Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Wouldnt fill medications correctly and only gave half the medications

The pharmacist believes he is more intelagent than my doctor. He only filled half of my meds He said because my doctor wrote that I should take one pill per dose that it ment that I should take only one pill per day.

I have had other prescritions that said I should take two pills per dose four doses a day. by his calculations I should only get two pills per day What would happen to my infection would or could I die. We have tried to use this store for acouple of years but they continue to disappoint us. I have used cvs in the past and they never gave me any kind of problems.

So if you ask me I would not use them unless you like turmoil in your life! So the most important thing to remember is just beware and don't let these guys feed you a bunch of B*llsh*t.

We have rights too. And before I forget, be sure to count your pills and keep track of them

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Other Company in Boston, Massachusetts - The representative I dealt with in Marlboro was rude and belligerent.

This morning I met with Alex, (Marlboro Solomon Pond Mall) He was extremely rude and unprofessional. In addition, he asked to look at my 2 hearing aids, and used some type of tool on them, and when he returned them to me, one of them no longer worked.

They both were in my ears and working up to that point in time, which I told Alex.. . He became angry, and unreasonable and asked me what I came in for... to which I replied "I want you to show me the best hearing aids ,appropriate for my needs ...

at the best possible price" He responded that we were "battling" .

I told him that he was unprofessional, and I left the office without any further discussion.. I later made an appointment with the Natick office..hoping to find better service..

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Other Company in Tyler, Texas - Ms white

i was think about getting this but my daughter got one instead i cant call her cause it says a code is needed and when she has called me she has to call at least 3-4 times before i can usually understand anything she is saying the quality is terrible i would not recommend it to anyone i only live about 20 miles away and still cant get good reception sometimes it sounds like she is under water other it just goes dead other times it goes in and out i am sure glad i didnt get it cause i am on a fixed income

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Other Company in Johannesburg, Gauteng - FRUSTRATED ABOUT COMPANY POLICIES

Hi, I would like to remain anonymous. I have completed matric and have a computer clerk Diploma (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Reception, Switchboard, and Telephone Techniques) but have no experience in the working world for this field. I have also studied Corel Draw X3, Adobe Photoshop & Macromedia Dream weaver and went into the field of Graphic Designing and have the experience for the past 10years.

I have relocated to Johannesburg Last year and I have applied for numerous vacancies (Reception, Girl Friday, and Graphic Designers post) but sad to say apparently I don't have the experience the companies require. I am now applying for temp positions and studying Indesign and Illustrator on a part time basis (weekends only).

I know lots of people who apply for vacancies and receive the same results as I do but if all companies require people of experience then there is no hope for people like us because no one or company is willing to give us a chance.

I personally think companies that advertise for post available have too many expectations, COME ON GUYS, GIVE US A BREAK AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE THAT WE ARE QUITE CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING OUR GOALS.

Hoping to get a vacancy soon…..

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Other Company in Northbrook, Illinois - Paid my bill on 1st. & phone shut off on 21st.that isnot 30 days of service..

Please change your call in service the one your have sucks. If you don't want what she says she cuts you off, and she does not give you many choices..

I want 30 days of service. $40.00, 30 days. I paid for 30 days service I want 30 days service. I let my phone set dead for 10 days last month so I could pay on the 1st.

they shut my phone off on the 21st. NOT GOOD.

I will go to Lansing to the office and deal with this in person.

they really don't want me there. You choose.

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This site is a complete ***! I am extremly angry!

I am very angry with this service! It seems to be a complete ***.

I signed up only the other day for 3 months and have had no replys at all! Whoever designed this sight deservs a good kick in!! I have sent many emails, requests to other so called users who seemed to be on my case before i had joined HornyMatches, and now not a single reply!!

I would like to have a full refund as soon as possible, and could you please take me off your fake site once you have done this?? It seemed to me as a genuine site at first but reading complaints from other users, i have realised that it is a complete ***!




@ Irish

After 5 years magazines don't cut it. After a while the need for touch is actually greater than the need for sex...


Don't you think we deserve all this? We should've checked and read about this fraudulent site before we got into this *** situation where we are ripped off our money.

You don't know a crook only after you are you are conned by him.

Honrymatches are the worst rip-off. Beware guys, they run other sites under variant names.

Angry Kelly
Can't get laid, huh? 8)

Yes, it seems that HornyMatches.com is a spam. I mean, a huge spam.

That's why we are pissed. We are not so pissed when the spam is tiny, like my spam: I advertise RealHornyMatches.com as a stress-eliminating alternative.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x *** *** ***

This is a fraudulent dating site that I have been monitoring for many months. When you sign up for the free trial service you get winks and e-mails right away.

I let this go on for a couple of weeks and received about a dozen or so e-mails from women "highly interested" in me. In order to respond to these women you have to become a paying member.

Once you become a paying member these women suddenly disappear. The profiles on this site are obviously fraudulent and are used simply to "sucker in" paying members.

I have submitted complaints to the Arizona Attorney General and the US Attorney General.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #167539

You joined a site called horneymatches.com, serves you right. Next time you get *** just buy a bunch of nudie magazines from a gas station pit stop.

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Other Company in Richardson, Texas - 19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car.

19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car.

Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car. Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car.

Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car. Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car.

Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car. Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car.

Totally not worth it.19% interest rate. Paid 26k for a 14k car. Totally not worth it.19% interest rate.

Paid 26k for a 14k car. Totally not worth it.

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Other Company in Middletown, New York - How a customer treated a great employee

Hi i am a customer to one of your great stores in Newburgh n.y. located on broadway,Today (7-20-2010)i was getting ready to check out until another customer treated a young lady who works for the company by the name Edna,the customer was really rude towards Edna the customer ended up calling your hottline to put a complaint on Edna which i think is not right ive been a customer for years Edna at one point worked for the company for a few years at the same location,i am very happy shes back because she can keep the store very well organized and shes great with everyone especially us customers what ever we need shes their to help us find it when she checks us out she always greets with a smile these are the kind of employees you should always hire and keep ..Thank You

Sheisa Hernandez
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Other Company in Vineland, New Jersey - 5 month and have not received correct Feb coins

I have three coin contracts 2 Philly and 1 Denver mint.

Five month and I have not received the correct coins for Feb issue.In March 2010 I received 2 Philly cards with no coins for the Feb. issue.

I have talked with 6 customer service explianing my prpblem, and I have received several coins from the Denver mint. I have asked 4 representative why can't I speak to a manager, but I have not been able to talk with a manager. I have sent e-mail and letter and no result.

Please contact me by e-mail.


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Other Company in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir - What heppens?

i am a government servent and has applied for redignate 4month ago. but someone is being gelesy to me and stool my application, which was near to aproved,

i am running a marble shop also with miger investment (worth about 20dollers)and ernig is 300% in summer season and -100% in winter season.

I cant save from it.

my sons are unempoyee and they remain looking for a job and the economy possition are going to ***. please give me some advice to improve my position, I am in a very depress and uncomfortable situation.i don't know what kind of information you need.my e mail address is geesapna@yahoo.com

please tell me what is your fee.

Mirpur, Azad Kashmir
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