Other Company in Los Angeles, California - This company does not honor contract

these people lied to me, did not honor contract and did not take the items on the inventory list that they promised. paid money and came and yelled and threatened me and took advantage of a single woman.

the broke my items and i have nothing except a few boxes and none of my furniture which was supposed to be out of the house. this is unacceptable and must be stopped. I have moved many times and have used other movers and have never been treated like this or robbed like this by anyone.

do not use them. m t

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Other Company in Knoxville, Tennessee - Policy

is it true that if you leave a 1 trainer to go to another that if you leave that 1 for 1 reason or another you get fired and have to pay back 10,000 dollars ?what is the policy about trainers and tranees having sex on the truck. there is a truck out on the road that has just that going on right now.the first trainer broke down in oklahoma and sent the trainee back to dallas.the tranee got on another truck, they know this person from another company he got on the truck with her and know well u guessed it. u don't *** between trainer and tranee no matter how much u like each other.keep it professional

baby blue
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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Finance team

i have had my car for almost 4 yrs never missed a payment and was always on time.. Now that i have paid my car its the *** interest rate that's kicking my ***.

car paid off but still paying almost 12000 in interest rate just dead wrong when in my agreement clearly states when car is paided off everything will stop! no good now cos I'm still paying I'm pissed off!Yet could be so pleased if someone will work with dealing upon this not so good matter *** i have been a very faithful custom.

Thankin You

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Other Company - Potential Stocks Online

Regularly earning of money is possible if you're able to enter prior to the price rises an extreme amount from his fans purchasing spike. Hence I thought to make a vast search of potential stocks online.

I referred articles, blogs, forum, news, bulletins and business. Besides I hired an internet broker who helped me to make a right decision. I also used stock screener that helps to find the hottest stocks. I subscribed newsletters to be alert about the recent changes in stock market.

Then I joined www.pennystockville.com.

It gave me free newsletters, charts and alerts and other supports. Thus success came to me.

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Other Company in Semmes, Alabama - Unable to get to my account on-line

I have tried several times to get to my account on line. I finally called customer service and she helped me get to the account.

I thought this would be all I needed. I copied down the Id and pass word. Now when I try to axcess the account it tells me my Id is wrong. No matter what I try it will not work.

UIt sure would be nice if Lowes had a simple procedure to set up axcess to a customer account. The way I view this setup is that it is intentionally set up to discourage anyone from using the online account viewing.

Semmes, Alabama
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Dismissed me twice without following protocols

This is the WORST school I have ever been to in my life. This school makes everyone take out loans, just so they can suck up your grant(s) money.

The staff, fin. aid officers, as well as the instructors are horrible, rude, and disrespectful.

On top of all that, they love to tell lies on the students; because at the end of the day it's all about them, not you.

I WOULD NOT recommend this school to anyone, please learn from mine as well as all the other persons who made this BIG mistake. This school dismissed me twice without following proper protocols and then tried to tell me that I owed a lump sum of money to the school, but failed to show me how and why I owed it. At the same time though, my grant money was still coming in and I never had any alerts or correspondence letters telling me that I owed the money that the school was claiming I owed.


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What school are you writing about?

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I hope they all burn in ***


THEY WILL ALL PAY WHEN JUDGMENT DAY COMES !!!! they are rude my checks never come on time and they have been dragging this *** out way to long i hope they all suffer like i have been for 7 years !!!!! i have had about 10 adjustor's 4 different attorneys and i am sick to death with all of them like i said i hope they all get whats coming to them karma is a real *** !!!!! what comes around goes around !!!!

and they will all get karma all of them !!!!

*** you !! all !!


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #162956

Even if they do suffer like you have. I doubt you suffered as much as burining for entirity.

Don't you think It is hars that you want them to be damned in their afterlife over something like this. You are obviously not Christian since all christians want everyone to go to Heaven.

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Other Company in Melissa, Texas - Springhill Steel

Still has my money $1800 pd. in full - still no fence completed.

Have sent an email and certifiied letter. Clint Noe, the owner, emailed back that he was at a ballgame and not to respond..we're in month four now. Calling him and leaving messages does no good. If, by chance, he does answer, he tell uis a day that he will be by and doesn't show up..basically to get us off his back.

I do not have facts about this; however, it is said that he has stiffed other people in this town as well. Unfortunately if this can't be resolved, we'll have to go to court.

All I wanted was a simple for fence for my granchildren who live with me now and we live on a busy road.

Melissa, Texas
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Other Company in Griffin, Georgia - Where is goergia on your map

why do you not have ga between fl and hi on your state of resident colume if that is what it is i cannot put this in where it belongs on the aplication so what would it take for you to georgia in between flordia and hiwahia if that isn what it is ok this is all i have to say about that using the words forest gump. so if you can correct this it would help a lot people in georgia to get help on the troble they are in with money problems thank you for time good bye

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - No service at all

No customer service at the Opelika, AL store July 9, 2010 no help no answers. They don' acknowledge that your in the store.

I called and spoke to the manager. She said she was sorry for my bad experience and asked me to come back and she would help me. Why would I want to go back. The sad thing is that I really needed a bed room set because my house burnt and I lost everything.

I received the settlement from the insurance company so I have cash to pay in full.

Your loss!! Another store will offer to help.

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