Other Company in Lakeport, California - Furniture smells and is not comfortable as model in store

The couch smells and the bed is not comfortable to lay on. We have requested the unit be taken back and all of our money returned.

It has been inspected by their outside service and the smell and lack of comfort has been confirmed. They want me to pay for the delivery and 10% restocking fee. Why should I pay for something that is not what like the couch we chose in the store. There custome care phone system hangs up on you when you call for service.

Customer service is horrible. I beleive their corprate policy is to delay delay and delay.

Lakeport, California
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Other Company in Westerly, Rhode Island - Have aske you to send me the warranty and user information on how to use ths air cond. I registered.

I just filled out all the information on my product when I regestered it twice now and only asking for the warranty and the user information that did not come with my product. I contacted the store in waterfordCt where I purchased the air conditioner and they sent me the wrong inf. after I contacted the store in North Kingstown, R.I. and talked to 2 people there and they said it would be taken care of. How long does this take? Seems sGOimple to me. You are really *** me off asking for more words.PISSED

go to *** and back

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Other Company in San Diego, California - Charges customers for bogus leads; phishes info without authorization.

I went online to leave a review for my roofer. It asked me to log in, I put in my info, but stopped because I didn't know the company.

I *never hit submit.* Immediately following I became *inundated* with calls from roofers. Not until I picked one up did I find that these poor slobs are charged for every lead - me being one and I never even asked to find a roofer -- I had a brand new roof!

These people should be put out of business. Their ethics are unconscionable, they rip members off, invade people's privacy and harass them.

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Other Company in Edinburgh, Scotland - Did not fulfill agreement

pilates ring and dvds

the money has been taken from my account on 23rd august 2010 £36.75 for this product and i have never received it. i want to know when this will be delivered. i do not want any further dvd's sent to me and i do not authorize any more money to be taken from my account.

this is *** me off more than the original complaint i have stated the obvious and all i want is someone to sort this out for me. when i go to the tv there is nothing on about this product so i do not have a phone number to use.

my post code if fk12 5ed (scotland)

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Other Company in Camden, New Jersey - Thought you had a Fool

Stayyyyyyyy Away they are your advesary which is the Devil seeking to devour your innocents. Just remember there is aways someone else out there with sincerity and concern about your feelings.

That will accomodate your needs Not just there brownie points to keep a job. The owner is rich already why should he care about whats in your pocket as long as it keeps a dollar in his. Triplex is really a monopoly look at the names of the nearby streets.

You will never land on Boardwalk or Park Avenue. So continue to go pass and use your Not a Sucker pass

Trinot Plex
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Other Company in Richmond, Queensland - I also answered the internet ad in 73. can't take it up due to ill health,

I answered the internet ad & paid for in good faith that i would take the holiday for our golden wedding anniversary. however finances changed& i couldn't afford to get to USA. I explained this but they wouldn't listen . they passed it over to someone else who rang again offering a diff package. now after 2 yrs they ring me again ,they still have my A$1100! but now they offer me another package similar but i have to pay $689US but i can transfer it . I cant pay again until i know I can sell it or give it away . when i told them this they cut me off.

no way will i use them as they still have my money.

why should I pay for a holiday package I already paid for .all I want is my money back.

Richmond, Queensland
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Other Company in Fishers, Indiana - Hateful worker

I went to get a flatbread veggie in Hartford city, indiana. I don't like my bread warmed because it makes the edges too hard to ***.

When I told the girl she got hateful. She slapped my sandwich together and when she folded it over I didn"t watch. When I got it home it was totally ripped into and falling out on both sides. I guess I should have took it back.

I will never go to that subway again...even though I live here.

This happened on Sept.7th. She won't get hateful with me again because I will be ready for her.

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Other Company in San Francisco, California - Crappy work

I took my truck into have them paint it. I had to go back 4 times to pick it up and they still didn't get it right.The shop representative Eric tried unsuccessfully to have his people paint it.

I am not a professional but if you still have the original collor showing, due to their inability to tape off correctly. Then they should paint it, fix it right.

I paid the agreed upon price and they did a crappy job. I thionk that you as a corporation shoulkd monitor your franchises best business practices. As they represent you and your corporation. *** work is reflective of your corporation. I will never use this shop EVER again.


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Other Company - Hornymatches.com ripped me off

I strongly warn anyone considering joining Hornymatches.com not to waste your money as it is a total and complete FRAUD. Once you register and create a free profile you start to get mail/winks etc from women claiming to be in your area but you cant reply unless you upgrade to a silver or gold status member costing from €28 to €40 for a month.

I stupidly fell for it and I should have given this money to a charity or to some thing worthwhile. Once they have your cash the mail/winks etc suddenly Stop. Amazing eh? The reason its not amazing is that these ladies never existed in the first place and the pictures are of women from foreign countries who sell them to these unscrupulous lowlife mafia type pimps from eastern europe or some *** bucket ex communist animalistic Godless kiphole.

These sons of whores make there living out of preying on the decency and honesty of people and they laugh all the way to the bank. But a little word to these talentless degenerate deviants, WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and I am consoled knowing that when something bad happens you or you get screwed you will know that it is the natural justice of the cosmic forces that is settleng the score with you. So laugh while you can and enjoy your ill gotten gains my friends because the day of reckoning is a-coming. I hope people do not fall for this SCAM or the many other sites operated by these Mafia Gangs.

Had I read a warning such as this I would not have fallen for it. You have been Warned!

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Would not let me return items

the say that i cannot returne some items because i dont have a card...well i dont have a card that i know of...now i have to write more stuff because i have to write one hundres words to make this go through...i was born i limestone tennessee and went into the service right out of college then went on to work for the government for thirty years..so i know all about the run around ....let me see if i can get it to go now....no i need eleven more words...that sure should have it

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