Other Company in Park City, Utah - Increased payment amount without notification

This credit card company charged a ridiculous pertentage rate after a one year membership.

My advice, do not accept a card from them. From the start it was difficult to meet my requirements. I typically pay over the phone and this was a $10 charge each time. Really?

There was always little or no communication.

No one seems to know what is going on...I have called three phone numbers with no avail.

I was just informed that my account was sold to another company who then, increased payment. No one to answer inquiries...

Hate this company. Only interested in making a quick buck!

Never written a letter like this, but this company is ridiculous!

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - 10 YEAR BLOCK HEAD

How do I feel about Block.I have been a seasonal employee for over ten years.I am there to help people with their taxes,i think the people i work with are there to make as much money as possible(they are greedy),they make mistakes and blame it on the client,some only care about how many returns they get.The managers are not there for you,you the preparer runs the office,however with no compensation.The more you give to the company the less they care about you.I am considering not returning this year,and i don`t think any one will really care.I am considering going to the other tax companys,they are not all about the numbers in their pocket,like me they care about the numbers in the clients pocket.

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Other Company in Boerne, Texas - Leanbodyburn is a scam

Shortly (24 hours) after ordering their product, I cancelled the order by telephone. I received my visa bill today and see they charged my account $87.47.

I called them and was told I have to cancel online. I asked to speak to her supervisor who told me the same thing. They were to send me the form online of which I have not received. I haven't any idea how to contact them online.

They said the company name is Weight Loss System Co. at 3609 N.

29th Ave., Hollywood, FL 33020. I will contact the Federal Trade Commission.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Tried to get out of all responsibility

*Bought a gold chain bracelet for my wife,the clasp broke and when we took it in they told us 1 week when it came back we were told it could'nt be fixed i was gonna have to buy another one. When they gave us the baggy the clasp was gone so we could not have anyone else fix it either.

While i was questioning the whereabouts of the clasp the sales person was trying to write on receipt that i had it when i walked out of store 3 seconds ago. When i busted him he apologized.Nervously.

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Other Company in Milford, Massachusetts - It took 3 days to pay my truck off. i was treaded like a crimanal

i was late with my payment thay took my truck and when i call to tell then that i would pay it off. thay took my money.then thay said i owe more so i said ok how much more and tryed to pay that.

thay said i had to wate i couldnt get it back untill thay up dated the systom. we can by a car in less then a (1 hr) in this world but i cant get this one back.

i lost 4 days of work i was told it to bad. ifound out that thayif thay took more time thay could get more money storge from me and charge me invitory my truc i told them that i was going to pay it off thay we dont cair we are still going to invetory it so thay could get the money.

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*** matchs no good its a fake site i send a message to a member i get no reponds

i check out this site (*** match's they said join now to get better service for $70 i did and when i be came a gold member i thought i will get to start talking to single people i have been a member for one month i sent out like 36 messages and i got nothing back i send some winks to some member i send messages and still nothing i email this company that it sucks i want my money back then they tell me that the reason why i get no respond is i have to pay more to get a respond back then i get a respond back after that email i sent for a girl she say i want to get to know u better i said ok i send my info 3 week late nothing i see she was online i send her a wink see send me the same message she send me 3 weeks ago i tell her yo wass up i e mail you to get to know you then i get the same message i got 3 weeks ago this site is bull ***




The site is an ok site. A lot of you guys want instant gratification.

With all things there is a process. I have been a member for many years but it is how you approach my profile. If you also want someone to respond you need to input a little information about yourself.. 99% of the men on there are married and for real, women want someone they can call when their need arises too.

You want to be one sided. It's a two way street fellas. As far as the winks go, if you view a profile, I am assuming that when she opens it, a wink is sent to you. You are asking too much for the few dollars you spend.

You are not going to get laid just because you contacted someone. Give us some credit, most of us do have a brain and a conscious.


Im new i got new chicks all over me ur prob but fugly?


Im new i got new chicks all over me ur prob but fugly?


Im new i got new chicks all over me ur prob but fugly?

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I won 495 thousand

I won 495 thousand dollars! Im broke and on unemployment I need this in the worst way!

I have to send them $3000 for them to send it to me in order to claim my prize what kind of *** is that!they have called me a number of times and everytime they do I talk to someone new,from a different state they even claimed to be with homeland security! but I have to send them money to claim my prize! If I can send them fust a fraction of the price they wanted to begin with then they can deliver my prize I just need to send it through western union! yeah right!

I can't even make my rent! I'm 42 years old and gonna have to move back home with parents and they are calling me 5 and 6 times a day tot send them money


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #165160

Dont send them anything. IT's a scam to get your money. Once they get the money they will ignore you and not send you the money they claim youw won.

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Other Company in Fort Worth, Texas - False advertisement of generic drug

This pharmacy is not telling the truth about generic drugs in place of brand name drugs. I was looking to see if there was a generic for my 25mg Zipsor and all this pharmacy shows is 50 mg and higher diclofenac.

I understand that the drug in Zipsor is diclofenac, but its not the same as a generic. After further research I learned that there is NO generic for Zipsor, there's something very unique about it, the delivery system or something, that provides the type of pain relief I get versus OTC meds.

This pharmacy doesn't mention anything about that. Don't trust this site.

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Other Company in Brownsville, Texas - Took me for $5076.65

to whom it may concern!! terry and allen baker came to my place of business the end of may where they agreed to purchase some computers and pc boards.

after they left we had 4 men counting and weighing the items. on 6/2/10 we made an invoice in the amount of $5,074.65. terryy sent in a truck from ny transport to pick up everything. we never ship until the merchandise is paid for, however, in this case the truck arrived before we received payment.

i call ed terry and she agreed to pay me at an auction the following saturday. at the auction she went to get a check and when she returned she said allen was wiring the money and assured me we would have it by monday june 7. i have sent a dozen emails and many phone calls. this is july 1 and they will not pay us and will not answer our calls and emails.

i am in the process of having my attorney filing a suite against terry and allen baker and global comp one inc.

this is a warning to everyone not to do business with them.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Educate your'managers' and personnel

I just came back from your Crystal Lake, IL store. Your check out people and the 'manager' on duty refused a travelers check. Yes I had the proper identification and it was one for $20. Neither person really knew what a traveler's check was. It is the same a CASH. I then asked the 'manager' of the check-outs if she had learned what this traveler's check was from her superior. It was real obvious that she had no intention of taking this any further. PLEASE EDUCATE YOUR EMPLOYEES!!!!

In fact some of these younger employees need to know. (The young men in the lumber department really didn't care if they helped me find what I was looking for. Even though the item was listed in your flyer of this week!

It seems more training is needed and this I don't care attitude doesn't fly in my book.

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