Other Company in Deer Park, Texas - Think before you post!

I got a really good chuckle reading some reviews where people posted their home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, bank account numbers, etc.... Are these people really that *** or just hoaxers?

I am thinking that they really are that ***. This is the perfect playground for an identity thief. If you really are that ignorant, please remember that this is a public forum, not the company that you are pissed off at. I really do get a good laugh out of some of these reviews.

I truly hope those reviews are hoaxes.

It scares me to think that there are people that effing dumb out there. Thanks for the laughs though!

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Greating ma

seen james buy vodka, jenna & nicole D O JOB

sam kiss violet *** seen &costumer squable going on over it

very much wrong manager who clearly does not want the job

new comer terry is great with people /greatbarrington ma Customers are regular so everyone knows everyone crew complains they here it inside. weloose business regular business crew complain ALL day none are happy needs to be set aside if they would grow up! Policy (not) CREW member are rude & cruel.

need to be kept & in tack oppinions to them selves there is two that want to be there hope you keep them but there more bad that out wey the good sucks to be them now I suppose



Allenton, Michigan, United States #157586
NOW WRITE IT IN ENGLISH SO WE KNOW WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek
Allenton, Michigan, United States #157585
NOW WRITE IT IN ENGLISH SO WE KNOW WHAT YOU SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek
Millerton, New York
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Other Company in Matawan, New Jersey - Personal lubricant Packaging

New packaging not user friendly and unable to use the entire contents. The tube "was" 7 1/4" long + 2"wide (great).

New tube 5 1/2"long + 3"wide. Not user friendly due to "Bottom Line". Former tube got close to bottom, the new tube the fit in hand not comfortable alot of air not letting jelly to come out. New tube leaves alot in tube that can't get out bases on configuration of tube.

Very unfair! multiply the # of Oz. Worldwide and we are forced to buy another sooner.

Would like another 150 words.


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Other Company in Melbourne, Victoria - No responses

why i wasnt paid up got shitload of winks and msg soon as u pay it stops still have 1 profile identical 2 the paid one and low and behold it gets winks etc send email from paid account telling them I am same as other profile and winks msg stop. i live in small town in vic welshpool to b exact and the girl gammaluv from there on the website none of us have ever seen around. what aload of *** they took us 4 a sucker once dont even remember signing up glad Ive still got a root cheers

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Other Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana - Equipment Leasing Scam

I entered into what I thought was a legitimate lease for some office equipment for my company with a $1 buyout at the end of the lease. The lease was SUPPOSED to be complete July of 07.......they keep sending my company monthly invoices and being a trusting company, my office lady paid the invoices......January 2009 she ask them when this lease was supposed to be paid off they say the reason I am still paying is some auto renewal *** and I have to give them notice....I give them notice right then and there and they say I have to pay them another $500....OK I pay them......This is July 2010 and a lawyer from them calls me and says they are going to sue me for $5000 and the lease is still ongoing....The *** copy machine lease was only for $5000 and I have to date paid them almost $9000...which is $4000 more than I should have....OK I feel like a SUCKER for over paying in the first place but at this point I am dismayed that a company of their size chooses to continually keep trying to rip off what has been a good costumer to them.

Why cant honest people deal with honest company's and at the end of a deal you part ways and possibly continue to do future business together.

I went into this thinking WELLS FARGO...The pony express company....They must be a good company to deal with......Boy did I ever wake up with a rear end the size of the Lincoln tunnel.....can anyone HELP!!!

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Amazing but is already 3 years that I try to get in contact with them to get my money back but is impossible !

I moved from one country to another and now no one is responsible and no one want to even discuss with me how I can get my money back.

The situation is really nasty but I am really confused how to get in contact with them, no obe really care completly unprofessional and unacceptable really bad under all point.

They are so nice an polite when they have to get you money...vanishing when you ask it back !!!





They are the lowest of the lowest all the facts stated are true I lost $ loads working for these toerags.

Eastlake, Colorado, United States #214406

I am afraid that you are not alone. DV&P are notorious for this sort of behaviour.

Find a decent local financial adviser and take your policy documents and any other information you have with you and hopefully they will be able to look into it for you. They will also be able to adopt the policy and therefore you will no longer have any ties with De Vere.

You can get around this. Just follow the above.


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Other Company in New York, New York - 021894 extremely upset. last package missing items. made calls no return calls.

Extremely poor service. Items missing from last package.

Next order not received yet. This order told coupon no s&h, to be shipped to Pa. by 7/2/10

Told coupon no good. This was from your companies request for coupons.

no return calls. 10% off coupon. I am not happy carolfitz1@aol.com 631 834 9202 after 9PM eastern time What are you going to do? I do hope your product are worth what you state they are.

Many of the last items were junk.I will contact the atty general if this is a fraud. You need to return tephone calls. Supervisor said did.

I received no calls or email. not happy

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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Stopped sending surveys

now that I have almost enough points you guys stop sending me surveys no dought that this is the american way!!! please resume surveys so that I can complete the work at hand please.I Just want to collect my reward for time spent doing surveys it's not fair hook me up guys I Just want my ten dollar card its not that big of a deal but do the right thing okay guys,do the right thing that's all I ask that shouldn't be so hard to do please respond thank you chow buy now.s

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Very slow with no paperwork difficult to return or exchange.

Order PJs for my daughter - took forever to get. We needed to exchange - NO Paperwork in the box!!

Nothing Had to call for an RAM # but couldn't get anyone on the phone since they are closed so much of the time. I had to send back (and pay shipping) with a handwritten note saying what I wanted to order) No one called to let me know it was out of stock.

I had to call again to find out why we hadn't received it ...finally just told them I wanted my money back and it will take a week to get the credit plys a $7.00 restocking fee. ridiculous!


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157369

Well order the right PJ's for your daughter and this would not happen. Was it wrong size. What kid of "mother" are you if you don't even know what size your daughter weres.

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Other Company in Lubbock, Texas - Haven't completed repair work (5 months in process)

In Feb. the man servicing our sprinkler system cut our u-verse line.

It was repaired with a temporary connection. In March, a new line was buryed, but not completely. In May, the permanent line was attached, with an order put in for the rest of the permanent line to be buryed. In June our alley neighbors called SuddenLink who came out the next day to check the unburyed line, and reported to us (maybe to them also) that the line belonged to ATT Uverse, which we of course were aware of.

Now we're at the last of June, 5 months after the incident, and still the line is loose in the alley.

Our address:5511 85th St., Lubbock, TX. Could you pleae get something done???

Wanda Pinson
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