Other Company in San Diego, California - Why am i being charged $18.95 for a service that i already unscribed from the same day i tried?

why am i being charged $18.95 for something that i already unsubscribed from a long time ago???,this is daylight theft!!!,am really really mad especially with this hard economic times you people have no right in taking someones money whenever you feel like it,i tried doing a background check and i got a list of more than 200 people with the same undetailed information,please take me off your system.Need no more bills from anyone already i have enough to worry about,i am already saving all this written notice for my records,please take me off

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Other Company in Deer Park, Texas - Turbo Snake

First off, the Turbo Snake for the bathtub worked pretty well, but I had a hard time pulling it out of the drain. When it finally got it out, there was a *** load of hair.

The shower doesn't turn into a bath anymore. The Turbo Snake for the sink, THAT STINKS!!!! I inserted as directed and twisted it around as directed. The *** thing got stuck.

When I tried to pull it out, it broke in two. Now, I still have hair in my sink along with half of a piece of wire with Velcro attached to it.

I get the *** scared out of me every time I watch the Exorcist, but I keep watching it, just like I keep forgetting that As Seen on TV stuff is just ***. Maybe, one day I will learn??

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Other Company in Nashville, Tennessee - Excessive time to get a call back

My washer overflowed and I had several inches of water on my hard new hard wood floors. It took over

four hours to get anyone to call me and when they did call they wanted to set up a service call for two days

later. Basically I have been paying for a service that is not provided. Posting this is as much trouble as getting

American Home Shield to service my needs. You want more words than I need to give to say that I did not receive what I have been paying for. Now is that enough words to get this posted?

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Other Company in Topeka, Kansas - Non-existent cruise certificate promised/not delivered.

After numerous calls to customer care (now based in Florida,)after we were promised a cruise (last year)to pay 3 years membership "up-front," we keep getting the same run around. From what I can tell, there was/is no such thing.

They just wanted as much money in advance as possible. PLEASE think many times before buying into a club such as this. We now have to make it worth-while (take advantage of anything we can)- but they are not honest. They won't even give owner(s) information when asked directly.

We joined the club in Branson and have used it. Not too bad, but again dishonest at the top.

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Other Company in Austin, Texas - 2005 f250, blown head gasket NOT COVERED!! took 8 days to decide they would not cover and denide my

ive had my truck for 3months and not been able to drive it for over a month!! the people at this warranty company try everything possible to deny the claim.

my truck sat in the ford yard for 8days waiting for an approval code from this warranty company and then denied the rental cost for 7 days because the repair only took 1 day.. completely negating all responsibility..

furthermore the fine print in their contracts are worded so that they dont have to cover a blown head gasket because it is a gasket material.. I am attempting to cancel this contract and get my money back from this huge scam!!!!

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Does anyone at customer service speak English??

Why doesnt anyone speak english that works there? The first person who answered the phone was clearly not speaking english, the second represtntative i spoke with was very accented i guess you could say, and i kept saying " im sorry, but i cant understand you" finally, he just hung up in me.

Did i get my question answered? NOPE!! I just think this is so crazy! How are you suppose to get anywhere when you can't understand what they are saying, and then for him to just hang up on me.

Very NOT cool, or professional, but it is starting to appear that this company is not professional at all and dont seem to care about the people who send them money every week. Maybe they should have a press 1 for english option and i dont mean non clearly english speaking people.

i need to talk to someone who clearly speaks english. Thanks




No, people are not born with accents. They acquire them during their first few years, and many people change accents throughout their lives.

You'll seldom find people learning French who aren't drilled on good pronunciation. English teaching standards are just sloppy by comparison.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #184285

Sounds like you are the one having trouble understanding English. The second person was speaking English but had an accent which you cold not understand.

They were born with that accent. Also for someone who is supposed to be fluent in English you sure made many sentence structure mistakes.

Not using capitals when you need them. Spelling don't "dont" rather than don't" ect.


www.paladinpi.com/ This Paladin Investigations, John Brewington sounds like a scam business to me for sure. Paladin Investigations doesnt operate with any integrity and Paladin Investigations sounds bad for sure

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Above and beyond

i would like to make a comment on Berry McDonald at you Amarillo Texas store. I purchased a michrowave from the store and live 60 miles away the michrowave did not work i called the store and spoke with Mr McDonal about the situation that i work 7 days aweek and it would be awhile before i could bring it out.

He said let me call you back with a way i can fix it. he did he hand delivered one that did work and had the situation taken care of with 1 call.

That customer service the way it should be in our country. Please commend your manager and tell other manegment this should be a lesson for all.

Thank you monty danner/tmbdanner@att.net


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This site is for PISSED consumers, dipsh!t.

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Luxury watches

I received a high end watch supposed 2 b worth a couple of thousand dollars and when I received it it was made in China and I was told it was a cheap watch. I thought that when I purchased from the exchange that I would get what was listed not some piece of cheap China junk.

There should be some recourse to fix these scam auctions such as a refund for miss stated worth of product. I am loosing faith in the affes system for doing some thing this shady and think that if they need money so bad as to cheat their costumers,namely the US Service Man maybe we should look into having Sams Club run it.


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Accommodations @Tunica MS were atrocious!

Spent one night Tunica MS on 08/20/2010. First the reservations were to have a hot tub which did not happen because "we are currently booked up" even though there was no more than twenty vehicles at the resort at any time.

Next there was at least a two inch gap under the door which allowed a number of big bugs to congregate in the living room and elsewhere which was unsettling to say the least.

The televisions receptions was horrible and the hot water in the shower was tepid at best. For whatever reason the water had a terrible taste


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It would help if you noted what hotel you stayed at in Tunica?

Old Hickory, Tennessee
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Hornymatches: don't trust them, look for better alternatives.

There is even a site that makes a really witty fun of them:

http://realhornymatches.com/ ,

And if you vote "No" in response to their single question at the bottom of the page, you will find much better alternatives, which do help you find a good match in your neighborhood.

If you are not yet convinced that hornymatches.com is a rip-off, note that they advertise fake profiles and send you fake e-mails (to get you believe that they have women that want you), and once you pay hoping to get in touch with those who send you e-mails, all those women that were looking for you just disappear.



Iam soo glad i read this,i had just typed in google is it a scam and boom....here it is,you guys/gals thanks for the heads up because i had a funny feelig about this site,samething happened,but i didnt spend the money,but was a click away from doing soo...now i will go back to facebook and let everybody know because thats how sneakythey are,posting on facebook saying"did you see my naughty pics here,and it disguizes the original link to there link to the scam site,iam going to blackball this site to everyone and hope that everyone else does the same,word of mouth on facebook will deffinately put a big dent in there wallet and save innocent victoms from sending there hard earned money to a site that takes advantage of people that are lonely and want to meet others,wish i would run into them in a dark alley,they wouldnt do it again...pass the word along on facebook people,we need to put a stop to this,,,thanks everyone... 8)

this is my 1st site like this..no pic but still getting emails and winks. Didn't believe at first but now talking to 4 great guys, out of the 80 with responded. Don't give up but you must be patient and persistent.


Hornymatches is a fraud. I've tested the site.

It may also be downloading Trojans to your PC, I'm not talking about the rubbers either. These are hijack trojans, that take control of your PC.

Anyone notice your PC taking longer to boot up, windows errors. Run Windows Defender, you might just find something.


Actually, realhornymatches.com now has two questions. If you are looking for girls, answer "No" to the first question.

Then you'll see a blond and a brunett side by side.

Either one will lead you to a great dating site. I liked the blond one better, BTW.

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