Other Company in Lindenhurst, New York - Unprofessional company to work with

They are very shady and they do not pay their contractors; they hold on to your money until they feel good and ready to pay you.

Also the president of the company will avoid you at all costs especially when you come to collect payment for job that you have already completed.

He is very unprofessional and if he doesn't like what you have to say he will flat out raise is voice and tip toe around the conversation.

His cousin is no better; will withold paying the workers their payroll weeks on end. He has no regard to them whatsoever.

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Impossible to cancel a policy

My dad purchased a policy on me with Combined when I was a kid. I have been trying to cancel this policy for the past 20 years. They must just toss all of the requests to cancel a policy into the waste can because I still get letters stating that I have delinquent payments. I've had a bunch of their agents call me up and even just appear on my front door - even without an invitation.

I don't want their insurance. I don't trust them to pay on a policy because of their track record. I'm just sick and tired of what appears to be a money trap.


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Have you contacted your state insurance commission?

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Discusted how you could let 5 *** people talk about how they pleashure other men.

i am absolutly discusted on how im watching a show and during the commercial you put a 2 minitue clip of how 5 faggets talk about how they pleashure other men. I dont think its fair how im a staright man forced to lisen to this because i want to conitnue watching my show.

Its not right for that to be on tv at all let alone being put on commercials to .

And people wonder why faggtes are portrayed the way they are they make me sick and i only hate them that much more after having to lisen to that ***. And i also dont think its fair that my little sister has to watch it also.




TV has a lot of *** on it, get over it.


I was laughing through your entire comment man. I understand how you feel but perhaps you'd be taken more seriously if you spelled *** correct for starters!

Television has truly become nothing but an *** box and I myself only watch FOX news and football otherwise I play DVD's of things I wish to watch. Commercial TV is a sewer destroying America and they were worried about cable at one time.

Even cable sucks since the entire idea of cable was to pay to avoid commercials although now we pay and they show us commercials and make you pay MORE to see movies without commercials!!

*** them all I say. Run Hollywood out of business is my saying. They have zero morality and care only about the dollar and that's it.

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NOT A COMPLAINT: suggestion for correspondence with banks and their employees

I have a very good suggestion for corresponding with financial institutions, and that is to send every single item of correspondence to them with a REQUIREMENT that someone MUST sign for the receipt of the letter, form, etc. As I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice I will not.

Please contact an attorney for further guidance if you require it. The reason for me giving this "common sense advice" is actually very simple and can help immensely when establishing factual information about financial affairs. You see, a common tactic with financial institutions is denial that something has not been received. You can prove that it has been received.

Legal departments and lawyers absolutely squirm when they find out their client, whether or not it is the institution or the consumer, has been caught in a lie.o Do not under any circumstances disclose to or argue to the person that proof of receipt is in your hands. Just let your "aces" pile up until the right moment. It is their game not yours to play. If you keep your head and play dumb they will be in for a big (and unpleasant) surprise when all of your "evidence" is turned over to their legal department for possible court action.

I have been told that there is a precedent in English common law that if any portion of a person's testimony if found to be untruthful, then it can be assumed that the whole can be assumed to be untruthful as well. The point is, it bodes VERY well for the consumer to catch the offending party in a definite pattern of deceptions or flat-out lies.

The facts are all that matter. Good luck giving them PURE ***!


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1 Mad Embalmer


1 Mad Embalmer
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Other Company in Fort Worth, Texas - Biscuit nuked hard enough to break wondow

I went to the keller tx. establishment on 9/25/2010 at 6am.I had a take out of sausage biscuit-sausage biscuit with egg and hash browns.

The biscuit bottom was too hard to eat. It was so hard, it broke a window that was part of a garage sale. The hash browns tasted warmed over. I live only 10 blocks away, so it wasn't a case of time lapse.

This is not the first time this has happened, but it is the worst.

In the future, I will try the store south on Rufe Snow Dr. or a competitor that I reach first.

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Other Company in Longview, Texas - Put some service in my name i did not authorize

a person by the name of nicole price sign up for some type of computer phone service that i did not have knowledge of. she use my address and phone number to do it, that is called idenity theft.

why do this company allow anyone to sign this service up without the owner of phone authorization. I'm pissed because this person name nicole price use my last name to her advantage to get this service.

please send a notice out to this person to let her know that she will be hearing from my attorney real soon. thank have a nice day

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Other Company in Plymouth, Massachusetts - Time for consumers to see who is getting your money before you spend it.

Well, we the consumers the ones that need to consume and use financing need to all stop using the finance companies. Go to your local bank if they can't help then just pay cash for what you can afford and save when it comes to cars.

When you lose your job they wont wait. We all see these executives get over the top salaries, not counting the perks and deferred compensation they get. They are making hundreds of thousands a year to make these decisions.

It all starts at the beginning with houses.

Everyone wants a house, but why the tax break on interest from paying a bank on a mortgage, or more why not get that same break for renters. Why can't you deduct rent too on your Federal Taxes. Well it's giving breaks to the ones that can afford a house but not the ones who cant. If your single and don't own a house you still have to pay rent.

Oh, the landlord gets the breaks that is why they own the building. If you could not make money on houses they would not invest in them, house prices would come down even more and maybe people who make DOUBLE the minimum wage could afford them. People who need a house to live in. The whole system is messed up and the rich will keep getting richer and the poor poorer.

They get the best of everything.

Economics says the U.S. will be a service industry more and more. The government want the money wheel to spin faster so they can get more taxes.

So create all these rules that will hit you in the pocket. Lawyers, we have more here than any other country ......why? Is it for justice or is it to keep them all employed. If people didn't screw each other and and and went back to common mutual agreements would we need so many of them.

Do you think you and I will get a good one unless we pay big bucks? Let's start creating common sense mediator's to resolve things and circumvent the system.

Who knows when you do need one you they might be cheap enough for the common fold to be able to afford one.

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Other Company in San Antonio, Texas - Wasted time and money!

went for free transmission check in san antonio, tx. told couldnt find problem with out opening trans.

allowed because was told that the cost would be deducted from labor after trans was repaired. well they wanted 2,200 hundred dollars to rebuild my trans. i informed them that i would pass and get repaired somewhere else. 5 days later and $389.00 dollars later and after being lied too that my truck trans was being put back together and installed that took 5 days.



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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Acoso y presion

soy cliente desde hace 7 anos *** ustedes, mi nombre es valerio Rosales.

Ultimamnete he rentado algunas cosas en la tienda dee Hialeah florida en la calle 122, donde dice el Sr, Victor que es manager.

Ese senor sabe de mi condicion dde salud y sabe que muchas veces alquilo las cosas por tre meses o me las quedo hasta el final, no entiendo que le pasa , desde que cobro algo sin mi autorizacion en la tarjeta de mi hija y le hice el reclamo, cambio y recibo un trato que no corresponde *** mi condicion de cliente, el cargo yo por ser cliente hable *** mi hija y lo dejamos hasta alli, pero me ocasiono problemas, el pretendio que al darme dos semanas gratis esto quedaria resuelto y yo tambien pense eso, pero acontece que desde ese dia me amenazo *** no alquilarme mas , porque siempre pagaba *** dias de atraso, SENORES pero pagaba que era lo importante, entonces otros empleados que si son buenos me llamaron para ofrecerme un TV , equipo que alquile, resulta que hoy me llamo que si no pagaba hoy ya lo mandaba a buscar, que significa esto, amenazzandome, esta loco, o es que ustedes permiten estas situaciones que un empleado amenenace a sus clientes, .

casi todos mis muebles son pagados por anos a ustedes, no entiendo pero deben hablar *** ese Senor que dice ser gerente, por favor

Valerio Rosales

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Unable to get copy of agreement, unable to get ahelp withmedical problems

Anthem blue cross blue shield is our provider. We have repeatedly requested a copy of our agreement and have never received it.

My wife is suffering from hearing loss. They refused to follow the recomendations of her doctor and refused a second opinion. What are we paying all this money for. They have repeatedly promised us this written agreement and never sent it: meantime their decisions are caprecious and unfair.

hours have beren spent on the phone to try to rectify this but we ar just number.

asThis country needs a universal health care system.

We are last in every measure of health care in the industrial nations of the world and pay more for this than anyone else. Why would anyone want to repeal the new heaslth care bill

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