Still ripping people off

the ad! free ballistic armored safe just for shipping cost, ha ha the safe is 36 inches tall and 24 inches wide appx.

and has a total weight of 110 lbs, the safe is cheaply made and falling apart when i received it! how can this be armored and ballistic? well now they will not answer my complaint !

they were nice and fast when i was waiting for it and after the complaint that was it poof gone! the shipment of gold dollars and 8 un-cut $1.00 bill were the only thing i received, they keep you hanging on by saying more on the way, this is cheap junk, the flyer in the paper shows the safe being dropped onto a pile of cement blocks and no damage, and it also shows a lot more money inside the safe, when the sales person talked to me she said this is great for keeping your guns and rifles in also, the pictures in the flyer show a complete different picture of inside the safe, my small 2 foot safe has a weight of 500 lbs, we all figured this safe i ordered would weigh at least 800 lbs or more, this company should be closed and shut down for fraud and mail scams I do not know where or who to contact from here to get my $475.00 backi am disabled and need some re-sources to figure this out, they were also going to do payments on this but they took the whole amount out at once and now has my checking account all screwed up, PLEASE if anyone knows where to find some help contact me


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Before you buy anything that sounds too good to be true, google the product name with the words "scam" or "rip off" behind it. It's amazing what comes up.

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They charged for a service that I did not want

This company charges one dollar for their search service that did not work and then presents a long statement of terms and conditions which evidently says if you don't cancel the order that they will charge you a monthly fee of $19.00 which they did till I realized it was on my VISA. I believe that I stupidly responded to a pop up message for the dollar deal.

They set out to decieve with an attractive come-on. When I phoned to cancel you speak through a computer not in person and when they are fed up they stop responding.They are crooks.


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If, in the future, anyone decides to use those "automated monthly charge" services/products....use a temporary gift card with only the amount of the initial purchase amount.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Lighting issues, stereo off pitch,loud turbo fan overhead,schedules untimely

Lights turn on every 20 minutes in Yoga class very annoying. Loud obnoxious turbo fan overhead while in yoga class instructor has to stress vocal cords.

Stereo system so out of pitch Instructors bring there own ipod and or boom boxes.Spinning class scheduled the same time frame as Yoga the loud booming music is overwhelming carried into the Yoga room what is the point in scheduling a Yoga class in the same time frame? Racquet balls smashing against the wall, distracting and annoying while attending yoga class.

Please give some attention to detail. Thank you.Pga Fl,Nlake Fl

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Other Company in Galesburg, Michigan - Charged me for two rolls of foil had only one had to stand in line long time for refund

Had to stand in line long time for clerks mistake to get money refunded and said no reward as I was not charged for over pricing, what is it called for charging me for paying for item I did not have? I had one large roll of foil and charged for two.

I was told to stand in line and they would bring me a receit which was the same one I had. It would have been better if they would have explained the policy rather then tell me to just stand in line over there, and make me wait longer.

Galesburg, Michigan
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Detail cleaning - not!

They came back to redo the things things missed in the initial cleaning.

After they left the 2nd time, I found even more things they had missed in their "detail" cleaning. Even today I wiped off a goop on the cabinet above the stove. Needless to say, we fired them.

Make sure you know what detailing means to them and does it match your idea of detailing.

The Owners did not seem interesting is resoling the issue. I would have been satisfied for a redo of the initial cleaning at no cost. Oh well.

It was a $150 mistake.

This was the Romeoville, IL office.

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They called me a ***.

I felt very very insulted when answering the phone and in the background could hear a lot of cussing. Was told I would get a $1000.00 gift certificate for answering a survey.

I politely told them I was not interested. Said I was sorry but not interested. She got mad, didn't hang up the phone right away. I proceeded to hear her call me a *** and feel that this was unnecessary.

Especially when you do not act like a professional from the beginning. Please take me off the calling list as your mailbox was full so I could leave a message.

My number is 410 788-2567. If I hear from you again I will report this company to the FCC, police and our Attorney General among others.



Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #153104

You put your phone number here??? Are you nuts?


Anyone besides me feel COMPELLED to prank call this chick cause she was DUMB enough to publicly post her phone number?

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Lied

Customer Service had told me I was back on the payment plan and that I was on a schedule to be topped off. They let me run out of propane and I had to call them.

I was told I would be the first delivery the next morning at 9:30am. The driver didn't show up until 1:30pm. They billed me for the delivery and wanted all the money at paid at once.

Even though I was making payments they came out and turned my gas off. x x x x x x x x x x x

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Order cabinet counters tops grew 12ft more after it was measured and price went up $450

order cabinets and coutertops with one of the store reps. cabinets were delivered after a month had wrong phone number to call us to deliver one cabinet the lazy susan had a crack on the side husband decided to keep it was tired of waiting then they came to measure the counter tops man really didnt have any ideal what we ordered started asking alot of question i called my husband to speak with him i told him we wanted what was order only for the 638.15 dollars it is a basement project we had already spent 2800 on cabinets so next day i get a call from rep she said something about marble we ordered a lamenate no marble and did we add a island no we didnt same as what she laid out with my husband at store at 2501 greenmount commons dr belleville il 62221 but the price was 450.00 plus more i canceled the order i will not be doing business with lowes again last year i ordered flooring lament wood for dinning and great room they took over a month to get the right stuff to us they ordered us flooring for stairs so to let you know i am a very disatified customer and you might want to train employees a little better on their paper work and hirer better outside people to build your cabinets they were also some what rude when they set up delivery i ask to have them put in basement no stairs and they would only put in garage over the years we have spend a large amount of money at your stores and like that you give a discount for vets and military personel but not your way of doing business thank you mrs maeder 5768 lake briar millstadt il 62260

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Zoila flores

Empresaria de la ciudad de los Anegeles California ,

desde el 2004 se a dedicado a manejar artistas y mantiene una buena credibilidad laboral , reconocida tambien por trabajar *** el departamento del tesoro de los EE.UU conocido como (IRS) como un transmitter and tax prepare ,se ganado la confianza de sus tax payer y ademas el respeto del fundo de la farandula , se a desplazado haciendo su trabajo professional en grandes eventos tales como los Billboards,premios juventud entre otros ademas se le conoce tambien por laborar *** grandes productores en desarrollo de peliculas y hacer inversiones en lo mensionado

att: Jenni Pinto periodista


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un gran talento mucha capacidad te deseo suerte en todo lo que hagas , tienes un gran futuro , solo si te cuidas de las mañas que tiene el mundo del espectaculo , porque hay mucha gente desonesta, y aprovechada , cuidate eres super te amo

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Other Company in Lorain, Ohio - Pissed about the way your treating my father

I really hope that this goes to someone high in the company. I'm emailing you about my father. My mother Linda Fryman had a loan with your company for her house and improvements. She was a very loyal customer. About 5 yrs ago my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. The 2 1/2yrs that she fought that ugly sickness, your company would help out with lower her loan. She was unable to work and had very little money coming in. My father is disable so he don't have much money coming in either. She lost her fight with cancer little over 2 years ago. Since then my father has been making the payments of $1,026 a month and he only has $1,400 a month coming in, so do see the problem. He has tried a numerous of times to contact your business for help, but was told that my mothers name is on the loan, so they can't talk to him. That is bull!! This company has no problem cashing his checks with "His" name on them, but won't help him lower his loan. He is a 59yr old disabled widower, that is just trying to make ends meet, with no help from your company. I have contacted the Senator and the Governor of Kentucky for their help with this situation. I find that if you want to take him to court and take his home away from him than I can smear your company into the ground. My state representatives will be contacting you along with a lawyer. All he wanted is a lower payment to keep his home that his kids grew up in and his wife passed away in. Companies like yours need to be shut down for their lack of customer support and ability to talk with their customers to help them on issues like this.


A pissed daughter!!!!!

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