Other Company in Thomasville, North Carolina - Scammed, No Records!!!

The site said there were 6 records for the person I was researching and when I joined and paid my money there turned out to be NO records. Stay away!!!It is a bait and switch kind of web site, even though when I went online it stated this was the best site to use..WRONG..

They most likley posted that *** themselves, it was defintely not my experience with them.

at ten bucks a pop nonrefundable they make some serious money by Not providing records...

The company will not refund my money said the trial period cost 10.00 and tough! Dont waste your time you can find more info by looking at local records and through white pages

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*** Matches - is it for real?

I am upset. I'm going to report those mutherfuckers to the BBB. Maybe then I can get my $ 35.00 back.

Yes, I, too, had received several winks from 'great' local girls in the month of August 2010. Then after I signed up and messaged them back, 1 week later, -no reply!! I actually then proceeded to send out about 40 'winks' to other women. I only received one reply wink back. Nothing came of my message to that one reply.

I even read reviews about '*** matches' being good - a "6 out of 10". I guess I got conned.

Tell everyone:

Be cautious about

'*** Matches' !!



al pricipio recivia muchos winks de chicas y me intereso mucho, entonces decidy rejistrarme y empese a mandar mensajes y jamas e recivido ninguna respuesta. esto es una *** de wed y esto no es real solo quieren tu dinero they got me $60 :cry no seas uno de esos

same here. when I complained to customer service, all three times, I got exactly the same response it's as though they have a pre-written response already prepared.

they did say that they would refund my 29.95, so we'll see where that goes.



The site is a REAL FAKE AND FRAUD !!!! I've justed complete a three month test using different profiles.

The same emails are recieved and winks as well.

Cost me $59 to find out just what a fraud it was but it was worth it. Pass the info on so others won't have to find out the hard way.

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Other Company in Albany, New York - Advertized,but not stocked

A mirrored wall cabinet was advertized in an August circular. When I went to the store to maybe purchase it, it wasn't on the floor.

Asked Customer Service and they sent someone to check on it. Became obvious that he didn't know, didn't care and just wanted to get rid of me asap.No attempt at trying to explain to me why a product would be advertized on sale, but the store did not have it.

No offer of a rain check, which in the past I've realised they completely ignore and you never hear from them again. Have had rain checks and gotten no notification, then gone to the store to see that they had it.

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Other Company in Melbourne, Victoria - Pay for a watch and get ripped off

I ordered a watch...rrecieved it..watch band fell off..took a picture of it and sent it to 'Alicia' and low and behold I haven't heard hide nor hair of her since..."she got my cash and obviously that is all she they care about...I can't even get the watch repaired the watch band is very specific t the watch ..so basically I believe I have been ripped off ...If you order a watch you will too don't say that you weren't warned. signed poorer yet more aware watch wearer p.s. don't go there or you will get ripped off

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Deliberate rudeness to the employed public

I watched you people with a sick lack of self esteem yelling and cursing at servers, throwing clothes at store clerks, picking up steaks and leaving them on the counters in the toy department at the same time when your little brat opens the packages and plays with them because you sick a *** tell them to go and play while mommy shops. I am retired now and we could never say anything or risk our jobs, so we I see YOU eating the grapes or rude to an employee I am going to tell you to stop or I am going to kick the snot out of you. Our people do not need to listen to your childish *** and now I get to yell back-just wait...




woooo i hate customers who think they deserve the best treatment because they think they are better then us. sorry but i leave in the real world and just because we work in retail doesnt mean we are idiots just that we want to earn money to get nice stuff


You "rose" through the ranks uh?

You said, "I am retired now" but now you work? oh by retired did you mean collecting unemployment? LOL

Your sad, thanks for making me feel better about my life. Get an education, and rise above dealing with pissed off customers.. Your nothing but a corporate *** and deserve to be treated bad by your company and the customers.


Look you lazy left wing nut liberal that cannot read into a statement correctly. I am a middle manager for a drug store chain and I rose through the ranks to where I am today putting up with *** like you.

This comment is for the staff that has to put up with corn holes like you that think they own the place since they spend a few bucks on generic aspirin and cut a few coupons for a dollar off. An entire department is in place because of false lawsuits and fake unemployment claims due to ignorant slobs like you. How many lawsuits have you been involved in? I can tell you, many.

Cracked the chair at Kentucky Fried Chicken after devouring a bucket slim guy? Then you sue the franchise cause your fat *** breaks the chair and rolls over on your gravy eating face.

Chairs are not made for fat wild beasts like you and the wife right? Try being nice when you leave the trailer in the morning on your way to the unemployment line.


Wow, is someone bitter they had to work low paying customer service jobs their whole life? Maybe you should have done more with your life?

Fact is that underpaid idiots like you are there for us the customer where our dollars give you a job. And you better do it with a freakin' smile on your face or i'll take my business to somone who isn't stuck in a dead end job and is going somewhere in life.


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Other Company in Springfield, Virginia - Contract piece of .....

my a /c compressor went on my car today so i took it to a mechanic. he called W / D which in turn made ME pay for a diagnostic charge and in turn declined the claim anyways because they have a fine print clause which i can't find anywhere that states if rust is involved the claim is declined ....

what car does not have rust!!!!!!!!!!!!! as my title states....a piece of .... company.... they are a good for nothing company.

read the fine print before even concidering to pay for this good for nothing insurance. they are out to steal your money.....!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Blatent scam

blatent scam all they do is transfer you back and forth between claims and tech support, and try to avoid your claims!!!!! I also suggest contacting the federal Trade Comission, this is a blatent scam!!!!!!spoke to several different reps, cheryll lynn was the only one willing to give me her last name, also spoke to Mary Id #48027, raina id # 514615, Frank 48114, belen 74166.Afer threatening to contact the ftc the reps decided to approve my claim.All of the reps were very nice, and are obviously being traind to avoid claims. I would never use this company again


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I would never have believed that someone who always made their mortgage payments on time would be facing foreclosure but I have just read so many stories that sound just like mine.

A year ago I applied for a loan mod w/ PHH mortgage and today I am faced with a foreclosure and Sherrif sale scheduled for Feb 1st. I still don't understand how this is happening when we have done EVERYTHING we were told by PHH mortgage. We have almost $12000 sitting in a suspense account which they did not report to the foreclosure attorney. I am contacting everyone I can think of for help as I have very little faith that this company will complete the loan mod even though I am in the middle of my trial period. All of the paperwork I have says the bank WILL NOT FORECLOSE WHILE WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF A LOAN MOD but they have figured out a way to get around this.

I have already written to my senator and congressman and will be contacting Fannie Mae and an attorney but things look grim for us.

how is this company allowed to do this to American families? The amount of stress this company has placed on my family is criminal and we are running out of time. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Other Company in Raleigh, North Carolina - Awful Scam!!!!!

I have never found employees with more attitude. This company unfairly charged me and we rude about it.

This company is awful. I cancelled within my 7 day trail period, but was still charged. They said I didn't cancel soon enough ... even though it was within my 7 days.

When I called the first lady said she could do nothing so after waiting for 25 minutes I talked to her manager -- who was rude to me and hung up. This was a supervisor who could do NOTHING and then HUNG up on a customer.

Not only did they charge me money I did not owe, I cannot find anyone who seems to care. I will continue to call until they help.

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Scam operation, got money for nothing, fraud

Hornymatches.com is a fraud site. Can the police do nothing about this.How much money are they making? How many people involved?

My experience is exactly like others. Once you pay up nothing happens.

I would guess that most of the women pictured don`t even know they are on this site.

The fact they don`t respond to these conplaints suggests it is fraud.

When you are standard member (which is free) you get some winks, these are always accompanied by attractive pictures of women.

You never get winked from a non pictured woman.

This is to get you to pay membership.




hornymatches is a scam-ripoff-buntch-of bs they should b stoped imiediatly before they rip anyone else off


Are that much of a retard that you would beileve this-you got a wink alright-from a 10 on a *** meter.

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Did not finish contracted job of paving driveway

Richard Joles said he'd have some asphalt left over after paving neighbor's driveway and offered to put in on some of our driveway, which needed it. He gave me a card and I checked him out on the Internet. It seemed OK, so I agreed and signed a contract.

After his workers dumped the asphalt, he had to tell them to spread it to the driveway edges; I believe he, as well as I, thought they wouldn't do this. He then had to leave. I told the assistant to be sure the roller guy smoothed out the edges, and he said something to him, then rushed me to the house to write a check.

When we got back, the roller had left without smoothing the edges. The assistant rushed off too, without giving me my receipt with the warranty.

I called the phone number on the business card and left messages. When I finally reached someone, he said they no longer used this number but called in sometimes, and he had passed on my messages. I finally found out that Richard Joles was doing business under the name Asphalt Services of Minnesota, and checked the BBB listing for that. The rating was C- and the phone number there did not work.

Not having smooth edges on the asphalt not only causes a bump when I drive over it; it will hang up the snowblower in the winter. I want this fixed.



Maplewood, Minnesota, United States #1194970

But pays good


Richard Joles did part of our driveway also and over charged us. We didn't let him do anymore and we made him leave.

The next day we found our four wheeler missing from our property. He is a scam and a thief do not deal with this guy!!!!!!!!


Richard joles does top notch quality work that willl last years ans years to come, very professional very friendly not only himself but the workers also. I don't quite understand the negativity because his prices are great compared to the other companies and their work is fast and they excellently skilled.

You people are all cheap *** who don't see the quality you can pay a couple hundred then have it fall apart after one year or pay a little extra for something thats gonna last 10 years. Great business I recommended him to all my friends and family and has never gotten negative feedback.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #717464

Umm no. He does not.


Richard Joles is a *** *** *** i will buy a woman vitoria secret to to sleep with them *** *** i *** her feeding her mcdonalds and u spent 300 and victoria secret u *** dummy when u get ur *** *** out of jail come over north mpls and watch ur *** *** get *** handed to u


Same here...allegedly finished neighbor's driveway and had just enough to do mine. Better at research than at paving: he apparently knew exactly how much was in my checking account. Lousy job, way overpriced, and I'm about as *** as the couple of his relatives on this board who defend him.


R joles os the best asphalt paver ther is he dos work 4 me all the time you people r crazy if u mas not so *** stuped u woudent get ***


James Joles directly contacted me (I think) to repair my driveway. The area that needed repair was about 35 sq ft.

His people spread asphalt over the whole driveway.

Upon completion he presented me with a bill 4x greater than the begining (unwritten) estimate. The Material used was a low grade subsurface asphalt.



I too delt with richard joles and joles construction.. He paved my driveway and he charged me a very competitive price..

I had more bids from local companies and he was the lowest.... I think that he is good at what he does and you guys are just mad because you dont understand bussiness


I just dealt with Richard Joles this morning. He also told us he has some left over asphalt from another job.

He quoted us $600 then after asphalting only 1/8 of the drive way said that they used more than they thought and it was $1700 for the small amount they did. Then said but I can do the rest for a entire total of $3000. We paid this guy $1500 and told him to leave our property.

I wish I would have reseached him before I let him begin work. BIG MISTAKE!!


Guy is a scammer. Very ambitious - looks like he keeps moving. How does a person like this sleep at night though; ducking angry telephone calls, subpoenas, legal demands, trying to remember what lie you told on Tuesday and what your business is called in Wisconsin Dells versus Mineapolis versus Alabama.


This guy is a scam artist, he just hit my neighbor with $2700.00, that she refused to pay cause he said he would dump extra from another job in her drive for free. This guy has to be stopped.

We are in Evansville Indiana he came a long way to mess with us! Will not get away with it!


Richard Joles was driving on the freeway today weaving in and out of traffic while people had to hit their brakes.. the guy is an *** just for that alone.

@*** Oleson

What kind of car does he drive and what color. He just scammed my sick grandfather out of $550.

Windsor, California, United States #1281576

You got nerve $550 really if he pissed on driveways he got what she paid for good work is not cheap and cheap is no good

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