Other Company in Vineland, New Jersey - 5 month and have not received correct Feb coins

I have three coin contracts 2 Philly and 1 Denver mint.

Five month and I have not received the correct coins for Feb issue.In March 2010 I received 2 Philly cards with no coins for the Feb. issue.

I have talked with 6 customer service explianing my prpblem, and I have received several coins from the Denver mint. I have asked 4 representative why can't I speak to a manager, but I have not been able to talk with a manager. I have sent e-mail and letter and no result.

Please contact me by e-mail.


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Other Company in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir - What heppens?

i am a government servent and has applied for redignate 4month ago. but someone is being gelesy to me and stool my application, which was near to aproved,

i am running a marble shop also with miger investment (worth about 20dollers)and ernig is 300% in summer season and -100% in winter season.

I cant save from it.

my sons are unempoyee and they remain looking for a job and the economy possition are going to ***. please give me some advice to improve my position, I am in a very depress and uncomfortable situation.i don't know what kind of information you need.my e mail address is geesapna@yahoo.com

please tell me what is your fee.

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - People complain to much

I cannot understand why people complain so much about shipping companies on this site all of them handle millions of packages a day and things do happen that they end up in the wrong place Iam sure where all u people that complain on this site about ups fedex and usps are all living on this earth without making mistakes and the company's that u work for never ever make a mistake so all of u are very special people that make the world a much better place to live I feel so much better now that there are people that can walk on water.

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This website is a scam. They will actually send you a product but it's not really what it's supposed to be.

They claim to sale JWH and WIN but it's BS. No analgesic affects whatsoever. I tried to email the company about them being bogus and they completely ignored my email. Well, actually they where trying to email someone else to ask them if they should respond to me and they accidentally emailed me!

Morons...long story short. Don't waste your money on this product. This website is a complete scam.

Seems like this would be illegal but with a product like JWH there's really no way to prove it's fake i guess...unless you had a judge smoke it...lol. This Company is FAIL!




wow it's been a while since i've seen this. They did eventually mail me a refund.

And how did I know it was a sh**y product? Because I order lots of rcs and have tried different sites. The jwh 250 i recieved from them had to have been cut with something because it had a glue like texture when combined with a solvent. The Euphoric effects where very mild when freebased also and it didn't taste right...idk, like some1 said maybe they got a bad batch or something but that sh*t i got sucked.

But since then I've moved on from selling incense to 2ce, much more profitable. GOOD DAY!


they are gone. I think the last cpl orders were resold Chinese rc's.

Their quality used to be top notch.

I use to get a batch analysis sheet with every order which covered my legal status. They stopped doing the analysis sheets, then they disappeared overnight.


Guy I feel that you have no clue what u are talking about. This company by far has been very recommended by many people, after tried the products from MI I felt the same way do a lil' more research about your product purchased, before you slander a perfect reputation. You are not using the product properly, keep experimenting.


You aren't presenting much evidence against them. How do you know it wasn't what "it was supposed to be"?

Did you do a chemical analysis? I've dealt with this company for over a year. I buy at least two grams of something every week and I don't have one bad word to say about them. Not one.

I don't blame them for not responding to every email sent by some under-informed customer asking questions they should find the answers to on their own. If you make more than a one-time, single-gram purchase you would know that this is the best rc website around.


You contacted an RC site and told them their product was ineffective? You are lucky you got a reply and very lucky they have offered a refund.


i wouldnt send them a money order though ... the web site says their from Los Angels ... and is a bull *** address while the product ships from gainsville, fl i seen it on thefed ex package


yeah ive ordered fromn them to. 3 times.

thefirsttime it was a day late, then they were on time after that. ive had jwh-250 and am 2201. Both worked better than even pot. anyways i spend around $200 a month on them and 2 days later its here ...

the 8 grams at 21$ a gram last me about 5 days. anyways i only have great things to say about them...



this website is total BS. i mailed them a money order like 2 weeks ago and ive gotten nothing in the mail.

i called them and they forwarded me to a voicemail that doesnt exist.

just another internet scam. avoid them like the plague .


What a joke. This must be their competition that posted this because I spent $3500 with them last year and found them to be the best on the market.

One bad experience and some *** puts a post like this and scares a lot of potential customers without merit. I am 100% satisfied with their products(all of them).

I have never had an issue with quality. The only issue I have ever had is inconsistent shipping policies.


i ordered am2201 from them last week, it was fake!! they r scammers, will not answer my emails either.


Well, they eventually offered me a refund...it's been a month and I still have't received it.


It's unfortunate you had a bad experience with this company because I have been dealing with them for a couple months now and have only the best things to say. The products work great and the customer service team is exceptional! I recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for research chemicals.

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Other Company in Germantown, Maryland - Order # 5118884.

The Egg Tree is growing great. The banana tree never started to grow. I think it was a goner when received. I put in a pot just like the one I got for the Egg tree. It was brown when I put it in the pot. At one time I thought it was going ***. I didn't over water it. The pot was the type that siphons water as needed from the bottom. I bought that type for fear of over watering. The Egg tree is in the same kind of pot and doing well.

I'm not realy pissed, just wanted to let you know.

Thank you

Fred Godby

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Other Company in Monsey, New York - This is the worst product and biggest scam ever.

This is the worst product and biggest scam ever. The product sucks and is no where near what it says it is.

You get away without refunding all of the shipping charges on free iteams by listing them under price rather than calling it as it is shipping. I have already contacted the better buisness beauro in you area to file a complaint. Biggest scam ever. Does not stay in place both items roll oh yea unless you are never going to sit down.

Not true to size and is not made well. You really should be taken off air because of all of your false advertising.

Monsey, New York
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Other Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Fraudulent charges on my account!!!

Are you kidding me? I was charged TWICE for the same fee of 149.95!!!

I did not authorize this, and it is completely inappropriate to rob honest business people of their hard-earned money! When I tried to call the number to dispute the charges from this company, I received this exact message: "your wait time will be 18 minutes. Please hold, and the next available representative will be happy to assist you." I waited 10 minutes, then hung up and called again and got the same message. This time, I decided to wait the entire 18 minutes to see what would happen.

After time was almost up, an operator came on the line and wanted to take my name and number and said someone would call back within an hour. When I insisted on waiting the rest of the 18 minutes, I was told that I couldn't do that. Needless to say, no such call ever came. I immediately reported this situation to my bank, and they are pissed off too that this happened to one of their customers!

Why in the world would I want a credit card to buy miscellaneous items that I will never use? How in the world will this type of an institution help me and my small business? You all need to go into a different line of work, or expect extended prison time for the over 200 people you've managed to scam in the last few years! I know I'm not alone in this; and if you really want to make money fast, try a career in fast food: that job will knock you on your ***!!!

Have a nice day... KJRCES; Colorado Springs, CO

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Terrible availability. Always hidden costs!!

I am amazed that this Timeshare does not have more complaints. We have been owners for 10 years.

I can never book a vacation for a week anywhere in the country any time of year. I always have to trade my points through RCI or book mini-vacations during the week at off-season times.

Then there are always EXTRA fees. One year I paid an extra $140 for cleaning. You get one FREE guest confirmation a year, however, because I booked a unit and cancelled, they won't let me use it for my new reservation and are charging me $99.

Then there is the continous torture of having your phone ring every minute you are on vacation with staff trying to sell you yet more points.




Yes, Please be careful in who you choose to help you. Be careful of terms like "Resort Fees" and such.

This is a 67.8 billion dollar a year industry and it is very broad. You have the top 20% who are really great companies and the lower 80% who rip people off.

You are welcome to contact me anytime. 936 499 2477

Conroe, Texas, United States #963943

saw your complaint and I know it has been some time. Unfortunately, I was a sales rep in the industry.

After being ripped off myself from the developer, I began helping people terminate their contracts. It is possible to legally stop all fees and ownership. you can call anytime. This is NOT A SCAM!

I am an individual who has researched and decided to go another way. godsman73@gmail.com





Many Times in the timeshare industry salespeople exagerate the benefits of them... If you are tired of paying maintenance fees please contact us we can absorb your timesahre so that you NEVER pay maintenance fees again!

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Kevin Trudeau book purchase/Summer Bay scam

After seeing a Kevin Trudeau infomercial, I called in to purchase his books. A lady then came on the line offering a "Promotions - an Orlando family vacation at Summer Bay Resorts" for 3 payments of $99.00.

It included 3 nights/4 days, plus 2 adults passes to any Orlando Theme Park. Sounded legit and fairly priced so I accepted hoping to take my 2 grandchildren for a treat.

Several phone calls later, made me suspect "Scam" so I looked them up online and I soon discovered it was a scam. I received my 2 books but the vacation was a Scam. They now want $15.00 per night, a 90 min.

Time Share lecture, and they put us up in some other hotel near by, not the Summer Bay Resort they supposedly sold me.

I consider this an expensive lesson and hope others do not make the same mistake with this scam.

There R lots of other complaints of same on the net... See for yourself.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - You took my charge and did not give me a report

I gave all true information and all you are interested in is getting a credit card number so you can charge my account and sell the number to

other crooks like yourselves. I want no further dealings with your so

called company, I would like an address and telephone number where I can

reach a live person your answering service stinks like the rest of the company you get no results. You are the worst experience I have ever had

with scamers crooks lyers with people who should not be in business please

remove any charges since I got no service only got more headaches and grief

administered by crooked people. Thank you

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