Other Company in Melissa, Texas - Springhill Steel

Still has my money $1800 pd. in full - still no fence completed.

Have sent an email and certifiied letter. Clint Noe, the owner, emailed back that he was at a ballgame and not to respond..we're in month four now. Calling him and leaving messages does no good. If, by chance, he does answer, he tell uis a day that he will be by and doesn't show up..basically to get us off his back.

I do not have facts about this; however, it is said that he has stiffed other people in this town as well. Unfortunately if this can't be resolved, we'll have to go to court.

All I wanted was a simple for fence for my granchildren who live with me now and we live on a busy road.

Melissa, Texas
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Other Company in Griffin, Georgia - Where is goergia on your map

why do you not have ga between fl and hi on your state of resident colume if that is what it is i cannot put this in where it belongs on the aplication so what would it take for you to georgia in between flordia and hiwahia if that isn what it is ok this is all i have to say about that using the words forest gump. so if you can correct this it would help a lot people in georgia to get help on the troble they are in with money problems thank you for time good bye

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - No service at all

No customer service at the Opelika, AL store July 9, 2010 no help no answers. They don' acknowledge that your in the store.

I called and spoke to the manager. She said she was sorry for my bad experience and asked me to come back and she would help me. Why would I want to go back. The sad thing is that I really needed a bed room set because my house burnt and I lost everything.

I received the settlement from the insurance company so I have cash to pay in full.

Your loss!! Another store will offer to help.

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Will not quit charging my account.With out approval.

I want my money back.I have contacted this company several times ."ok we will cancell your account "then next day there is a charge to my account,I call again same stuff its enough to really *** you off .I did not apply for this company or do I have any intentions on doing so.All this site is ,is a scam ,to take hard earned money an apply it to themselves for what its a bunch of ***.They took it out of my account unbeknown to me .There should be a law against authorizeing scams .very pissed off




just write you cc company (if its a debit card you are SOL). get a new cc # & cancel your current one. You may be able to get back to 3 mos of credit payments

La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #162601

If they have your account info, you must have given it to them once. Be very careful when you buy something online or off an infomercial.

Read every line on their website, ESPECIALLY the fine print.

The fine print usually has something that states that by giving your credit card #, you authorize them for autoship. Be super careful, especially when dealing with Guthy-Renker

THE biggest scam there is when a company tries to collect a penny from your account to verify it is still open just think if they do that to over a million customers how much money they have just made verifying to see if your account is still open just multiply 1cent times 1 million what a scam :roll :?
This Country is so greedy for money all these loan comapanies and banks and leanding centers they don't take money from each other they take from poor people and now they are running out of poor people because they don't have jobs no more and they don't have no money it won't be long before this American system has to start outsourcing to other poor people in other poor countries :zzz :eek :? :cry :x

This what you should do put a block on your debit or credit card so if this company tries to collect from your account again you can dispute the charges and remember to read those payday loan company fine print real good all of them have some type of membership involved that in its self is a scam

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Other Company in Mesa, Arizona - Attempted Voluntary Repossession for 3 months

My daughter called this company approximately 3 months ago when she knew she was going to be unable to continue to make her payments. They finally picked it up 1 week ago.

The truck sat at her house readily available for them to pick up. This company has and still is continuing to harass myself (her mother) herself and her brother when my daughter has fully cooperated with this company.

She was not past due at time of first phone call and they refused to pick truck up. Considering having all of our phone records pulled substantiating litigation for harrassment.

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Other Company in Kingstown, Saint George - Payment

my name is Luann Ambris, my student number is 70580187, i made a payment of us$100.00 & us$300.00, please tell me when am getting the rest of my paper work to finish my course.

i have been taking this course for the past 3 yrs now , when exactly was i suppose to be finishing this course, this is getting frustrating now

please respond to my email so i can no if you received the money or not i need to get this over with, the sooner the better, i have other expense in my life to deal with, please give me some help.

thank you


Kingstown, Saint George
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Other Company in Cincinnati, Ohio - Order not received

I placed this order over a month ago and have not heard from you people.

I feel that I have been scammed!!!

I will contact the Better Business

Bureau if this matter is not rectified promptly or send me my money back!!!

I will have my checking account bank launch an investigation. I thought that this company was trustworthy and honest. I ordered this product 30 days

before going on vacation and now Im back with no picturs from my vacation.

Im sorry and sad for this whole thing... D H

Product Code:


Product Description:


Sweepstakes clearing House

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Other Company in Cameron, Texas - This is our country. Fly our flag

This is our country. If people don't like it let them go back where them came from.

Fly our flag. Why would you take down this country's flag because some foriegner is offended. What are we fighting for, and what have we fought for in the past. My Dad almost lost his life fighting so we can fly this American flag, and we could have our freedom.

This country stands for God and our flag, and freedom.

Fly the flag for all of the Americans whom have lost their lives and fought for this country. Pray for America

Jackie Ivie
Cameron, Texas
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Other Company in Birmingham, Alabama - Discount !

Ya'll Advertise That Ya'll Will Beat Any Other Stores Price By 10 % Ya'll Also Advertise A Ten % Discount For Military Personnel. Since One Of These Ads, Have Nothing To Do With The Other One, Why Don't Ya'll Honor The Both Of Them ?

Your Prattville,Alabama Store Would Only Honor One Are The Other,Would Not Honor Both. Idon't Think This Is Right, Since One Has Nothing To Do With The Other.

Odell Whitman. I Don't Under Stand Why Ya'll Need A Hundred Words, Since I Have Already Stated My Case,It Seems To Me Like It Is *** That Ya'll Would Require A Cosumer To Type A Hundred Words, When There No Need In It.

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Other Company in Knoxville, Tennessee - Please make if easier for your customers to reach you.

i'm contacting you for a overpayment

please make if easier for you customers to reach you.

i can not find this service to be one i care to keep.why is it necessary to have so many words to express how disatisfied with my service.

all i want is a company that will give me the service i have paid for . i would like that the company contact me and ask me how pleased i am with my purchased...is that a way to let your customers know that your company is not a legitimate one....?

i would like my monies to be returned back to me..

thank you

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