Other Company in West Hollywood, California - Info about student loans

Dear Student Loan Debtors:

You need to educate yourself about the laws of student loan collections before making the decision to just avoid the calls and hope it will go away.

Here are a few points you will hear when talking to a contracted company of the Dept of Education regarding your student loans:

Administrative Wage Garnishment provisions provide for the garnishment of your wages, directly from your employer, without going to court and without your permission.

Also, in the event of non-payment, the Department of Education may decide it is necessary to forward your account to the U.S. Department of Justice to file a civil lawsuit against you.

They've passed a law to extend indefintely the statute of limitations on defaulted student loans, which essentially means you will owe this forever.

Department of Education can add up to 24% in collection fees of your principal and interest.

And, they've implemented a program to sieze all Federal Tax Refunds and may seize State Tax Refunds in the near future as well.

This is not consumer debt, so the leverage collection agencies have for these student loans is ligitimate. BUT ... there are ways you can resolve the account and get some benefits.

Settlements are available where you can do a pay off at a reduced amount if you can do a 1 time lump sum pay off.

Rehabilitation requires you to make an approved payment for 9-10 months, then the account(s) will no longer be in default, cleans up your credit, and the collection and miscellanious fees get waived. You will have to update a complete financial statement 1st ... just like if you apply for a car or personal loan. You have so justify why you can not pay it off in full and that you can support a monthly payment plan. The references are used in the event the collector loses contact with you, these will be people who will know how to get a message to you. Your personal account information can not be disclosed.

Want to go back to school and finish your education? Ask about Title IV (Title Four).

Yes ... I am a collector, and I think it's important for all of you to know true information about student loans instead is nonsense opinions that some people post on these walls. Believe it or not, we are trying to help you resolve your account before the account gets forwarded for garnishment.

The choice is yours ... usually voluntary payments are a lot cheaper than 15% of your wages. If we can't reach you, you leave us no other choice.

Here is a link to see what agencies are currently contracted by Dept of Education:


And another to learn more about the loan rehabilitation program:


Good luck!

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Im Extremely Disgusted at their Service!!!

i wish they had a section on their website for reviews. They are careless, unprofessional, uninformed, they are not aware of many of their own regulations and current tax laws, and they are insistent thinking they know more only because they are the preparers.

Plus they tried to submit my report incomplete, gave me the wrong info, and belittled me even after the return trying to insinuate i didn't know my own info. F**k them.

They insisted that i did not know my own email even after i explained to the old and "most senior" preparer that she wrote down her own email in my account.

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Other Company in Maspeth, New York - CHARGES $$$$$ EVERY MONTH.


MEMBER !D:53985311


I am charged every month for services I don't use.

I cannot afford a charge every month for something I have no use for.

I am a Senior Citizen and was *** for signing up for the membership which I don't need.

I repeat I am charged every month for services I don't need or use.

You said I can cancel at any time so now I am canceling.

Why are you making a big deal out of this.

I need the money more than you do so PLEASE CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP IMMEDIATELY.

Maspeth, New York
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Other Company in Frankfort, Kentucky - Telling poeple there the next winners.

i have been playing pch for about 3 yrs now all i hear for them is your the next winner on this date or this date then nothing. to me that is lieing if you give someone something just for playing so much people would play more sometime i just want to stop having anything to do with pch.

they get peoples hopes up and then they pull the rug out for under you.my aunt played pch for years and never got anything she died hoping she would win just onces.

but thing happen. thank you ann from ky

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - Scam

I went into the office in raynham,ma because of a tooth that was hurting and needed to be pulled.I chose aspen for their free initial visit.After the xrays i was informed that i needed a complete set of dentures wich is fine....maybe i do.I chose a set but could only be financed for 1000.00 apposed to the 7000.00 estimate.All smiles dissapeared after that and nothing was mentioned about removing the tooth that i went to have done.I felt like i was buying a car.I left and went back the next day because it was the only place i could find available to remove an already loose tooth.The finance lady was stone cold to me while i forked over 240.00 for one tooth.The dentist was the same way...guess i wasted his time,who knows.One week later i get a bill for 130.00 for the xrays and exam.What a bunch of a/holes....this organization cares only about the money and should be investigated by what ever dental organization handles that dept.

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Other Company - Traffic Through Kokomo Indiana

On 31 in Kokomo Indiana at the intersection of Savoy and Reed Rd.(31)The traffic light lets 2o cars going north turn, but only lets 3 or 4 cars going south turn. the timing on all the traffic lights on 31 in kokomo needs to be adjusted.

This creates a problem when truning into the housing area. It would be better if a yield on green for the turning lanes in these areas.

Traffic would be better if the 31 corridor was finished to accommodate the semi truck traffic and all vehicle traffic no needing to enter Kokomo. The sooner the better.

Bill Skaggs 1516 Belvedere Dr, Kokomo Indiana

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Other Company in Hackensack, New Jersey - The sirum does stop coming out of the bottle afte a couple of pumps leaving 70 % in the bottle

I think it works but the serum stops coming up from the bottle after only a few pumps. I had bought two of these and both had the same problem I cut one bottle open only to find out that most of the serum was still inside of the bottle,I feel that these bottles are defective and need to be replaced,this gives the impression that the contents in the bottle is finished, so the consumer may go ahead and purchase a new package,at first I thought I was ripped off. Please advise.

Hector Velez

New York


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Other Company in Salt Lake City, Utah - This is a crazy test

I can't believe how crazy this all is. Sooooo crazy.

I'm furious that this happened to me. This is crazy. This is Crazy. This is crazy.

This model 2540 doesn't work at all. One time I used it it broke within 15 minutes. I wouldn't get near this unless I had to. I wouldn't give this to my friends or even people I kind of don't like that much.

I had the 2541 and it was much better. I'd recommend that one to most people who are looking for things like that because it's muc better product.

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - *** me

i think your company should choke on ***

and screw off, you are retarded. I send a written letter asking for an itemized bill and all you send back is pay this well i wasnt born yesterday ive been screwed over and had ID fraud happen to me i am not paying anything until your company can use your brain and send me what i want.

I spoke with a lady and she was very rude i was trying my hardest to keep calm and be polite every question i asked her only response was well you have to pay. I get that I have to supposedly pay $283.17 or whatever but i want to know what for.

They say its from Fallon Clinic. But when i callled fallon they said i didnt owe anything

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Still ripping people off

the ad! free ballistic armored safe just for shipping cost, ha ha the safe is 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide appx.

and has a total weight of 110 lbs, the safe is cheaply made and falling apart when i received it! how can this be armored and ballistic? well now they will not answer my complaint !

they were nice and fast when i was waiting for it and after the complaint that was it poof gone! the shipment of gold dollars and 8 un-cut $1.00 bill were the only thing i received, they keep you hanging on by saying more on the way, this is cheap junk, the flyer in the paper shows the safe being dropped onto a pile of cement blocks and no damage, and it also shows a lot more money inside the safe, when the sales person talked to me she said this is great for keeping your guns and rifles in also, the pictures in the flyer show a complete different picture of inside the safe, my small 2 foot safe has a weight of 500 lbs, we all figured this safe i ordered would weigh at least 800 lbs or more, this company should be closed and shut down for fraud and mail scams I do not know where or who to contact from here to get my $475.00 backi am disabled and need some re-sources to figure this out, they were also going to do payments on this but they took the whole amount out at once and now has my checking account all screwed up, PLEASE if anyone knows where to find some help contact me stephanconnor@comcast.net


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Before you buy anything that sounds too good to be true, google the product name with the words "scam" or "rip off" behind it. It's amazing what comes up.

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