Other Company in Houston, Texas - Lake of the woods maintance man paul cused at my husband and was rude to my family wont be back

we were having problems with the bathroom. My husband explained the problem and paul was rude to him because it was time for him to leave.

my children were in the other room playing and making noise when paul to my husband that he needed to shut the *** kids up so he could think. I will never return there the staff was rude and no one seemed to care about our complaint.

We complained to a employee named chasity and she said we must have misunderstood him that he's a nice guy. I guess that was her husband but anyway she was of no help and we left that night, why stay where the people are all dating or married to each other.

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Other Company in Athens, Georgia - SCAM CROOKS WILL NOT REFUND MY MONEY

they do not tell you the whole truth - only what you want to hear. they are crooks and i smell a big, fat, dead rat.

they wil not refund your money. they will sell the vehicle - but who knows how long - they told me i get nothing or they can keep trying to sell it - she assured me they would sell the boat in 60 days - i was sold up and back dwon the river - one stop motors *** - they are thieves - they have had my add for 200 days and i have not had one call - use the internet to sell it yourself

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Service we recieved in Redding,Ca.

we had a blow out on our motor home just outside Redding,They had us drive

to thier store which was about 3 miles. We blew ou the propane lines,

having to go that far,they were very unfriendly,the girl in the office was

very hateful,my husbanf asked fi they would forego the tax because we are

from Oregon, she very hatefully replied, I have to pay tax when I go there.

which is dumb for everyone knows you don"t pay tax in Ore. but the service

was very nice. We have stopped st many stores in the west but this is the

first time we have revieved this kind of treatment.

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Other Company in Silver Springs, Florida - *** match

*** match is suppose to be a hook up, its not that all people are despret and can't hook up at bars or what nots .. it that we work and don't have the time!

A place like this would make it easer for us to find people out there who are looking for the same thing I am! Well they hooked me ! Hope the money was worth it! Never again!

A BIG GO *** UR SELVES *** MATCH GOES TO THEM DUMB BASTERDS AT *** MATCH|! Any way I'm sure there is a site out there that's worth the money!

To bad this site screws it up for us and them! Money lost for them and *** lost for me!

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Other Company in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma - They turned me down after calling me everyday

They were calling me everyday and asking if I had the insurance to do the job. I finally got it and paid quite a bit of money for those insurance and then they did not even give me any jobs.

So please if you are considering using these people think again. All they want is your money and don't give you as much as one job to cover the money that they want you to pay.

They are liars and they do not stand up to their words. Please look somewhere else.They call all day long just to tell you they want you to work and get your money and there is nothing there.

Fort Gibson, Oklahoma
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Complaint melt a way by mitch gaylod

he over charges you and chargs you 2shipping charges and does not tell you till after you pay, and then customer service does not help , they just hang up on you when you call.also when you order the amount that it says you owe, is not,,,,,, its much more, rip off rip off rip off,,,,,also my order was not what is was on tv, you do not get what is offered on tv. i do not recommend ordering this product.

over priced customer service does not care about the costomer. i already got 20 people to not order this product..

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Other Company in Summerfield, Florida - Trashy furniture

I'm from ocala fl. I have been a customer for ten years, this march I purchased the room/T.V.

deal. My delivery took over 3wks +2wks for T.V. The couch came apart by threads within 30 days. The springs were coming through and tearing my cushions ,all of the stuffing was from the seams .They sent a tech.

out 30 days later .They redelivered 30 days later ,of course, the wrong set!!

I did not want it anymore. I tried to go back to the show room and negotiate but they wanted more money to swap !Beware!!!

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Other Company in Jonesboro, Arkansas - Opened food item

when i got my food on july 27 th one of the skinless boneless chicken *** bags were opened so i called consumer product affair dept they said they would send a letter in the mail and i asked them i need t replacement they said do what the letter told me to do and i said i would not be able to oder items until next year so they said call the people back and do whatever the letter said to do.so therefore they are a bad company and i may not order from them again.the two guys that droped off the items was rude and did know what they were doing either.

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Other Company in Martinsville, Virginia - Branch Manager

I currently have a personnal loan with this company through the Albemarle branch. My husband has been laid off for almost a year and I am the only person working.

I am behind on the payments on my loan, but everytime I attempt to send in a payment something else happens. I just received a call from the branch manager "Brandon" at work. This man threaten me over the phone and was being a smart *** wanting to know why I did not know my power bill was due.

I sorry but, this is none of his business. Don't go there.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Phone call not mine

They are calling my house four times a day. When i answer i have told them the person does not live here.(this is the truth) The person who they are looking for has no telephone.

This person was out of work and now has a small job and is truly trying to pay even if it is amall amounts. This harassment of calls really has me mad.

I am thinking of changing my phone number.nxkw............This bill is for $6,000.00 dollars and the person will pay it only it is going to take time. I am upsetzrqz

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