Other Company in Green Cove Springs, Florida - LAIRS!!! this is not a free service..LAIRS!!

PLEASE I would like to close my account,calling it even.where do i go to do that?I have nothing more to say but the recommended minimum words is 100.So I will say the same thing over and over.This is the WORST service EVER,never again will I be deceived.Didnot want messages on my laptop but in my e-mail and I wanted to be able to anwer the members.Iam so very DISAPOINTED I AM CRYING,DO you care?I don"t think so.How DO I CLOSE MY ACCOUNT?where do I GO? LAIRS


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First of all, learn how to spell, dummy, then someone might listen yo you.

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Too many bad ones in my basement keep me up at night. This is very disturbing and troubling as it is effecting my day time life.

It is also making me repeat things. Too many bad ones in my basement keep me up at night. This is very disturbing and troubling as it is effecting my day time life. It is also making me repeat things.

Too many bad ones in my basement keep me up at night. This is very disturbing and troubling as it is effecting my day time life. It is also making me repeat things. Too many bad ones in my basement keep me up at night.

This is very disturbing and troubling as it is effecting my day time life. It is also making me repeat things.


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You are retarded and need a hobby.

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Correction.

I still am a little pissed about not getting the information I needed, but my neighbor just knocked on my door and said UPS had dropped a package with him. It was the products I ordered on 6/17.

Good service, but lousy customer service by not giving me the info I needed and giving me the runaround.

The Items I got with the coffee order are well made and attractive.

So, they did ok in that department. I will be using them again if the product tastes good, the quality isn't the problem, the runaround just pissed me off.

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Annie Sez

I was treated rudley by store manager in Millburn New Jersey. After numerous phone calls to their customer service department I was told I would receive a discount coupon but never did.

I'm not surprised. I have shoped at this store for the last 20 plus years and everyone in the store knows me. When i tried to return something that was damaged I was rudley told I could'nt. She slammed a sign in front of my face and said she never saw me before.

I feel betrayed I will never shop in that store again. Thank you



Middletown, Delaware, United States #1109471

I had an Annie Sez gift card from the Doylestown, PA store, but the new store which took over, Mandees, did not accept it. I called every phone number for Annie Sez I could find and emailed and got only one response.

They apologized and said they'd send me a replacement card to Mandees, but they never did. I had to email them my gift card #. When I tried to call again, there was no response whatsoever. Next, I'm going to check my balance to see if they ripped me off of the balance.

And, Mandees is closed, and there's another store coming in.

Flemington, New Jersey, United States #828012

I shopped Annie Sez for almost 30 years. First in Nassau County, Long Island then in NJ (Bridgewater) and Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Apparently the original company filed bankruptcy post Hurricane Sandy as the insurance company refused to pay out for damages to their NJ warehouses and stores. They were bought by some Canadian company with an emphasis on marketing to Juniors. Mandee's (part of Annie Sez company) already sells to Juniors. I shopped Annie Sez for quality merchandise at discount prices.

I received 20% off coupons regularly in my invoices. They sold beautiful knits, After Five Dresses, gorgeous clothes and now they have gone hopelessly Downhill. I go in there once a month to look for something to purchase as I still have their credit card...I can't find a thing to buy. The displays are awful, merchandise cheap and shoddy.

Shoes are ***. Fragrances are no longer designer but cheap, cheap, cheap. I am so disheartened as it was always my go to store for my clothing as well as great gifts for Christmas. Now, no more coupons, or discounts, shoddy merchandise.

I called the company and they told me they're doing well with young shoppers so, 'too bad'. I will not be going back there...a complete waste of time.

Kohl's is where I'll be shopping from now on. Quality merchandise and coupons regularly.


for an unknown reason my comment a moment ago about the *** being sold by annie sez in Bridgewater, New Jersey recorded my complaint as being from Winter Park, FL which is incorrect. I am from central NJ and have shopped at annie sez for at least 15 yrs, but no more.


i agree! annie sez sucks these days.

much of the merchandise is either damaged or made so cheaply that it doesn't last. i've had several bad experiences with this store/company despite the fact that i spent well over $9000 a year for the last 3 years!

i finally called it quits a few months ago and have stopped shopping at their store in Bridgewater. it is just not worth it.

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Horneymatches is fake

Before you sign up look at the ratio of men to women, there's 40 times more men then women on the site in most states. I created a profile and after getting some winks and action I signed up.

I haven't gotten anything since. I also had a similar thing happen as someone else. I winked at someone and they winked back in two seconds or less but they weren't shown as being on line. I was also put on two ladies hotlists.

I contacted them and never heard back.

I just don't think this site is for real. Don't waste your time!



Dallas, Texas, United States #778583

Well, anybody knows there is no "e" in *** so you probably did fall for a trick.


Once you subscribe and paid..... No more winks. no more emails, no more contacts but all of them appear on line and last visit "Today" basically people working for the website are fishing and some others are cought!

Simply put, I met a wonderful man..we talked for a year, then met..had a great time!!!!!We are Best Friends and Lovers:) I too, believe the majority of women are not real, but some are...like me:) Notice i am smiling, He makes me so very Happy (even tho we are both married, I have never ''cheated'' before..my husband is incapable of intercourse due to health reasons, and his spouse is much his senior with no sexual appetite:( Anyway..be safe, use common sense and have Fun:)

Hey, met a couple girls off the site. Had to be patient and sensible but for a little investment is was worth the thrill.

Moved on now but it was fun while it lasted.

Be realistic, dont ask for too much and be grateful for what you get. Also, it may be that there are those who are not attractive to women.


Yes I too was fooled - got a wink right away from 2 (women !!) 1st wrote to me then I responded she wrote again thought I was in luck then she never responded again, 2nd one totally matching my wants - I am STD free and offered to oral her for as long as she wanted just like her ad never responded seriously got *** as *** hoping to meet her and do this. 3rd some totally hot young looked woman looked like a *** claiming to be a student nr where I live and wanted to hook up loved older men (YEAH RIGHT) never responded when I said yeah..

Cruel Cruel Site.... They didnt rebill me or do anything wrong that way but feel totally cheated I may as well spent the money on a regular *** sight and just wanked off.


I used the site a couple of years ago, found several ladies and had a good time. Not all of the interaction was real, I knew that.

I know that no one 4000 miles away was reading my profile, but there were several legitimate people on there. I only once ran across a profile that was a bot trying to lead me to other sites.

I contacted the site and they removed that profile. I have had no problems with the site.


Fake as the day is long, have gotten replies from people send me to other sites like it to sign-up in order to get there info, WHAT TA ***. It's fake as can be, wasted my money.

Have emailed the company, NO REPLIE AT ALL. Watch for replies directing you to other sites, they must be the same people running them as well.


total fake dont use this site


Horneymatches has no female members, only fake photos, plus those men who are sucked in, hoping they will receive a wink after they subscribe.

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Other Company in Boynton Beach, Florida - Wrong part ordered 4 times

Leisureville over 55 Boynton Beach condo has been without a washer for 6 weeks! These people don't drive, are ill, and need a washer.

The rudest customer service we've ever encountered. Repairman that obviously don't know what they are doing. We are calling better business bureau and action news to get this resolved. The timer was installed wrong the first time, Second time still wrong part washer will no cycle or drain.

Third time service man did not show. Called again part was ordered did not come in.

This is totally unexceptable. We've had nothing but trouble from day one.

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My computer is no better, finallyfast is a ripoff

It is even slower than it was. I got the scan and sweep and thought I would see a big difference. I have added trouble. It just sits there. I can go forward and can't go back where I came from. Like checking the mail--it takes forever to read and forward 6 or 7 emails. I hate to come into my office to check my banking,it will jump on the screen but before I can put my username in the box its gone. I try to go back to my home page and the whole thing disappear and I'm offline and on my screensaver and everything has to jump back on. Whe typing it will freeze and when it turns alose they typing has to catch up. I have seen a lot of unhappy people on here with some of the same trouble. I want my money back and now I'm going to try to take you mess off. I don't know if I can or not if not can't you upload it since I downloaded it ??/ And they want me to buy another one. The name is Wilma Foster. I'm in your files. Thank you

I may not agree with person thats pissed,It wont let me post if I dont agree

I have not read Pissed Comsumer terms of service,but I have to say yes.


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put down yer bong. turn off your computer and climb up to the tallest building in your area. then jump off.

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Other Company in Hubbard, Texas - Setup an account is a joke

I have tried to open an account yesterday and again today. The "CAPCHA" I type correctly on eight occasions would send me back to start all over.

Three times I have made it tothru the profile to have webpage expire. The last time I made it to loading photographs and it expired and still I need to start over because it dd not save any of the previos. I have dialup because DSL is not available in my area. Your site is not worth the trouble to register.

Maybe it will accept this capcha but I doubt it! This should make the hundred word count you so desparately need!!!

Hubbard, Texas
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Downloaders Haven

Ive stayed in this particular Intown a few years with NO problems,But in last 3 months they have allowed Mass downloaders stay here and TAKE over the incoming bandwidth to a degree its no longer possible to stay here and after months of telling onsite management its only gotten worse .. so I really have to wonder if upper management listens or above all cares as I am now looking to stay at a different place i can even work online ITS THAT BAD and i can understand it taking a week or so BUT NOT months its getting worse instead of improving..

and I dont believe its onsite ITS corp or owner Not Listening ... advertising High Speed internet and giving you dial up speed is just not acceptable at all


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I'm curious which location of Intown Suites you are staying in. I'm currently staying in one as well and have exactly the same problem.

I brought it up to local management and all he could say was "well, we have x amount of rooms and when everyone is on it, we can't help it". I just about laughed because I'm a Network Engineer and KNOW that bandwidth can be controlled.

Fortunately, there is an open wireless network that I can reach that is decent 1/2 the time.

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Problem only

Ms. Jeena predicted that my whole life will change after my transition period and i will win a lottery.

but end of the day I have lost close to Rs.1 crore. as per Ms. Jeena'sadvise only i will go to exceptionally good period but this transition has changed my life from evrythint to nothing i.e i have become a pauper. just because Ms.

Jeena advised to concentreate on the win of the lottery i kept spending like a mad dog. but that has proved to be poison for me.

now in a day or two i will be committing suicide and the main reason for this is Ms. Jeena and her worst astrological predictions.


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Uhhh... RIP, I guess.

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