Other Company in Gardena, California - Memorial Day

It's a shame that a day set aside to honor those who have made the Supreme Sacrifice has become just another day to party and be used to make money. There is a movement to return Memorial Day to it's original date each year (30 May) and folks need to support this.

Memorial Day has degenerated into nothing more than a 3 or 4 day party week-end as well as another way for stores to make a profit off of the blood of our Servicemen and Women. In addition to supporting moving Memorial Day back to 30 May each year, don't shop at businesses during their "Memorial Day" sales.

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Call ingore - mailing people saying they are approved and it never come true. I don't think that is

I have had several companies tell me a loan officer will be calling, no call. I have had them call and say the money will be in your account today or tomorrow, after giving out all your information.

It's bad that you do an application on the computer then if someone do call they ask the same questions when it's should be already in front of them,when they say let me pull up your file. I can understand asking questions to make sure that the person is who they say,but a simple yes or no will do.


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If it sounded too good to be true in the first place, it is. They're either scamming you or planning to *** with ultra- high loan fees and interest rates.

If you need a loan, you need to initiate contact with a reputable firm yourself. Don't fall for this stuff.

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Other Company in Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah Province - Workload overwhelming

I am a loss prevention engineer working for an oil company. I am assigned to cpover a large area that includes in it drilling and workover division, producing department and other support organization.

I have been so loaded with so many issues and there are so many work activities are taking place in the area under my coverage. I can barely catch up with the work activities and be present to clients needs. I am plannin to ask my boss to assign another engineer in order to help me with the overwhelming work activities.

I have examples that i can include in the email i am planning to send to my boss which might help justify my case.

Dhahran, Ash Sharqiyah Province
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Other Company in Lake Mary, Florida - Was doubled charged and computer still slow. not happy

i was charged 77.80 which was supposed to be 29.95 why? my computer was running slow and its still running slow.i want to cancel but can find no way to cancel.

i have issued a complaint with my credit card co.order#2776664822 not at all happy.

i just want my money back and to cancel.i wish i had read the complaints before i bought.just like this comment has to be at least 100 words why can't it just be sweet and short and to the point why do you need all these words?

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Worst Store on Internet

These guys screwed up our shipment, and then blamed us. Lied to us on the phone about the policies they had.

If you buy from them you are a complete and utter fool. They do not so anything they say they will do. The quality of the product shipped did not match what the web site claimed. Everything came later, and their returns policy is a joke.

Compared to reputable sites like Amazon, they are miles behind. Why would anyone use this site is beyond my comprehension.

They are a giant rip off machine. Save yourself the aggravation and shop elsewhere


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Care to mention the merchant? Otherwise, your post is worthless. :?
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - IGNORANT and UNEDUCATED

I walked in with a coupon for 2 tires, and a tire rotation. Was quoted that it would take 2 hrs, 4 hrs later the car still had not been touched.

Frustrated with that lack of quality of my $300 order, we pressed the guys to do the job. However, I was done poorly and the car was taken back the next day for nail in one of the tires. Two days later, a stable was found in the same tire. Employees were rude, and spiteful.

They said things like, "Your Chariot is Ready" and "Everything is Fine." My car is brand new and has never had any prior tire issues.

Save yourself the headache and find another company to go to, they do not know what they are doing mechanically and personally.

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Anyone who uses american family is a ***

this insurance company advertises how much they care about you but you should know it take an judge to get them to pay anything and they will fight you forever even on the simplest of claims. i had a friend injured at my home and they refused to pay the claim forcing him to sue me.

they procrastinated so long that they forced me into bankrupcy.

they could have setled the case for a minimal amount yet they fought it for years only to end up settling in the end but by then it had exceeded my limits and i had to file for bankrupcy. this company should be avoided at all cost.


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Why didn't you file a claim against your Homeowners policy?

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - IHH DETENTION CENTER / PHONE CALLS


starting date May 2010

receiving unwanted phone calls.

From IHH detention center phone number from IHH Detention >>936-967-5212.

Please HELP to block/remove all phone calls from any jails or detention centers from calling my my home line.

This person call all day, all nights, and early in mornings, Monday thru Sunday.

Today recived phone calls from>>>10:30am, 10:36, 10:40, 10:45am, 11:00am, 11:07AM.

Please stop these unwanted phone call to my home line.

Please block/remove all phone calls from any jails or detention centers to my home line

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This is really simple. When a collector is calling you, the debt is assigned to an individual collector to help you get your account current.

If you do not answer the phone when they call, and you just return the phone call, (which most people do not do or if they do they wait for days and days - making your situation a lot worse) you will get any random person who answers the phone and who does not care if you pay or not pay or whether or not they help you to stay current. If you answer the phone however, the person who is calling has a reason to help you keep your account current because you will remain in their portfolio month after month. Another reason to answer the phone is you may qualify for their assistance programs (within a number of days of being late on your payments) they have several assistance programs available, people are just clueless to this and avoid calls, because of ignorance. Also, if you are late one day on a car payment, you pay a per diem rate (daily interest percentage) being added to the end of your loan.

Sometimes this daily interest can be as much as $10 a day. Obviously, they are not going to tell you about it because they want to make that extra money, forget late payments of $10 -$30 dollars, the daily interest running is not a payment you see, since it is just added to the end of your note. Most people qualify for assistance programs without making payments when they are late, but it is those people who wait to return phone calls and or answer phone calls and therefore miss out on qualifying for assistance. People who do not return the phone calls are just ignorant.

And if you do not want a collection company to call you.

All you have to do is tell them "do not call me" and that's it they cannot call you. But some of the posts on here are from some people with no sense.



Allenton, Michigan, United States #148394
Allenton, Michigan, United States #148393
DID YOU GET YOUR LAW DEGREE FROM A CRACKERJACK BOX??????????????? :grin :grin :grin :grin
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Do Not Buy From Colorstrends.com

This site claims to sell real items like Juicy Couture and Coach. They are nothing but cheap knock offs that will fall apart before they arrive at the door. They are not worth the "cheap" asking prices and certainly not even the shipping. You will not receive what they advertise first of all. Their descriptions and photos are stolen, copied and pasted from the real products websites and you will not receive anything like those items. The only thing you will receive is heartbreak and junk.

The owner (who goes around the net leaving good reviews for them self and will probably show up here) will not refund your money. You will be expected to spend even more money sending junk, damaged products back and crossing your fingers for a refund. These products are not worth the shipping price.

DO NOT waste your time, please. These people are the bottom of the barrel and need to be wiped off the internet for good.




im glad to say im not angry anymore my charm came just now im just mad that it took so long but it is in great condition and came wraped safely in tons of bubble rap


:'( I'm 12 and ordered a juicy couture book charm for my 12 birthday and my birthday was 2 days ago I ordered it like a few weeks ago things from china take shorter time to get here I am so upset and angry if it does not come then I will truly be heartbroken I have a collection of charms and was SOOOO exited for getting a juicy one :'(





I'm sorry, it is true,just ask Colorstrends if there items are replicas,and they will say yes. The juicy charm i bought from them is garbage,not the picture though. Yes,there are items that are authentic that come from china but those items are made from businesses that are monitered by the big american companys.


I have purchased a few items from them and have good quality stuff. Get compliements everytinme I carry one of my bags.

I order knowing htey are REPLICAS and I have continued to order because for the monies have been worth it and honetly nobody can ever tell a knock off from teh real one especially my LOUIS VUITTON bag. If you are one whom has to have the REAL THING well then you spend the real cash and do just that.

Otherwise dont complain for buying FAKE knock offs. And I own both the real and fake and happy with the purchases.


Alright heres the story Christmas 2010 my dad ordered a ton of stuff from there for me cheap and all we waited for 2 months about and finally all my stuff camecheap ugly bad quaility te purse said "born in the glanodon usa" WTF! the charm i got was ok i guess it was fake but still ok Dont buy from there it sucks!


I ordered a Juicy bag from them about a year ago. Got what I wanted, knew it was fake, and it eventually fell apart, just as any low priced handbag would. Be reasonable, please...


I have authentic time machines and denim jackets that make you invisible for sale if anyone is interested. Seems like the right kind of crowd


I cant believe anyone thought they were "real" in the first place! Thats why they're from China.

That's why they are super cheap. How could you not know? I've bought 4 items from them in the past couple years, knowing they were fake. And yes my zippers broke.

A plastic handle came unglued. But I'm not surprised or disappointed. How could you even "stumble upon" a website like that unless you were searching for knockoffs like I was? They're not Neiman Marcus.

Doesn't everyone know where to get authentic items? They cost $200 not $30 and duh, they don't break


I purchased two pair of uggs for Christmas last year. Both pair were sent in the wrong sizes.

Tried to have the right ones sent instead. They refused to help with shipping costs and stupidly I sent them back. It cost $50. I never heard from them again!

I should have just kept them and gave them to someone or sold them. DON'T TRY AND SEND THE ITEMS BACK YOU WILL LOOSE TWICE.


if you go to ANY department store and check out their "genuine" handbags... you will see a tag in ALL of them that reads...

MADE IN CHINA. so if the colorstrends in a wholesale handbag dealer from CHINA.. how can the bags be fake.. Whats fake is the money hungry few that want to keep it all for themselves and cant stand to see anyone make money and they don't.

when you see the small time guys gettin flack for comsumerism played well, it breaks my heart. order from the site... its only $50 bucks to see for yourself if its worth it or not to order again. I say cut out the middle man and go straight to the source..

the producer of the merchandise.. CHINA!

where its all made.... thank you....


I have two juicy and a coach bag from this and love them all. Im not a faker customer either.

I found this website through a lady at kays whos daughter used it. over time with wear and tear they have started to fall apart but this was like 9 months to a year later.

I have ordered from color trends 3 times and been very happy every time! They were fast communicated well and i purchased 2 bags that were exactly what i wanted.

I actually emailed and changed one of the orders and Catherine was super helpful and the correct bag showed up. I cannot tell the difference between my daughters bag from nordstrom and the bags we purchased form colortrends. I think some people cause alot of issues by the way they handle things..Catherine was so more than willing to help me.

PS i am not an employee of them or even know them. I found their web site at christmas and was so happy :) I would totally order from them again..in fact thats why i am on this page i was trying to find thier page to order again!

Now the site owner is having fake customers make claims that they got real products and or that the site admits it's fake illegal knock offs, that would mean me and the other persons on the web who got fake products that where garbage are the only ones. Sorry not true.

"In tears laughing at you"

The site claimed that the products where real. In fact the site claimed all they where the largest seller of real juicy couture (and other) products on the web. My purse shows up not only a fake but a very badly damaged one. She would do nothing for me but demand I spend more money (a ton to send back to her country) and trust I would get a refund. After I had already been ripped off and lied to.

Again, Nowhere on the site did it say I would receive a fake. They used photos off the juicy couture site, not of the real items they send.

I will continue to inform everyone of what happened to me unless and until it is fixed and I get a refund for the garbage that was sent to me and this changes.

Selling knock offs and lying about it is illegal. It's not fair to lie and rip people off.

Again anyone can contact me through the site and I would be happy to show you photos of my fake horrible rusting purse.


I have purchased from this company three times; 3 purses, 2 wallets and a makeup bag,and I was actually very content with what I got, considering I paid a minimal amount for sporting these high end brands. They def didn't last the test of time but def the few seasons till I was ready for my next style.

You do get what you paid for, if you wish to have a high quality high dollar brand purse, then go to the real merchants and buy it. I did get exactly what I ordered every time so I'm grateful I haven't came across that issue. The merchandise looked just like the pics, or def close enough.

Return the stuff, pay the $5 shipping and go on with your life. Consider it a lesson learned in this world of consumerism.


im sorry but i recently ordered a juicy bag from this site and got the bag last week and I am very impressed with the quality and value and will be using them again!!!


Duh, the site states that they are NOT original! You were not sent a fake that you did not order, because THAT is exactly what you ordered!

You truly must be ignorant if you thought that you were going to get a real $300 handbag for $40! It sounds like you truly were trying to get something for free!


hi i wold like too see the pictures of the product that you recive because i recentrly buy in this place and im afreidthanks


hi were i can see the pictures??


Viewers, please contact me via the site and I will send you all the photos of the bag she claims we just love so much we want to keep. You will see it is fake, cheap junk that is RUSTING all over.

There is a report on her on RipOffReport.com with photos of her products as well. She apparently doesn't notice proof is on the web before she tooted her own horn. I have spoken to many who have been scammed this was of no surprise to me.

I just want the bag and money?

The bag is is cheap, fake no good ***. It is NOT Juicy Couture. It is NOT even anything like the photo or descriptions on her site. And it is extremely DAMAGED beyond use. You are *** right WE do not want the bag. It is RUSTING all over the place. What *** could possibly think we would want that?

I am hurting my husband?

Colorstrends.com company hurt my husband by cheating him out of his money and sending garbage that can not be used. He e-mailed them himself. They ripped him off and he is extremely disgusted with them. Again view the photos.

My husband picked out the bag and I just don't like it?

I picked out that exact bag in the Juicy Couture store that is now listed via stolen photos on colorstrends.com Two weeks later as a surprise gift he ordered it for me offline since the store I picked it from was out of town. That is how he cam across colorstrends.com They stole Juicy Couture's photos and claims to be #1.

What he ordered is NOT what we got. It is NOTHING like the photo. (See photos on ripoffreport.com) It is also horribly damaged. Your *** right we don't want the bag!

Send it back they will refund me?

First off these people already promised a refund that they did not give. Colorstrends.com likes to play mind games.

Second, they are in Beijing China. It cost a fortune to send large bags overseas. So we asked them to at least pay the shipping first which they refused.

Why? It would cost more to ship back then what we spent, they won't refund us one dime for cheating us and sending us damaged junk we did not order. Not even to send it back.

It may only cost 5$ to ship?

Again, their illegal knock off company is in Beijing China. I am in the U.S. This is no business, it's someone selling knock offs in their basement. They have no knowledge of business at all.

And if it may only cost 5$ why were we charged 19!? Again, they refused to even pay to ship it back.We would not receive a refund, we would lose out on double the money and they would sell it to another victim.

These people not only proved to be immoral and illegal but claimed they would refund us and never did. We are not gong to be out more money because of them.

You will see supposed good raves from these people on the internet (along with the bad) but if you use an I.P. program you will note they come from colorstrends themselves. People are getting ripped off left and right from this illegal company.

Please stay away from ordering from colorstrends.com and if you want more information you are welcome to contact us. We have spoken with others who have been ripped off. We have reported them to the company they steal photos and descriptions from. We have a report with Internet Crimes for illegal product manufacturing and scamming the public. If you have been scammed please do the same.


These words are to this lady who already left the comment:

I' Catherine from www.colorstnreds.com

I know exactly who you are. But due to our privacy policy, your info will be protected and I will not give your name, email address or address out.

Yes, you purchased a Juicy Couture daydreamer tote from us. You said you don't like the bag. Maybe Because your husband purchased it for you, and it may not meet your taste. Maybe you don't like the syle of Juicy Couture at all! Poeple tend to describe a bag as "Trash" only when the bag is not their type! We promise that we allow return for any reason. So we told you that you can just ship the bag back to us, and we will give you a full refund and pay for the shipping cost back to us.

You told me that you don't have the money to send it back. But you may ship by the cheapest shipping way, which may only cost $5.

I believe that you just want both the money and the bag, just want a refund and still keep the bag, do you think it's fair to us?

And not sure if you love your husband or not. Have you ever think about it? Your action may hurt him! That bag was considered to be a gift and you are starting a war about it!

Now, I still want to say, if you would like to return the bag, you may ship it back to us and get a full refund. But absolutely, you can't both keep the bag and money.

Acturally, we have lots of orders everyday, and 99% of our customers are very satisfied with our products and service. However, the other 1% do exist! What we can do is try our best to help them solve the problem –

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