Individual was very rude that answered the phone

I ordered a watch on April 2010 and paid in full have not received it.Also a lap top computer paid in full was mailed July 28, 2010 and has not arrived either.You call them and they say to look and track it in the website .There is no website for that just to sell you something else.

The people are rude when you tell them you are tired of waiting. They say it will be shipped promptly what does that mean in a year?

They try to blame it on the UPS You should be responsible for this item until the customer receives it.

They tell you if you are not satisfied they will reimverse the money. I have read so many complainnts I am sick of it, I may turn it to BBB and the attorney General.


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What is the name of this company? We won't order either!

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Horrible Dishonest Company


I bought a queen size bed here, made an agreement to pay for it in four month installments, all was well and good until the last installment, when they tried to say I owed 2 times more than the balance because I was paying my bill in full. Thank goodness I had all my paperwork with me at the time of payoff or I would have owed $600.00 more than my original price.

They are sneaky and prey on people who have no credit or don't read the fine print. Be careful here they are CROOKS..........


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What is the name of this store? You might save us from the same stress if you will give us the info.

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The most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with!

This company calls my home and cell phone numbers numerous times a day. Giving NO regard to time, day, or anything else!

I have tried speaking with them, and all that does is successfully raise my blood pressure, since the "reps" this company hires feels it is perfectly acceptable to yell and scream at the person on the other end of the line!

Today is the day that I have had my fill of their unprofessionalism! My 9 year old daughter answred the phone, and the man asked for me. She informed him that I was not availble. He started screaming at her!

Any company that conducts their business in this manner, to try to intimidate a 9 year old girl, needs to be turned into the BBB. Which is exactly what I intend to do!

Big man must feel really good about himself to make a 9 year old cry!




Tell us who keeps calling? Can't you call and tell them to stop?


Its obvious you arent paying your bills.

There are ways to stop the calls, but since you are playing the sympathy card I wont help you!

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Overdrafted times four

Pure usury! Don't give me $.07 of your money on overdraft charges and charge me $36.00 for the privilege.

The Mob ain't got nothing on banks or do they? It's time for banks and creditors to be reformed from robbery by proxy. If you loan someone money,and they don't pay you in a timely manner, you can not attached excessive interest legally. Question, why are the banks allowed to financially raped their customers and get away with it?

If I had the money, than by all means I wouldn't have an overdraft.

We aren't all well off, some like me are the working poor and we do bank, it's just hard thinking that the prominent folks like bankers and those they employ are the real crooks, that don't do time.

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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - What really works????

heather hd me a believer until my eye saw warning of scam.what does work out there>Cuz jus like alot of you i am desparate and in need of some face management if you know what i So please if someone has the time could you give me some info?

Now i am a faithful user of SUDDEN CHANGE for puffuy eyes and it does work walgreen sells it and of course its temporary.but i need other things.

So good luck to everyone an awaiting on someone to let me know of other products. my email is jonesgiftsj@yahoo'com'

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A Total rip-off!! Be Warned.

you may think it is a deal, Free.. Just wait until you find months of fees, after you cancel.

These guys are pros. The customer service rep had an attitude from the moment he picked up the phone. I would imagine this is because, so many people call pissed off about the charges. I truly wonder how many people do Not look at their credit card statements, and these fees just slip thru.

Charged me 4 months of Fees, after I canceled. I called, and had them review my charges. After 6 weeks they Refused to refund my fees. They do Not cooperate with the consumers who use this service.

They know exactly what they are doing. It is a bait & Switch.

This is a Total Scam. Do NOT use!


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THANK-YOU ever so much for the warning, there seems to be so many people & companies around that are willing to do just what you described to anyone whom they can. This attitude only further amplifies that you cannot trust anyone & that even more so now you have to watch everything you do to try to get something for nothing!

By the way, just who, or what the *** are you talking about ???? ( Only a question )

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Improper installation of cable. you refuse to fix it

I had your company come out to install your satelite on my home in 2008. The service tech who came out did a alright job, he did not clean up after himself, but it wasnt that big of a deal.

Now in 2010 I have noticed that the cable is hanging off the roff and below my gutter. I have called and talked to several people about this matter, and no one seems to care to fix it unless I pay a service fee.The install of the cable was not done properly, and all I would like is for someone to come and fix it free of charge. My contract is almost up with your company, and the way I have been treated there is no way that I would re-new it with you.

If your company is alright with do doing shabby work and not standing behind it, it makes my decision all that more easier. This is a lose-lose situation for you.


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Allenton, Michigan, United States #175798
You must not be very bright if it took you 2 years to decide it was a bad job!!!!!Why do you say it was an alright job in the beginning??? Rearrange the rocks in your head and make up your mind!!!!! :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek :zzz :zzz :zzz :upset :upset :upset
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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Almost Got Taken...Not

I was in the grocery store 5 mins from my house when I received the call. At first it sounded good, however I am always suspicious of scams.

I apparently had a credit from a previous vacation package of 2 or 3 trips that I only took 1 of the 3 abouy 4 years ago. The accomondations of the 2nd place was my worst experience. It was Seaside (something or other) in Ormand beach. I came home with a case of bed bugs (GROSS ME OUT) Since then I never book anywhere less than 4 (true star) accomondations.

Okay fastforward, the sales rep was trying to convince me of how wonderful it was, I mentioned a friend getting married & I might consider purchasing a package for her as well. I was stalling until I could get home and check the accomondatins on the internet. I could not locate the 1st place,I asked for the company website checked it (it did not look legite) & checked the reviews and BINGO, YES it was all there the BAD Reviews I told him I was not comfortable without my husbands consent, then line suddenly and conviently went DEAD!

If it sounds too good it probably is. If you have a timeshare and the deal is not with your timeshare, it is mostly likely a SCAM, Thank you Lord for the internet and wisdom.

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - Beware, recurring nightmare

Watch these guys I have canceled 2 times this year and after about 60 days they will more than likely show up on my credit card again along with a sister company at $16.95 each. To call customer service you need to speak the native tongue of Sri Lanka.

Still not sure exactly what the "membership" is all about.

They try to offer "deals" instead of cancel service like I ask repeatedly to do. Never used it never will.

What makes things worse still is have no record of having ordered any services from either company.

I plan to take this to the next level if refunds are not made.

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This is a fraudulent dating site that I have been monitoring for many months. When you sign up for the free trial service you get winks and e-mails right away.

I let this go on for a couple of weeks and received about a dozen or so e-mails from women "highly interested" in me. In order to respond to these women you have to become a paying member.

Once you become a paying member these women suddenly disappear. The profiles on this site are obviously fraudulent and are used simply to "sucker in" paying members.

I have submitted complaints to the Arizona Attorney General and the US Attorney General.




I was skeptacle at first but, it's been about 10 days and I have received over 100 winks and 75 messages.

maybe they changed things around after you guys complained...Im talking to four great guys that have caught my attention so far. Maybe yall should give it another try???

I tried free standard and I'm assuming because of my reponses, they upgraded me for FREE.


Let me know when u get a class action suit moving

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #184657

I joined this site,, and yes.. i was taken in with the winks and etc. after paying to join I got nothing from the ladies,,,


Totally agree, as with most paying sites it's complete ***, cougarlife is the same. The only site worth paying for is ashley maddison


I agree, have test this site with different profiles. The site is a SCAM from the getgo.

People are baited with winks and fake emails to get them to pay up. Then nothing.

The profiles on the site are not the same either. Thie site is a scam and law enforcement needs to be involved.

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