Other Company in Sydney, New South Wales - Complaint of the delayed delivery of Express post

I posted my item on 24/06/2010 from sydney to the addressee (Migration Skills Assessment, Education and Assessment, Engineers Australia,

11 National Circuit, BARTON ACT 2600 ),but till now,namely 30/06/2010 , the delivery of my item is still "In transit". the reason why i used your service is becaue the next day delivery waranty ,now It has been a week since you started to serve me.

earlier today , i made a few calls ,trying to find out the what happened . but your service staffs were still uncertain where my item was ,and had no good explanation why my item was not delivery on time.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Central Air Conditioning Unit Mistakes

I submitted a service request on May 20, 2010 for service on the 2 1/2 ton

central air conditioning unit in my home. The unit has to be replaced as

per the contractor assigned for the repair. I am now in the 6th week of waiting for installation. The first mishap was that the wrong unit was ordered on week one. The second mishap was that the heat pump was ommitted. Today, the 3rd mishap is that somehow the 3rd order was never placed. We have an elderly 94 year-old parent that has been hospitalized.

Help us now!

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Other Company in Sacramento, California - Stop callin my house

brandi santone does not live at this number anymore 570-865-6427. do not call my house agian or i will sue get it got it thanks buh bye stop callin stop callin stop callin stop callin stop callin stop callin the *** dont live here she dont live here she dont live here she dont live here do you understand me now stop callin stop callin call this number 570-367-1635 call this number 570-367-0943 call that number call that number stop callin my house stop callin my dammm house call this number 570-660-9712

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Phone Harrassment

Payment was made 22 days before due date but an apparent typo shorted the payment $3.00. This resulted in multiple automated phone calls beginning the day before the actual payment was due and continued throughout the weekend.

The robot left a message to call "Hillary" at 877.436.0588. This is automated payment service and no "Hillary" actually exists. All for $3.00.

It started again on Monday morning with a so-called customer service that was very rude and demanded the $3.00 .

I don't mind paying my debt but that kind of harrassment over $3.00 is ridiculous.

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Other Company in Mchenry, Illinois - Rip off

The k mart in round lake beach Il,rips people off when they shop for groceries .Several times the items are rung up at higher prices then what,s posted on the shelf.

When questioned at the service desk they just ignore the problem When I questioned about paying a higher price than what the sign said they said that the sign was probably an old one. They need to see that the sign matches the price that comes up on the check out register. This has happened several occasions.

Also they have a lot of products that are out of date.

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Other Company in Monroe, Louisiana - paying to fix your daq report

i paid to fix my daq report and and went conciling and na and reveiw by speicialist and did everything i was supose to for failing a pre employment drug screen do to a narcotic prescibed to me by a doctor that comes up as cocaiane and sweift has totally screwed me and it should of never happend i paid alot more plus the 189 to there suggested reviewer so i will let everybody know its a scam and do not ever work for there sorry company i learned my lesson so trust someone who has went through it they dont fix your daq report its a scam

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Other Company in Kenova, West Virginia - Car was paid off June 23th 000426741807

my last car payment was paid off June 23th of 338.63 I received a letter

on June 26th that I owed 338.63 for five years you have taken my payment

from my bank account every month for five years now you want a extra payment.Thats just wrong.I want this fixed wright or I am going to take

this to the BBB i nerver missed a payment nor was I late with a payment

I am very suprised that your Bank is doing this wrong to me

patricia webb

Kenova, West Virginia
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Other Company in Huntington Beach, California - Ripped off by issueing company

this is a prepay account, they don't have the right to approve or disapprove your card . my cash is in there hands to use how I choose.

They don't need any further documentation other then originally provided at time of purchase.

the issuing company attempted to clear this account out two weeks after depositing the funds. When they made the attempt, they processed my debit account as NSF and charged an additional service charge straight to the correct account. when I contacted them about the inaccurate charges they justified the nsf because they first accessed this account.

After two days of arguing the company refunded the additional charges. what a bunch of *** by bad people

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Other Company in Boise, Idaho - Help me

i dont understand if this sight is free why do i have to pay now all the otheres on this sight that i communcate with are still free and have been on longer than me so why are you picking on a person with a fixed income someone that pay but with this being the only way i can stay in touch. my daughter pays for the enternet so i can chatt with these people and now you just cut me off . if this is no longer a free sight you better put in the add because im going to turn you in for this if i have to

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Other Company in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Have not found any audiologist who could fit me with a hearing aid.

I have been trying to buy a hearing aid since 3/15/2009. Every product which was tried by different audiologists jumped out of my right ear or was too big to the point it hurt my ear.

I spent by now $1250.- just for trying and returning, and I am still without a hearing aid. I do not know whom to turn too without loosing more money. Hospital audiologists charge $200,- just for consultation, plus their price jump from $5600.- to $6400.-for a pair.

I am sure I am not the only person with an unusually small ear canal.

Does anyone have any suggestions? But please- no advertising.


beate hemmann
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