Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Largest collection of women with phyco problems

I know there are no perfect systems, but I swear to you that every woman that Ive talked or encountered have been way out there with mental disorders. Yes I know that women are a little extreme, but If I had the time to tell you the ones from SN you would understand what I mean.

I will give you all a warning with one she call herself Nha Tran,Kim Hang, or is it Kim Ngyuen. A so called realtor in Fountain Valley, HB, Westminster.

This one should come with a warning,a liar, cheater, skitzo, nut job Just remember youve been warned. Thats just one of many SN wackos out there.

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Other Company - Springhill Steel - Pilot Point, Texas

Entered into agreement to build a pipe fence. First payment was 4-2010 and final payment 5-3-2010.

We made the mistake of paying in full before the fence was compltetly installed. Today is 7-5-2010 and we still do not have a completed fence. We have called, left voicemessages, emailed and we are continued to be ignored. I have sent a certified letter and we may have to sue.

Do NOT use this company for any steel gates, bar-b-que pits, etc.

This company is run by one man and it is not an ethical company.

Melissa, Texas
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Other Company in Germantown, Maryland - Poor customer service

I bought an air conditioner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When I bought the AC I explained that I was getting the energy saver so I could get the state rebate.

First the store charged my debit card twice. Then when I sent the receipt the store gave me had a Texas address on it so the state of LA did not want to honor the rebate. To top it all off I called the store to ask how I could solve this problem. I was put on hold, hung up on it.

After my second call they asked for my phone # then never returned my call. Then when I called back a third time the person who answered the phone said, "Let me guess you phone call was never returned and lauphed." I said never mind at this point & will never go to there store again.

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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Beware

I would never do biz with these guys again. One med and one high end gun stopped working after 3 days.

They just kept giving me the runaround about repair and tried to get me to buy replacements. And then finally told us they were not accepting anything for repair right now. They said the replacement guns were at cost but they wanted to charge virtually as much as for the originals. Why would you want to give them more $ at this point.

Threy could keep doing this forever if you let them. They care nothing about customer support.When you buy any other product, does it cost as much to repair it as it does to buy it again brand new?Beware!!

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Other Company in Brisbane, Queensland - TC Jim Shen!!

Jim Shen is a entrepreneur from Melbourne. He currently resides in Brisbane with his girlfriend Lena Xiong.

About 2 months ago, I let him stay at my home for a few days, a gesture of favor. I had a safe with alot of money in my home, that only Jim knew. About 2 days later, I found Lena and Jim sifting through my money and putting them in his pocket. He stole my TV and my computers.

Just to let you know, if you come in contact with Jim Shen, who is a TC, sorry no, ETT in ACN, then please tell him the cops are tapping his cell. He can be contacted on jshensvp@gmail.com

Lena Xiong

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Other Company - They Wont Return Phone Calls After Tax Season

After Several Attempts To Call The San Juan NM Office They Will Not Return My Phone Calls I Have Left 7 Mesages in The Last Two Months. I Guess After They Take Your Money They Don't Have Any Thing To Talk About.After moving Out Of The Area I Still Drove Over Two hundred Miles To Have Them Do my Taxes This Year.I Had To File An Extention This Year Witch They Did They Have had The Information To Complete The Filing Of My Taxes For Two Months And Have Not Filed My Taxes.I Have Been A loyal Customer For The last Five Years. I Will Never Use Them Again.

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Other Company in Manchester, England - Service engineer ignores complaint

fridge freezer; called warrenty people who sent meile engineer. the fault over 3 years that every 2/3 months compressor would make very loud screems and bangs.

very frightening. the trouble is the thing still does what its supposed to do. the engineer in conversation agreed the trouble is the compressor but as its still working he is not allowed to suggest it be changed. so much for customer service.

i'm now hoping it quits in the next 18 months of the warrenty. fridge freezers used to have a compressor for fridge and freezer. now only one is used and having work twice as long so reducing its life. cost to replace a compressor somtimes exceeds the cost of a replacement.

so another unit goes to the tip. so much for progress.

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Other Company in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon - No confirmation on order and no answer on phone

I ENJOY oline shoppinf bcause it opens a whole market of possibilities but then again after having placed lots and lots of orders on line this has been my first really bad experience with a seller. I bought online counterstools and made a mistake in the address tried 2 days to call and only get machine.

try to cancel the order and the computer just restarts with first steps to cancel !!! HELP THEY HAVE MY INFO... what can i do and who can help me ??? this has never happened to me before.

who can i contact ??? any suggestions plzzzzzzz anyone

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I fell for it too like an ***

I also got charged twice and never received any product and got hung up on when I told them I would take them to court. We all need to get together and fight these people!!

I am writing to Michael Finney to see if he can help us. If we all write letters it would be a great response to this problem and hopefully get all our money back!! The address is

7 On Your Side Research Team 900 Front Street San Francisco, Ca.

94111 Attn: Michael Finney I really think Michael Finney can help all of us and get these deadbeats out of business!!! THANKS!






La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #159779

What is the name of the company?

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My child was threaned with a scissor to the face by another child

Last week my grandson told me when I picked him up an older bigger kid grabbed him around the neck and held a scissor to his face. I picked up his mother and she made a complaint, they said they would have to check with corporate.

At the time this hild was not being punished he was playing in the playground like nothing happened. Later I was told that corporates policy was not to do anything,the child was not suspended there was noing they could do, per corporate policy. My grandson and grandaughtr were removed immediately and we are looking for a better school. I called corporate and so far all they did was tell me this was not true they would get back to me so far it is a week and nothing.

No saftey at all at that daycare. We did report it to to police and will persue this on our own



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #160683

On nevermind your son lied. However your son needs to know how serious his lies are.

Hope you had a good talk with him and apologized to the school. Your son obviously owes that boy an apology. He could have gotton that boy in a lot of trouble just because the older boy would not let your son use his DSi. He needs to learn not to lie to get other's in trouble.

I hope you stop this behavior before it gets any worse. Next he could be lying and saying a school teacher molested him because he was punished. You have to teach him how serious lying about things like this can get.

Ask him how he would feel if it happened to him. If someone lied about him and he was in trouble.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #160677

How old is your child, how old is the child that threatened your son. Depending on the age he can be charged.


You son needs a swift kick in the face.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #159755

My son just told me that he lied to get the bigger boy in trouble because the bigger boy would not let him borrow his nintendo DSI

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