be already in front of them,when they say let me pull up your file. I can understand asking questions to make sure that the person is who they say,but a simple yes or no will do.


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If it sounded too good to be true in the first place, it is. They're either scamming you or planning to *** with ultra- high loan fees and interest rates.

If you need a loan, you need to initiate contact with a reputable firm yourself. Don't fall for this stuff.

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Other Company in Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah Province - Workload overwhelming

I am a loss prevention engineer working for an oil company. I am assigned to cpover a large area that includes in it drilling and workover division, producing department and other support organization.

I have been so loaded with so many issues and there are so many work activities are taking place in the area under my coverage. I can barely catch up with the work activities and be present to clients needs. I am plannin to ask my boss to assign another engineer in order to help me with the overwhelming work activities.

I have examples that i can include in the email i am planning to send to my boss which might help justify my case.

Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah Province
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Other Company in Lake Mary, Florida - Was doubled charged and computer still slow. not happy

i was charged 77.80 which was supposed to be 29.95 why? my computer was running slow and its still running slow.i want to cancel but can find no way to cancel.

i have issued a complaint with my credit card co.order#2776664822 not at all happy.

i just want my money back and to cancel.i wish i had read the complaints before i bought.just like this comment has to be at least 100 words why can't it just be sweet and short and to the point why do you need all these words?

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Worst Store on Internet

These guys screwed up our shipment, and then blamed us. Lied to us on the phone about the policies they had.

If you buy from them you are a complete and utter fool. They do not so anything they say they will do. The quality of the product shipped did not match what the web site claimed. Everything came later, and their returns policy is a joke.

Compared to reputable sites like Amazon, they are miles behind. Why would anyone use this site is beyond my comprehension.

They are a giant rip off machine. Save yourself the aggravation and shop elsewhere


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Care to mention the merchant? Otherwise, your post is worthless. :?
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED

I walked in with a coupon for 2 tires, and a tire rotation. Was quoted that it would take 2 hrs, 4 hrs later the car still had not been touched.

Frustrated with that lack of quality of my $300 order, we pressed the guys to do the job. However, I was done poorly and the car was taken back the next day for nail in one of the tires. Two days later, a stable was found in the same tire. Employees were rude, and spiteful.

They said things like, "Your Chariot is Ready" and "Everything is Fine." My car is brand new and has never had any prior tire issues.

Save yourself the headache and find another company to go to, they do not know what they are doing mechanically and personally.

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Anyone who uses american family is a ***

this insurance company advertises how much they care about you but you should know it take an judge to get them to pay anything and they will fight you forever even on the simplest of claims. i had a friend injured at my home and they refused to pay the claim forcing him to sue me.

they procrastinated so long that they forced me into bankrupcy.

they could have setled the case for a minimal amount yet they fought it for years only to end up settling in the end but by then it had exceeded my limits and i had to file for bankrupcy. this company should be avoided at all cost.


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Why didn't you file a claim against your Homeowners policy?

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - IHH DETENTION CENTER / PHONE CALLS


starting date May 2010

receiving unwanted phone calls.

From IHH detention center phone number from IHH Detention >>936-967-5212.

Please HELP to block/remove all phone calls from any jails or detention centers from calling my my home line.

This person call all day, all nights, and early in mornings, Monday thru Sunday.

Today recived phone calls from>>>10:30am, 10:36, 10:40, 10:45am, 11:00am, 11:07AM.

Please stop these unwanted phone call to my home line.

Please block/remove all phone calls from any jails or detention centers to my home line

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