Other Company in Fayetteville, Arkansas - U put in an order for more than i ordered

i checked into this on tv. But u sid no debit cards right now, i canceled but today i see u deducted the money from my account and for 2 of these *** things.

now i cant pay my rent. I cant wait for 30 days and then u take 6-8 weeks to credit me back.

I need it all stopped now,.I want my money credited back to my account .i herard that u werer a good thing to have but now i see it is a joke and a rip-off. money due asap .rush cant wait.....

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Other Company in La Porte, Indiana - New holland Rochester In.

I would not recomend this dealer for a mower purchase because of their sales staff. The salesman we were dealing with had the attitude that he could care less if we purchased a mower from them.

Everytime we called to find out what was going on with the purchase the salesman wasn't there. He took four days off from work in the middle of our sale and didn't even bother to tell us, since we found out from the dealer he was gone and wouldn't be back for four days.

I just think that is very unprofessional of a salesman to act in this manner. In this economy i would think they would bend over backward to do everything they can to sell you a mower.

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I do not like the plastic pads which soak up blood juice from meat

I do not like the plastic pads which are used to soak up the blood juices from meat! I cannot squeeze the juices to make gravy!

It wastes nutrition. If people do not like blood they should not eat meat! These plastic pads are something new that the store began to put in the bottom of the meat packages. In the past they always just put paper in the bottoms which I could squeeze the drippings out of.

Why was the padding changed? Why does this have to be 100 words? Why, why,why, Why?

Is this enough? Joanne MacLeod 792-2297




i do not green eggs and ham


the meat you purchase is on a longer jorney to the store.so it needs the pad or it will arrive a bloody mess, by from a butcher.


I agree with mulch! Don't buy the dang meat if you don't like the pad. Buy it from the butcher and he/she will wrap it in paper (if you ask).



Good lord people! Walmart is not the only place on this planet! I only buy from local farmers and butchers. The meat is better and better for you.

Please grow up!

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Joanne MacLeod
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Other Company in Eureka, Missouri - Supplier bidding.

Why does your company use the suppliers that offer exotic trips

instead of the lowest bid? It does seem unfair although I now

it is done all of the time. If I was in business and I found out

this was happening, I would put a stop to it. I know that you have

a wonderful company and I have followed it for years. From what I have

heard, you have very good people working for you. Keep up the good work.

This is the worst economy I have ever experienced.

I have always liked your company and am minority stock holder.


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Other Company in Columbus, Ohio - Someones working under my name

i recieved a phone call from the social security office in columbus ohio cuz me n my grandsons on ssi disability the caseworker ask me what my wages were i was baffled i said i dont work he said yes u do im looking at my computer right now n it says u work at family dollar i have never worked at family dollar so can u pls tell me whats going on i believe i have been identity thefted my names anntoinette forbes n i dont understand whats going on pls reply as soon as possible so i can have some kind of understanding thank you

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I'm tired of being screwed

oh yes these people are the worst communist and terrorist company they have lied and made the financial morgage company that was originally first and now they want to sell our house . its time to take our country back,i would like our goverment to do what they say there going to do and quit lieing to us.why can't companies do the right thing like it was when i was a kid. i think we need to show our goverment that does like to get in to everthing when we are suppose to a free country and now i feel we are in a social and communist goverment.




Banks borrow money at 0% and then give you .001% interest. Write congress and force them to inact laws that require banks to pay customers at least 3% interest above the rate they borrow money at. We used to get 6% in the 80's, but now the banks controll everything.


The banks got their big bailout and paid millions in bonuses to their top people. We are the ones paying for it, so where is our bailout?

Gridley, California
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Other Company in San Francisco, California - 3 weeks and waiting...: cancel the 2nd phone line, leave the primary number intact.

Request: cancel the 2nd phone line, leave the primary number intact.

I have made 5 phone calls on the same account maintenance issue, since Aug 7th. One about every 3-4 days. Each time my agent was courteous, and gave assuring information, but each time they were simply not effective.

Result: 8/7 - request taken, but no action

2nd request - wrong line terminated

3rd request - "Eric" said he would fix in 4 hours

4th request - "Raul" said he found the correct form

5th request (8/20) - "Tanya" said it was half-done, and she requested the second part.

Both Raul and Tanya were not convinced wrong number was terminated, and nearly (politely) argued everything was fine....until I asked them to test-dial. They both were suprised, saying "uh...we have a problem"

At the conclusion of each call, the agent said it would take 24-72 hours to fix. Given how this has gone, I don't understand why they can't escalate.

I will monitor for any helpful response.

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Other Company in Hickory, North Carolina - Crappy internet

my internet cuts off in the middle of what i"m doing.this has been a problem for months,and months.i"ve called about this problem.they say its fixed and then it starts again.yes i"m pissed cause this *** should not happen.i need something done before i decide to just cancel everything.waiting for answers.this is very irretating and sitting here hour after hour trying to get back on line is not what i got the internet service for.i had dial up for awhile and never had the trouble i"m having with this internet.

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Other Company in Simpsonville, South Carolina - Internet speed rip off

My tv downloads pictures and sound just like a computer. By not switching to a tv frequency they have slowed the internet down and are slowly milking us for slower speeds.There are say 3megabytes per picture and my tv downloads so many of those per second where as a computer on the internet can hardly do one.

By switching to a tv frequency they can speed the internet up so fast that the only thing slow about it would be clicking on your choices.

And a signal travels at the speed of light. So I don't understand why the internet is slow any at all.

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Prescriptions not ready=

On 8/18/10 i called in 5 prescriptions and asked for them to be ready on the 19th. On Saturday 8/21/10 I went to pick them up.

Mind you I have to stand in a long line which is a regular for this store. Surprise when its my time they claim it was'nt filled, no reason just that it was'nt filled. Naturally I complained which didnt help. I called Monday 8/23/10 and they said it was ready.

When do you check out your stores to see if they are complying with customer first rules?

This situation lets me know you dont visit or you visit before the store opens. This cvs store is at Naylor Rd and Good hope RD SE now you know why this is the worst store going.




I agree with the poster. CVS is horrible.

I now use a local grocery store's pharmacy and I can call in a refill in the morning and pick it up by lunchtime.

I know you were livid!

To Whiny: You are right, this is a pharmacy, not Burger King but this person probably needed his/her meds and if they are on file and available, they should have been filled. Sheesh!


Quit being a ***-this is RX not Burger King.

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