Cry babby

if the kitchen is to hot get out, cry babby you and carter.Both rejects.You haven't done a thing since you have been in office, except health care reform, which is a joke, most people won't be able to afford, including my self. If i have a choice of having a roof over my head by paying my medical or morgage, guess what it's going to be my morgage, and it's going to be the same withe filling presciptions.Among other things, the doller isn't worth nothing but a dime, thanks to you Obama. You are going to be a one term presadent!


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so you're complaint is about which company? also have you ever heard of spell check?

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Gold's hates fat people & kids!

I have been treated like a steaming pile of dog sh*! from the day after I signed over my soul to satan (Gold's contract).

I stuck with it through the mistreatment for a while because of a friend. We even signed our daughter's up. A month later they voided my daughters contract due to her being small for her age, and I couldn't find her birth certificate. My daughter hated their idea of a 'Play Room'.

What 10 yr. old wants to sit with tots and veg on movies when they could be active? Currently in yelling matches with corprate over why they're still trying to take money from my account when my contract was up in April. One of my husbands friends came up to the gym ready to sign contracts & imediately got kick off of the equipment for what he was wearing (long denim shorts and a t-shirt).

We asked to be shown the 'Dress Code' they pointed to a bulletin board. My husband and I both searched that board. Did we find it? I think you all know the answer to that.

WAS HE KICKED OFF DUE TO THE WAY HE WAS DRESSED, OR WAS IT THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN? If you don't fit into a size 5 they don't think you should have the right to breath! The G.M. of the Leander location wouldn't even shake my hand when we were called to his office to tell us that he voided my childs contract.

Would you conduct yourself like that? What kind of example does that set for employees?

DON'T GO IN, TURN AROUND! Don't be bent over by these sorry excuses for human beings.



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #193006

Thanks for agreeing with me. I really appreciate it. All these other people are a bunch of bigots.


I once had a contract with Gold's and my experience was horrible also for causes unrelated to W1leyC0y0te's. What's wrong with exercising in a t-shirt and denim shorts other than it being a little uncomfortable for my taste?

I would be looking for an alternative explanation for being kicked off too. I agree with W1leyC0y0te that you should avoid that place.


Here we go again with the race issue! If you are going to sign up at ANY gym, check out the play room, dress codes, etc.

BEFORE signing a contract! What do you expect from the play room? It isn't a regular day care! They are just watching your kid while you work out, not educating them.

Also, wear appropriate gym clothing but better yet, here is a question for you....why are you griping about the facilities when you state that your contract was up in April?

If this is the real issue, stick that that. You are apparently still using the facilities so you are EXPECTED to pay.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #192534

Have you ever seen what the other people are wearing? What is different about them and your husband besides your skin color is they were wearing work out clothes.

Also to use the equipment you must be 16 at least your ten year old daughter is too young to be active in the gym. It has nothing to do with your skin color. You don't want to follow the rules and blame your skin color when you get banned.

Bet you did the same at school. Broke the rules and blamed the teacher for punishing you because of your skin color.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #192528

It's always because of the color of your skin for blacks isn't it. You and your husband don't know how to read the dress code and when your husband gets kicked out for not wearing proper clothing it's because he is black. No wonder people hate you guys you cry racism whenever things don't go your way.

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Other Company in Ocala, Florida - Lens coating is coming off

I purchased glasses 3 years ago, they were very expensive,like over $500, after the first year the bows had to be replaced. Now the scratch resistant coating is coming off.

I took them in to your store and was told of course their off warranty and it would cost me $250 for new lens. I can almost get new glasses and an exam for not much more. I just want the defect fixed and I feel they should last longer than 3 years.

Their so bad I can hardily see Thru them.

Can you help me?

Richard Jager

2 Dahlia Ct S

Homosassa Fl. 34446


richard jager
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Other Company in Shallowater, Texas - The real problem with the economy here

factors have ruined the economy

1. revenge, other countries haven't forgotten the extremely unpopular bush war, and the, wholesale slaughter of the civilians there, predator, etc. I'm guessing they will do ( fair) business with us only as a last resort.

2. homeland security is a disaster for business, I just spent 2 weeks trying to get a copy of my brothers death certificate, no success, and tell me if you really want to take a flight to find out if they think you're wanted for something. they took flying away from us,

3. sucker born every day mentality of all businesses that use a contract

4. expendable consumer mentality

5. using phones and internet sites as a barrier to customer communication

Shallowater, Texas
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One register open and it was'nt moving.

I had two items to purchase, went to check out and only one register was open.At this one open register there was a customer on the cell phone and the cashier waiting for her with a blank expression. Five minutes later nothing has changed.

I look over at customer service by the entrance and there are 4 employees doing nothing but talking to each other. I dropped my items right there and walked out. This happens almost every time I walk into a Kmart. I even thought before I went in on how the service was going to stink and if I could get in and out in under ten minutes.

I should have known better. Not trying again.

Sick of it. Going down the street to Targets.


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #192072

Blame the *** on the cell phone, blame the idiots who leave their thing behind (you) making more work for the other employees

Benton, Illinois
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Other Company in Buffalo, New York - Scooters to hard to get at

i am a elderly woman useing a cane i cannot pull ascooter out from were you have them enclose between the large items on both sides you need to give people better excess to them.when a person is hanicpped they have a hard time pushing and pulling on the scooters you can not squeeze on the side of the movie machine and the large crate on the other side.other then that you treat you handicap and elder very well. i am so pleased with your store i dont shop any where else .but this is becoming a problem for me. thank you for readind my complaint and hpoe you can do something about it.

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Did not send ordered and payed ware

I ordered a netbook battery online (Gigabyte M912), and payed via credit card. The order confirmation mail with product description, delivery and billing address was still ok. Two days later, my bank account was charged, and that was it. I never received the ware, nor an order tracking mail, as announced by the companies delivery policy.

When inquiring the company for the missing delivery, I only once received a short answer to put me off, and then never received a response any more. Meanwhile three months are gone, and nothing happened.

This is a totally unacceptable and deceptive business act.




oh sorry, it seems that I didn't read and complete the complaint form carefully. The company in question is

'Mini Laptop Accessories'

Actually I didn't involve my bank yet, because I hoped to come to an agreement with 'Mini Laptop Accessories', because its quite impossible to prove the facts.

after 5 business days you should have notified your bank with a payment dispute, they would have done something. you don't state what company it is that you were trying to deal with. :?
Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg
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Other Company in New York, New York - Best online watch place

Initially delivered watch with a plastic, rather than a stainless steel bracelet. Had to return, but they emailed me a prepaid return shipping label and over-nighted the new watch to me at no cost once they had received the first watch.

Other than ...the initial mistake, the Company was great to deal with and really stepped up to correct their error. Highly recommend and would use them again. An excellent product at a very reasonable rate.

I would highly recommend this merchandise and would shop here again. I might suggest that with such a high end product that watchzworld consider an upgraded delivery service, perhaps a 2-3 day delivery.

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Other Company in Las Vegas, Nevada - My 1997 5th wheel has structural failure in front area

While driving my 1997 Terry 30 5v 5th wheel from Tennessee to Washington

state, what appears to be a structural failure in the front area. When resting on the hitch of the truck, thereb is a flex that has caused the

side material on bothe sides to experience a cracking and separation. I

don't know if I should drive it anywhere or what to do about it. I do not

know if my insurance will cover it or not?? The Travelers Claims Adjuster

has looked at it, but for 3 days I've heard NOTHING----so here I sit!!!

What is to be done now!!?????

Dave LeFrois

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Untruith and discourtsey

I have shopped in the store on 23rd street in Panama City, FLORIDA for more than ten years. On my last visit, I found reusable bags displayed with alabama and auburn logos, I asked for FLORIDA bags.

The manager refused to help and a discortous employee told me, "I went to alabama." he added that the number of bags probably represented the, "number of national championships won." That is of course absurd." Yale has won 17 NCAA Football Championships, Princeton 14. Alabama has won 4 uncontested.

I complained to Publix corporate office and that office has been unresponsive. Members of my family, and I will simply find a friendlier place to shop


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I lolled at this post. First.

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