Really bad website

This website is just horrible. Great products, but the website is full of bugs and the costumer service is only accesible during normal work hours during the week. I really hate this site and because of it, am not going to order from them.

I can't believe that there is a site that sells stuff but makes it that difficult to accept your money. I just want to give this site my money and it won't let me. Not only that, but I had to find someone else who was a member to sign up through and that took a week. It seems this site is all about jumping through useless hoops, but then after you've done that, won't sell you anything!

Their products are brilliant. But it isn't worth the battle.





Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #173308

probably or something. Good question though, we should let the OP answer this.


Errrrr... what website??

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You dumb *** customers

wow PEOPLE ARE DUMB...really wtf makes people think that they are important...really...customers aren always right, 90% of the time they are WRONG...but they have been told that HEY YOUR RIGHT all the time....YEAAAAAAH guys are all pissed cause your DUMB AS *** ROCKS.....CHECK YOUR STORES POLICY READ INTO WTF YOUR BUYING STOP BEING DUMB...SORRY YOUR A SUCKER AND GOT CHEAP ***...NOT ANYONES FAULT BUT YOUR OWN dumb *** fault.. STOP POSTING HATEFULL POSTS towards employees and buisness. AGAIN CHECK WTF YOUR BUYING FIRST AND READ UP ON wtf your so sick and tired of reading and hearing of DUMB CUSTOMERS....




These reviews are interesting because you have to read between the lines. Sometimes it's genuinely the company's fault, sometimes the customer is an a$$hole, sometimes they look like idiots who got scammed.

Point being, no matter whose fault it is, we should try to find a way to solve it without customer or vendor being d*icks.

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Working in retail most people are nice, but there are a few scammers out there who get mad if they don't get their way. One lady even switched price tags at my store.

Her seven year old did not know this was illegal and thought that this was an acceptable way to pay less. So she told a cashier about how her mother switched the tags. The mother blamed the child and threatened to beat her with a belt if she had to pay the real price. Turns out because the mother had to pay $4 she left the child in the parking lot and said she hopes a man picks her up and rapes her.

All over having to pay $4 which her daughter accidently got her busted for scamming. The mother apparently did this all the time and the daughter thinking her mother could do no wrong did not know that switching tags to pay a lower price was fraud. I have even heard of parents forcing their children to steal, by threatening them if they did not and rewarding them if they did.

However that is just the basic few. Most people are pleasant.


Its true. The customers are usually wrong.

Luckily at my work we kick 'em out rather then come to an agreement.

Plus, half the people who *** and moan go to other stores and do the same thing. *** you people.

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Your store, workers, management, customer relations is horrible, terrible, and subhuman.

We bought a product from your store in Marietta, on Cobb parkway with a life time warranty applied to it. We tried to retrieve the warranty when the product was tested and failed.

I had to go back three times before your company would apply the warranty. Your company treated my family and I worst then a Georgia Dog. As a matter of fact the dogs here are treated better. Please apply the scripture, "Do onto others as you would have them do onto you".

Would you want your mother to be treated like this. You have lost our business.




hay mom wen we a gonna hooook up a gin? my thang isn reel hard fer ya!

Is a wuntin u reel bad like.

Is a noin us is wit kid an all dat. but i is a needin u sweet thang.

:( This shouldn't had happened to this customer at all they should of had gave this person their life time warranty agreement. :(

I think that wasn't fair wat they did to u. I hope u get your money back

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Prosper Learning destroyed our family

Our financial struggles and learning how to wait on the Lord. we told prosper learning we had no money and they still gave us a loan of 10 k. My husband and I went through the coaching program debt to wealth. now we are worse off and hurting.

I called customer care and they refused to help us. Steven Gross offered 2k and we would sign our rights away. please stop these people from destroying homes. we are contacting the Attorney General in Utah to try and stop this company from deceiving others by their smooth words. Please help stop this scam





I have been thru 2 different programs w prosper. We now have a small on line business and it is making about 550.00 monthly, and I am doing FOREX trading and my acct has gone from 3800.00 initial to 13,017.00 in a year and a half.

I have met other students and they are all having results that are positive, some a lot and some a little. My experience was 180 degrees from the "claims" above.

I was scammed also by this horrible company who acted like they were going to be my saviour and get me out of debt and make thousands on the internet.Instead they were coaching me on how to buy and sell on e bay. What a scam, and my head was you know where.

:( I ended up paying them $3 k to get their collection company off my back, and then they sent me a 1099 on the forgiven amount! SCAM ARTISTS!

No prosper did not hold a gun to there head they held the gun behind there word. People scammed by prosper still believe in honest americans but prosper is proving that americans can destroy those of us that need some kind of honest help in there lives.

Unbelievable that people of prosper are using the word of the law to get away with robbing the poor.

Prosper, Inc. is a huge scam and has received almost 300 complaints with the Utah Better Business Bureau in the last 36 months.


They were said to of water- boarded an employee and then forced him to quit. The Attorney General’s office has not responded to a request for comment to all of the information about this company

I would contact a lawyer . FTC IS coming down hard on companies that use "high-pressure tactics" by claiming there are a limited number of plans "will only be available" and/or targeting older citizens.

Let your lawyer contact the FTC on "Prosper learning", also known by prosper inc. so they can dig into their "scam" or clear them of the dozens of angry costumers claims.FTC could seek fines, costs and an injunction.

In the near future the below will effect companies like Prosper.

Telemarketing sales: Final rule amendments, published Aug. 10, 2010, effective Sept. 27, 2010, Section 310.4(a)(5) effective Oct. 27, 2010


Your words: "we had no money and they still gave us a loan of 10 k."

I wouldn't think that you would have to repay it since they obviously HELD A GUN TO YOUR HEAD AND FORCED YOU TO TAKE THE MONEY.

Sorry - I can't feel sorry for ya.


Did you also go to the better business bureau? You can file a complaint with them also.

Did you know that Prosper has 8 DBA names?

Many people are being scammed by this company.

Consumers need to get united and file a lawsuit to stop them. They won't stop though, they will just change their name.

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Other Company in Carlisle, Pennsylvania - The most unprofessional,impersonal dental visit I have ever had

First of all,I waited 40 minuets to be seen. Then met yet another dentist, It seems every time you go there you get a different dentist.

I was there for impressions for my permanent partial. The dentist took the impressions while my temporary dentures were still in my mouth. obviously I thought this was strange but did'nt say anything, after realizing the mistake she said we'll have to take two more impressions.

when she was done my face was covered with white rubber, and my shirt was wet with saliva from the fact that I was never provided with any protection. the whole experience was very unprofessional and very impersonal.Its funny that something as simple as getting impressions would lead me here writing this complaint, but the experience was very unpleasant, but nothing a competent dentist couldn't handle.

Tom Pfahler
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Other Company in Lincoln, Nebraska - Letter of account

I received in the mail today saying that I was receiving a copy of my new customer agreement. Re: Account ending 320283

I have not recived a card from you and as far as I know if I had an account with you I need to have it cancelled.

If you have record of an account please remove. If someone has opened account with my name please let me know so I can get this off of record as I don't charge except through two cards.

Thank you very much.

Richard Gibson

1401 N. Cedar Ave.

Hastings, NE 68901

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Other Company in Peterborough, Ontario - Bingo balls that are shown do not have 0,s on them

the bingo balls that are shown 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 are not showing the os could you please fix it .this has been going on for nearly a week thankyou.yours truly surprised that nobody has complain before.all the bingo games that are called have the same problem.could you please fix this as soon as you can thankyou very much.i was a pogo member for a week and couldnt enjoy it because of the numbers on the balls.nobody knew how to let you know about the problem so i just found this sight thought id give it a try.hope you can fix asap

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Other Company in Florence, South Carolina - Bad Communication

When I first purchased my sofa and love seat I put down $300 and I told my account manager to set my biweekly payments up on the day that my payday would fall on. I thought he had done that.

I come to find out 10 payments later that he didn't. Now my account is all screwed up. So now when I need to make a late payment they tell me they can't except my payment. All because of the so called account manager.

On top of all that everytime I call to tell them I'll be in, they tell me that don't see in the system where I've spoken to someone, which makes me look like I'm lying or just don't want to pay. They are so unorganized and unprofessional.

I like the chairs but now I wish I had never walked into that store. I tell you what I won't buy anything else from them and I won't recommend them to anybody.

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Expect to wait all day for installation

They will give you a time for a sales person to come by and take your deposit but when you want an installation they can only give you an appointment from 8am to 6pm. They don't say morning or afternoon.

It's actually worse than the cable company. Of course they already have a couple of hundred dollars of yours for the deposit so what do they care.

The costumer service is less than understanding and I will be sure to never, ever, ever, order anything from them again. I will in fact tell everyone I know not to order from them.


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What is the name of the company?

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Absolutely substandard service

My car was dropped off for service. I left the car all day and walked to and from work.

Upon arrival at the service desk, I felt lucky because there was nobody in line. The service advisor told me to go to the cashier to pay the bill and come back. Now I was fourth in line at the other counter. After paying the bill I returned to the service counter, third in line.

To make things more aggravating, the service advisor kept answering the phone and giving the person the the phone priority attention.

Why can't the service advisor settle the account? I wasted a good half hour waitng in line.


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What is the name of this establishment?

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