Other Company in Wichita, Kansas - Kept charging debit card without authorization and no money on card

I have never seen a bank where they will attempt to process charges on a debit card when there are no funds on the card to cover the charge, which were never placed by the card carrier.

I have since allowed the account and card close due to the fact the bank cleared a previous amount, but then turned around and did the same thing saying that I owe $166.00.

I called customer service needing a letter stating the date the account and card was closed, and was told it closed 02/05/2010, but needed to call recovery and they will help with a letter.

I called recovery and updated my information and then was told by Nicole who was very rude that they would not send a letter, but the account was closed in 01/2010. When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me there was no one else there and no one else for me to contact. I told her that I was unemployed and receiving state assistance and thats why I needed the letter and she told me that I needed to pay in full or set up a monthly payment plan.

I decide to go online and see if there was a catergory such as this where I can voice my concerns, and I need the letter before 08/27/2010 or SRS is threatening to cut off my benefits

Leonard P. Watson Wichita,Ks

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Other Company in Park Rapids, Minnesota - Update a better choice plan

I would just like to say that I get the choice xtra for $63.99 its not worth it it is mostly commercial programs but it has channels on it that I cannot get and a cheaper plan.You need to set up a plan where you get the sports,country western,set-coms,tru,dis,hist,local,movies [not you're ppv]minus the paid commercial programs I do not need any of that stuff on all those channels it is a waste of air time and my money.maybe you could come up with a customized plan you may sell alot of them then the customer can't complain because he is getting what he ordered


Park Rapids, Minnesota
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - They conned me into a $10,000 loan.

I received a $10,000 loan for badly needed dental work. The payments were suppose to be direct debit at $240/mo. with no interest. Well, the debit was never taken and by the time I noticed, I was a month behind. I tried to work it out with them but they started charging interest and every payment was considered late thereafter. I get paid 1 time/mo. on the 20th and my payments were due the 17th. They would not budge to change my due date even by 3 days. Never use this company!!! It's a nightmare!! I have paid more in interest than for the original loan.

Before you borrow, they make it sound like it's the answer to all your problems. All they really do is take hold of your life and squeeze everything out of you that they can. They don't care anything about you as a human being as long as they can make as much money from you as possible.

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Twelve percent?

About five years ago I was offered a loan to help out. After a few months inquired about the rates, no definitive answer.

Then when bailouts came around, I asked for refinance/review, no definitive answer.

Now as in TODAY I asked how much I owe IF I were to pay out this loan? Surprised!frustrated!shocked! only about $50.00 thats right fifty dollars went towards the principal...after six years? at twelve percent? of course?

Will they fix this, NOT, Have not heard from them, they have not assisted in the past why NOW? Who runs this company?


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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #178301
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Other Company in Mexico, Capital District - I know how to help with complaints

correctional billing services has many optiopns for helping out. these people can give you credits for all the calls you want.

agents can place you on hold and talk smack on your back. you will need to reach a carlos silva for further info he´s the main manager at the mexico center.

ask for a julio peralta and also for a gustavo hernandez these are real names they use fake names to identify thereselves, these agents have no supervisors they just work as all employes they fake you out. what the community needs is to *** off agents in mexico so that cbs in mexico does not function no longer and you can speak to real americans.

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Other Company in Greenville, South Carolina - Customer service

I just finished an addition to my home over a month ago, and called the same company that installed the initial job to put back my new section. I have called several times, but still no results.

I have asked them to speak to the owner and they always say he is out. I have asked them to please have him call me back, and still no results. My patients are running thin.

I know the style has changed since the original.

Is it possible to purchase the new type inside corner that will match the old type Gutter.

I can install it myself.

Thanks for your consideration, --Mac McCall--

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Other Company in San Jose, San Jose - Very late delivery of an order

I am angry becaue I order some meal express and it arrive not only cold but one hour and 10 minutes late and this is the second time that has happened. Each time I called to ask if the order was on its way, they all tell me they are sorry and tehy will see what they can do and call me, but since they nevr call back I again call them and ask again what is happening with the order why it has not arrived, Thtey gave me excuses as to why the order did not arrived on time.

It happened the same with another order I made in the past. again it arrived very late

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Charging $99.95 for "free" trial offer!

Fraud!! After ordering a "free" trial size and paying $5.95, I received an email saying that my order would be mailed out in 1 to 2 days and I would be charged $99.95.

I immediately called the 800 number and talked to "Adrian" to cancel this order. He said he was sorry but it had already been shipped. I told him that he was mistaken because I just received an email stating it would be shipped in 1 to 2 days. Now I am out $5.95 and have no product!

Run from this company! Call your attorney general!

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Beware of ads in the news paper

In Alabama I was reading ads for dogs when I spotted free Yorkie AKC registered puppies ,unable to keep due to moving ,etc, with an email address.I responded to the email & the man emailed me back ,claming to be a preacher named Mr White & included his yorkie puppies pictures named Adam & Eve .(that seemed to be a dead giveaway) But told me unforunately I had responded to late that he & his wife had already left for Africa & the weather there was so bad he was afraid the puppies would die & he sent me a letter,asking me my addr4ss & phone number & nearest airport , saying I could pay half the fee (of 800.00 )to have them shipped here which would of been 400.00 on my end & same for him & he would pay the other half .So beware ,he now has my name ,email address & home address & I expect him to rob me probably now so just be careful .That was a good *** though ,The way it was worded & all ,he got me .But Im aware so he best not come to my house ......


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I bought a yorkie from Amanda Harrington in Savannah Georgia. I paid her $300 and we agreed on date.

I was driving down and booked hotel. She even had me name the puppy.

Next day returned nonrefundable deposit with no explanation. What do you think happened.

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Crude, rude and possibly threats

Young guy from "VISION" in grey and black uniform with matching ballcap came to the front door. I asked him what he wanted twice. He said "I'm tired of talking to you already. You know the door of your toyota is open. I hope it gets stolen."

Now I am concerned that he will come back and do something to my car. I tried filing a complaint on line with Better Business Bureau but you need too much detail like the Company address.

So I am posting here so others can be aware of the rude door-to-door people. They are not salespeople. They are rude people.

Remember the Company VISION.


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #178225

Somehow I don't think we are getting the whole story here. No one is rude for no reason.

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