Other Company in Nitro, West Virginia - They are rude and extremely unprofessioal

This outfit needs to educate themselves about the Federal an state laws governing these leeches which what they are. get a real job where you have to really work not run your mouth on the phone.

They ask for my last four numbers of my ss no.

no way no one except the irs ss or state tax have legal rights to anyones ss number use an alternative that is the law.

They probably do know the laws but ignore them as most questioable companies do. Most are rinky *** joints with a po address as they are afraid of real people.

Nitro, West Virginia
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Other Company in Beaumont, Texas - Harrassment calls

granted, our life sounds like a soap opera, two years ago Ike, took our house, eight months later, son lost job, in Feb, 2010, daughter in law diagnosed with cancer. still in fema trailer, no job,,still cancer, and chrysler not only is rude, threatening, but will not accept partial payment .

they are both on unemployment, and half of payment is what they can send, instead of accepting that, they would rather harrass people. cancer patients are supposed to avoid stress, have you ever heard this.your employees need medication Christine is and offender , Mr Miller .

Nails for breakfast? bs

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Other Company in New York, New York - Have not recived item

my name is marjorie kanedy and i have ordered a camera i have had it payed for over two weeks and i still haven't recived it i want my camera NOW you should of had it sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get it payed for and when it got payed in full you should of put it in the mail that day if you are to lazy to do that then find a nother job where you can be a lazy ***. if you don't want to lose a costumer then i suggest you get me my camera NOW

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Rudest employee ever encountered

Taking my 89 year old mother to board train in Kansas City arriving 20 minutes before departure. The person selling tickets was perhaps the most rude uncommodating person I have ever encountered in a service position.

I told her my mother needed a wheelchair to get down to the train to which she said we weren't early enough for that service. After waiting 10 minutes I said loudly that I needed a wheelchair, so she finally shoved one out the door.

I had to push my mother and drag her bag to the train running so she wouldn't miss it. When I came back up I expressed my anger at being treated so poorly to the same ticket agent and her response was "whatever!"

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Stay away from this place

If you do not want to have to get additional medicines from the stress this place causes GO SOMEWHERE ELSE AND DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR

If you want to hold on the phone for a minimum of 45 minutes at a time on death hold and finally get someone to assist you keep dreaming. This place is so out of touch with trying to help people it is amazing anyone still actually goes to cvs pharmacy no matter what the location.

When you go in to pick up medication after waiting on line at least 30 minutes they do not give you all of your medication and you find out that although you called before you made the trip to make sure all the medications were ready for pick up NONE of them are.

The customer service or shall I say the lack of any customer service at any of their locations is repelling. Take your perscriptions to a neighborhood pharmacy where they know how to treat their customers and appreciate that they shop there. If you really cherish your sanity and stress level stay completely away from this store.

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Other Company - Don't Rent at 1421 N Hunter Dr in Olathe!!

There's always an add on craig's list to come and live at a house at 1421 N Hunter Dr in Olathe, KS. DON'T DO IT!!! The "head landlord" fixes NOTHING!!

There's spiders and ants EVERYWHERE, but he will charge you 1 1/4 of your rent and call it "utilities" when there are multiple tenants in the house, but some how his "boy toys" multiply....

And if you're a female, he will constantly try to sleep with you. RUN!!! Don't waste your time even if it SOUNDS like a good deal, cause he's constantly changing the rent to meet his personal needs!!

grief stricken
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Other Company in Bay Shore, New York - The company sends books that were not requested and then bills you for them.

This company claims that they will send 100 dollars worth of grocery coupons. It does not.

It claims that it will send products for you to test and keep. Instead, it sends books that they will bill you for if they do not receive them back within 14 days! What a scam!!!

When I called to complain, a guy named Jason was extremely rude. When I told him that I was going to contact the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs, he arrogantly replied, "Go right ahead!" With all the complaints that I have since read about online, it is amazing that they have not been shut down by now!

not pleased
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Illegal aliens hired for cheap wages

My complaint is not about your store items, but about the illegal emigrants that you have hired at your store on Telephone Rd in Houston. I know this man has false papers that he bought them at the flea market and even has warrants out for his arrest. How do you expect us to feel comfortable in your store when you have these type of employees. In order for you to fill your positions with cheap labor you decide to hire the worst of the worst. Don't you realize that WE-the Americans are having to pay for their benefits? We need jobs too! You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to act like you are for the FAMILY but instead you hit us where it hurts the most, our pocketbooks. You evidently are not using the background check system(again to save money), nor are you following the law. The law states that if caught the company will be liable for a BIG FINE. We will never visit your store again - those criminals belong in jail or shipped back to their country.


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Do you have any hard evidence to back up your claims? How do YOU know that he has false papers and warrants?

Do you know what this mans compensation for employment is or if he is even on the payroll?

BTW, the term "emigrant" implies the process of travel.

You should have said, so-and-so "emigrated" to America, OR he is an illegal "immigrant". :x
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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Log in to paperless system is oneway - your way

I'm sick and tired of trying to provide written communication via email because you always hae blockers to prevent the transmission process. Why is this?

Most professional sites provides for customer service questions and complaints without having to login. I don't understand why this keep happening. Is it just a show or are you really trying to help people resolve issues. I have a big issue.

I signed up for a paperless system and I can't access it. Only you can provide communications to me. This is unfair and unethical.

A one way street leads to nowhere. I hope that you can provide a remedy soon.

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Cry babby

if the kitchen is to hot get out, cry babby you and carter.Both rejects.You haven't done a thing since you have been in office, except health care reform, which is a joke, most people won't be able to afford, including my self. If i have a choice of having a roof over my head by paying my medical or morgage, guess what it's going to be my morgage, and it's going to be the same withe filling presciptions.Among other things, the doller isn't worth nothing but a dime, thanks to you Obama. You are going to be a one term presadent!


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so you're complaint is about which company? also have you ever heard of spell check?

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