Corrupt Judge William Adams Aransas

Judge William Adams Aransas County Court at LawCorrupt, Child Abuser, Liar, Conspirator

I was visiting County Court at Law in Aransas County on October 11, 2010, and I was horrified at what I saw. The case involved custody of a 6 year old child.

The mother presented medical records from Texas Mental Health and Retardation Services (MHMR) showing that the child care provider used by the father was homicidal, suicidal, psychotic and heavily drugged among other things. Judge William Adams presiding judge of the Court held that this evidence was "irrelevant." I heard the lawyer for the mother say "You better hope this child is not hurt." Incredibly, Judge William Adams just shrugged his shoulders.

The father, his lawyer, and the child care provider had all lied earlier claiming the child care provider was perfectly OK. Judge William Adams couldn't care less about this lie designed to endanger the child. The hearing was obviously rigged and the truth would not interfere with the outcome that had been predetermined. Judge William Adams didn't even conceal the corruption.

The mother testified that the child said his father, his father's lawyers, and others told him to lie that his mother "touched" him improperly. Also, the child was told that a judge said his mother is a "bad mommy" and to not hold her hand or hug her (and several other malicious things).

The mother testified that the events described by the child were corroborated because two waiters at the restaurant where the child said this happened confirmed that the father and child and a number of adults were present at the time described by the child. One of the waiters testified in open court confirming this. The other waiter presented an affidavit. The father lied that he had not been at the restaurant. The child said he was told to lie and say he saw his mother's lawyer and his mother in bed together. The mother testified the child had no other way to know this lie had been told by the father's lawyers (without any evidence) so what the child said must be true.

There was no evidence that the meeting the child described didn't occur (other than mere denials by the same people who had earlier claimed that the child care provider was perfectly OK). The lawyer for the father said the child was "fantasizing" yet provided no evidence of this just her statements which were just *** (there is no reason a six year old child should not be believed and the child is hardly a toddler). Incredibly, the Judge not only ignored the outcries of the child but punished the mother and her lawyer for reporting what the child had said. I was absolutely appalled. The Judge clearly did not care about the truth and was acting completely corruptly.

The lawyer for the mother said that it is irresponsible to believe a child and Judge William Adams was agreeing. They effectively called this child a liar with no evidence to justify that. It was obvious to me that they were corruptly concealing the truth of what happened.

I attended a later hearing where the father testified that the child was honest and does not fantasize. He said he would be concerned if he the child told him that the mother was telling the child to lie and say that "daddy touched you." Judge William Adams just ignored what the child said about the abuse the father and his lawyers did to the child (and worked to conceal it).

I saw Judge Adams completely deny the mother discovery and punish her for even trying. Judge William Adams clearly had no interest in the truth and in fact was covering up the truth.

Judge William Adams was removed from the case within days of the hearing. I saw a later hearing presided over by a different judge, and I observed Judge William Adams slapping one of the lawyers for the father on the back and smiling and joking with him (in the hall outside the courtroom). This lawyer William Dudley appeared *** to me.

I found the following picture of his partner on the internet.

I got to talking to a guy there at the hearing. His name is Stanley Rains. He said these same lawyers denied him access to his child for a decade based on lies and corruption much like I had just seen with Judge Adams. Stanley Rains' ex-wife had said that some anonymous ladies at a park had seen him there with his daughter playing chase, sitting on a park bench, etc. There was no allegation of wrong doing just groundless insinuation. He was persecuted for years by these same lawyers (Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly).

William Kelly is a city councilman most of the time. His wife was driving drunk and had an accident injuring his children. That happened nearly a decade ago. The case still has not been tried due to the corruption revolving around these lawyers.

Stanley Rains was even prosecuted for a crime. The allegation was totally corrupt and retaliatory essentially that he had gone to the school to see his daughter (which his Court order allowed him to do). He told me that these lawyers always lie and steal children from loving parents. They groom weak and corrupt judges to help them. William Kelly brags about "destroying people."

These same lawyers destroyed the relationship of a man named Craig Doreck with his children merely because his child came home after a visit with "*** on his butt." These sicko lawyers suggested that *** in a diaper of a child in diapers somehow evidenced sexual misconduct. They also claimed the small child still in diapers said "dad tickled me on the butt." They say a six year old child should not be believed on who he had dinner with and what was said yet a child still diapers should be believed about dad "tickling him on the butt." I was appalled at what I was hearing. There is obviously corruption in our family law bar and courts.

Stanley Rains told me that William Dudley admitted to being a child abuser.

I was absolutely appalled by the behavior of Judge William Adams. He is corrupt, and he was abusing this child subjecting this child to a danger homicidal suicidal care provider and protecting the lawyers who sought to have his mother imprisoned and taken from his life. Stanley Rains told me they do this all the time. They do the same "plays" over and over again destroying many children and parents. They are sociopaths with no conscience and no integrity.

In Stanley Rains' case, William Kelly's sister in law was the Ad Litem (Jeanette Cantu Bazarre). She lied about interviewing the ladies at the park and made up lies. Stanley Rains never learned that the ad litem was related to William Kelly until many years later.

Judge William Adams of Aransas County Court at Law is a corrupt loser. He looks as weak and immature as he is. He looks like a boy with his hands caught in the cookie jar. He looks like he just finished meeting with William Dudley (or his associate). He is a corrupt. He is a loser. Do not vote for him. Be a responsible citizen and watch those elected to public office. Judges should be be responsible and honest people and he isn't. He wants the approval of lawyers like Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, and William Kelly and couldn't care less about children or justice.

Here is "pretty boy" William Dudley who takes great pains to sound like a professor but who is obviously just a total dumb *** who uses his "pretty boy" sex appeal to win over judges.

These lawyers and this judge sicken me. The judge needs to be voted out of office. Please do your public duty and go to court proceedings like I did and let the public know about bad apple judges. It could be you next time. Sicko lawyers cannot function without corrupt judges.

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Well, lets go! Grab your guns and baseball bats and all sorts of torture devices! Lets go rip this judge's head off and feed it to wild dogs!

Tiffin, Ohio, United States #759611

*** slit his throat. :(


I absolutely hope this man suffers greatly for what he has put this poor girl through.


The (so called) justice system in this country is a joke.This is the dumbest country on the planet.People and courts are more worried about an animal being abused or killed than they are about humans.


i cannot believe this judge has managed to get away for 8 years straight. sure, i am well aware cases can go out for a long time, but how does he get away for beating his daughter for 8 straight years.


If the Perry performances are any indication of the attitudes of TX government, it's likely that these accusations could be true. No one thinks that states can go bad, but what about the PA case where profits were made by the Judge and lawyers in the adolescent incarceration scam?

There is no reason to imagine that a cavalier atmosphere produces anything but a tolerance for predators, and the vendors/associates who benefit from such abuse. Consumers need methods to protect themselves that are not "court connected" since many of the Judges and Courts are thought to be so rooted in corruption, politically and economically.

Consumers need innovation for solid business, real jobs, and public resolution relative to the "powers that be/would be." That becomes more and more clear today, the more we hear.


this judge Wm Adams should be disbarred. this is terrible behavior for anyone, especially a judge.

7 minutes of hitting his 16 yr old daughter(Hillary) with a belt, & he has the nerve to say she made him do it because she did something wrong. i also think he should never be alone with his 10 yr old daughter!! also it seems that he abused & threatened his wife also.

he needs HELP!! i was shocked to see this on Dr Phil show!!!!!


Another Judge should sign a similar beating for adams by a prison inmate. The inmate can state for the record "the beating is not as bad as it looks" that Coward is violent and should not be immuned!!


Ce type est fou à lier ! Et certainement sadique dans sa tête !


I was beaten like that when i was i teenager and all I want is the capital sentence for *** like him, his wife, and all kind of bastards who abuse someone like that. I was really in pain while I was watching the beating because it was the exact same thing that happened to me. I really wish they all burn in ***!!!!


This sick f::k is a disgrace to Texas and to the USA. Everyone should spread this on the Internet as much as possible.

Maybe he'll off himself, although he's probably too much of a coward for that. If anything he should be beaten into submission and take it like a man.


Disgusting behavior!! This *** has no business deciding the fate of anyone, especially children.

You are a weak excuse of a man and your ex-wife is no better, sorry but she allowed this and participated as well. That IS NOT HOW YOU DISCIPLINE A CHILD.

She doesnt deserve to be in your home?? She doesnt deserve to have you as a father, she deserves much better, A TRUE MAN!


Tough guy. Nice job, it's easy to get your anger out on a child. I hope I run across you one day, I will put you in this poor girls position.

Men out there, whoever comes in contact with this weak bully, I believe there is much karma to be repayed here...


This dog is rabid and should be put down for the protection of every living soul on earth. A sicko like this has NO BUSINESS JUDGING OTHER PEOPLE.

He is SICK SICK SICK and probably beyond help at this stage. He should be taken out of the courts Immediately!


OMG...this is a human being....A judge in Texas.. Really! Rick Perry is good with the death penalty...why doesn't he use it on one of his judges!!!!!


I am sadden it took this long to be reveaLed. The folks in this county should organize to get him off the bench.

He and his wf

I've are very dis functional. They need prayer !

Hopefully the daughter can forgive them and get on with her life.


It looks like a popular prank caller named Capn Crunchf***er put his prank calling mentality down "For a moment" and used his time to start a large wave of calls that lead to this man's attention with the police. :grin


After seeing this video of the poor girl being beat he said "...I want this spread to every news center over the net by morning. Lock and Load men and women".

He was also noted as saying "This beautiful and talented young lady never deserved parents like this. This man needs to go to prison and i'll make sure he does."


My goodness, he's back in the news again.


:( holy *** god i cant beleive this i hope her dad rots in the deepest depths of *** for what he's done here


Dear Judge William Adams:

You are an ***. The is no way in *** you will ever keep being a father. And your wife is gonna get the same treatment as you. You call yourself a man of justice? Bull. If only I had those *** combustible lemons...

If it was the girl who videotaped this, then I am gonna give her a fricking hug. I'm gonna give her a hug either way, because she deserves one. Thank God for 4chan, and thank God for YouTube, otherwise this would not be known. And people are gonna act.

Someone. Please. Take. This. Sonuvabitch. DOWN.


*** ***.


Judge William Adams. I hope you will die. Soon.


Hey Judge William Adams!


You're very well known in The Netherlands and Belgium (that's in Europe...)as well.

I just wonder, *** like you must have all your hard drives paved with downloaded *** like this, don't you?

Say hi to Bubba in jail, will ya?



This is horrible. I hope he doesn't continue being a judge, because this can hurt more people. He seems to think abuse is not wrong. I hope he can become a better person, but I don't think someone who abused his daughter should be a judge.

I don't know why it needed to be mentioned that William Dudley was ***, though, since it is not a bad thing, and not really related to the case? just a little doubtful on the intention there :)

Thank you very much for sharing your experience- Hopefully a change can be made!


He's a sick coward. I'd love to go even just one round with his sorry ***.

I hope he burns in *** for eternity. Piece of ***


The anger and hate I feel for this girls mom and dad is immense. I grew up in the 60's and 70s so I know a thing or 2 about an old school *** whoopin' but this is freakin' ridiculous especially in today's society.

Who knows how many other times they've beaten this poor girl. If they don't love or care about their daughter, give her to me. I'll freakin' take care of her. No human should be treated that way.

I'm so pissed I can hardly type. Heads better freakin' roll on this one.




This man needs to feel the strongest pain mankind can imagine. Destroy his life!

His daughter plays the piano so wonderful and he hits her with a belt cause she did what everybody does these days! :(


Beating a defenceless girl in that *** fashion is among the worst and most disgusting things I have ever seen. I get some consolation from the fact that you obviously are a psychopath (you seem to be sexually aroused by the beating of your daughter). If the law does not punish you I sincerely hope people in Texas take it in their own hands.


Beating a defenceless girl in that *** fashion is among the worst and most disgusting things I have ever seen. I get some consolation from the fact that you obviously are a psychopath (you seem to be sexually aroused by the beating of your daughter). If the law does not punish you I sincerely hope people in Texas take it in their own hands.


*** this man, and *** EVERY religion *** out there, *** YOU ALL!

Prehistoric fairytale believing ***...


This "judge" should be in prison.



Hang this judge! Show no mercy!


The judge sounds awful, but the OP comes off like a total bigot. Since when is appearing to be a "***" a sign that you're a corrupt lawyer?

Eesh... Stay classy, Aransas County, Texas.


Ya dun goofed


In the words of shakespeare " Fit to govern! No, not to live." Judge Adams is neither fit for freedom or power. This man is beyond simply corrupt he is blatantly evil


I can not believe that the American Judicial system is even allowing this bully to walk the streets, much less hold the title of "Judge". Pathetic!


This foul piece of *** deserves no less than the prison he's sent other child abusers to.


....that this sounds like the sort of thing the daughter would've written. Doesn't change the abuse in the video, and it's probably mostly true anyway, but it would look really bad. If she's not clean as a whistle, things are going to get really ugly for her.


2004: Aransas County Court-At-Law Judge William Adams took a belt to his own teenage daughter as punishment for using the internet to acquire music and games that were unavailable for legal purchase at the time. She has had ataxic cerebral palsy from birth that led her to a passion for technology, which was strictly forbidden by her father's backwards views.

The judge's wife was emotionally abused herself and was severely manipulated into assisting the beating and should not be blamed for any content in this video. The judge's wife has since left the marriage due to the abuse, which continues to this day, and has sincerely apologized and repented for her part and for allowing such a thing, long before this video was even revealed to exist. Judge William Adams is not fit to be anywhere near the law system if he can't even exercise fit judgement as a parent himself. Do not allow this man to ever be re-elected again.

His "judgement" is a giant farce. Signed, Hillary Adams, his daughter.



What the ***?


I would love to believe you but your lack of grammar and spelling make it very hard to.

Not to mention the unfounded claims.

"This lawyer.. appeared *** to me"

And several "Anonymous" claims that the judge/lawyers is/are corrupt. Also all these claims seem to come from word of mouth from the person calling corruption.


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I haven't played Fallout since.


The amount of sock puppet defense of your name on the internet is quite amusing. Although I doubt anyone but the lowest common denominator (heh, you) would fall for the sock puppet circle-*** that appears in your defense whenever this information is discussed.


Actually, based it is the below comments that are total lies. The comments undoubtedly originate with one of the corruption team (Lanette Joubert, William Dudley, or Judge William Adams).

They did what they did and the record reflects it. It is that simple.


The above comment is a total lie.

These people are and should be ashamed of their behavior. This is why they are lying.

A copy of the transcript can be obtained for free by request from ds@davidsibley.com.

They are shamelessly corrupt and dishonest.

Read the transcript for yourselves.


You are a liar. What is described is exactly what happened. Real lawyers by the way seek to win based on facts and law. They don't lie aqnd they don't act corruptly. The truth is in the record, and you are a big liar.

The record reflects that Judge William Adams held that it is irrelevant that a primary care provider for the child is homicidal, suicidal, heavily drugged, etc. That is just the truth. You are a liar. You are unethical.

The record also reflects that Judge William Adams held that it is frivolous to believe a nearly six year old child. There was not one shred of evidence that this child was unbelievable in any way. That is not the law. That was dishonest and no honest lawyer or judge could possibly believe that is law.

The record also reflects that Judge William Adams prevented discovery of medical records for the psychotic, homicidal care provider (the records were obtained from another source). He did this based solely on the evidence of the psychotic herself and the lying Lanette Smith Joubert who claimed that there was nothig wrong with the lady at issue (she lied). That is just the truth.

The record also reflects that Judge William Adams denied all discovery even the most reasonable of discovery. That is truth, and you are a total liar.

Anybody who wants a copy of the record can get it for free by email by requesting it at ds@davidsibley.com. The truth is the truth and somebodey needs to stand upo to corrupt liars who abuse children and bring our courts into disrepute.

These lawyers are obviously ashamed of their child and court abusing behaviors because they are denying the truth of what they did.


Whoever posted the above is substantially correct.

Judge Adams did rule that it was irrelevant that the father's child care provider is homicidal, psychotic, suicidal, etc. He did his best to keep that evidence from coming to light. The father and his lawyer (Lanette Joubert) and the child care provider claimed she was OK and she obviously isn't.

That did happen. That is the truth and the record will reflect that once the record is prepared. That is what happened.

It is also true Judge Adams refused to listen to the outcry of a boy 5 nearly 6 that he was being told to lie about his mother setting her up for false criminal prosecution (among other things the boy was being maliciously told). It is also true that this conversation was corroborated. Waiters at the restaurant corroborated that the boy and the father were there (along with roughly the correct number of adults). The boy's testimony was been recorded twice on videotape including by a child psychologist. The judge not only ignored the boy's testimony but claimed it didn't even exist (he said there was no evidence when there obviously was). There was no legal basis for ignoring this boy's testimony and none was argued other than that "children fantasize." Obviously, children are believed by the courts all the time including in the most serious of matters. That is the facts of what happened.

Lanette Joubert, William Kelly, and William Dudley regularly claim falsely that children have been abused. They usually don't have any evidence. They just do this maliciously to steal children from good parents. That is just the truth. Their "evidence" is usually several layers of hearsay usually with at least one layer anonymous. They come up with ludicrous stories and they usually obtain their orders ex parte. William Kelly did this just last Friday. He gave his opposition 1 hour notice. He did it based on an anonymous report. A large series of people have suffered this abuse and two are willing to talk about it -- Stanley Rains and ***** Doreck.

Judge Adams generally is competent but he had a really bad day on October 11, 2010 1) holding that it is irrelevant that a child care provider is homicidal, suicidal, heavily drugged, psychotic, etc.; 2) holding that there is no evidence of a meeting where the child was induced to lie about his mother designed at a minimum for her to lose custody and possibly prison (it is a crime to coerce a witness to testify falsely) when the a child's testimony is competent (absent a showing otherwise -- no such showing was even attempted) and the child's testimony was corroborated in several ways; and 3) holding that it is abusive to seek professional writings of professional witnesses (something nearly all articles and books on cross examination say is essential for good examination). That is just a partial list. It was a very bad day for him.

The GPS records were incomplete. There was a gap which has not been explained. The portion of the GPS records corresponding to the time of the meeting is missing. The GPS records tend to confirm the existence of the meeting.

It is lie that Sibley is having an affair with his client. These lawyers always create lies and usually about sex. These lawyers obviously wrote the above because the content would be known only to them (with part known only to Adams). It is a bald face lie. This is what these lawyers do -- they lie. They have no evidence of that and it didn't happen. It is a total fabrication by dishonest lying lawyers. If going to Sea World with a client and her mother (and others) is the strangest things, these lawyers can say, Sibley is obviously very clean.

Sibley usually wins and in fact has won most of the hearings in the case at issue. This is why these lawyers have resorted to such underhanded tactics. It is a shame that Adams allowed himself to get himself sullied by them. They probably posted the first posting themselves so they could blame Sibley.

There was never an attack on Judge Galvan. He was sent a letter informing him what the child said. He hasn't responded.

The lawyers who wrote the above know they are not supposed to talk about complaints at the State Bar. They filed it, and the complain is full of lies like the above post.

These lawyers don't even comprehend the concept of rules of civil procedure or evidence. Lanette Joubert for years quoted a rule that didn't even exist at the time (Rule 169). For these lawyers, Rules are ever changing whatever they want the Rules to say. As just a few examples, Joubert does not have even the slightest comprehension of what constitutions "hearsay" (she doesn't understand that a verbal act which are words that have legal significance independent of their truth is not hearsay). She also incredibly said recently that an order is not valid if it does not have the magic words "Ordered, Adjudged, and Decreed." These lawyers just make up law as they go along just as they make up false sexual allegations.

These lawyers were not present when a defendant pled guilty in front of the jury. This is why Adams probably participated i the above slander. He pled guilty because he was guilty and he wanted to plead guilty to accept guilt so his brother hopefully would not be found guilty (he admitted the marijuana was his and took the position his brother did not know about the marijuana). It is kind of strange for a Judge to say it is weird for a guilty man to plead guilty (to try to save his brother). Unfortunately, the jury found his brother guilty also.

Sibley has won many cases and usually wins and he wins without having to make up rules and law (e.g. make up a nonexistent rule that a nearly 6 year old boy's outcry of criminal abuse should be ignored). He also wins without slandering opposing counsel (or a litigant before his court). This child says the father and his lawyer told him to lie which would have the effect of framing his mother for a crime and taking the child from the mother. That was wrong. This child is very competent and ignoring this child was wrong. There is no law stating that a child should be ignored in fact everyone knows that people go to prison all the time on the testimony of children. There was evidence that these lawyers had done wrong (in fact committed a crime) so they came up with a non-existing rule of law saying testimony by a child should be ignored. There was never any evidence this child was not testifying truthfully other than the denials of these lawyers.

Essentially, these lawyers took the position that their credibility as a matter of law trumps the credibility of a child. There is no such law anywhere nor should there be. There are issues with testimony by children -- the same with testimony by adults. Testimony must be weighed on its own merits. All testimony by children is not automatically disbelieved. Neither is all testimony by these lawyers (perhaps, it should be).

It is a lie that the meeting at the restaurant wasn't proven. There was testimony about the child's testimony on the issue (with no hearsay objection). There are two videotapes of the child's testimony one by a child psychologist. There were waiters who testified on the issue. The only sense in which it wasn't proven is that the Judge made the ruling completely unfounded in the law that the child's testimony was meaningless (there is no such law). The Judge didn't say he didn't believe it -- he said effectively it didn't even exist. His exact words were "there is no evidence" which means essentially that the child's testimony was completely ignored. he later stated in writing that the restaurant meeting was "totally fabricated." There was not one shred of evidence that the child's testimony was fabricated and in fact is was corroborated by the waiters. Imagine in a sexual assault of a child case the defendant claiming the child should not be believed because he is a child. It would never happen. That is not the law. They just made up law and in the process they concealed a crime (inducing a witness to lie). It was wrong.

We'll see what the complete GPS records show (or whether they are ever produced). It is not wacko to believe a perfectly credible child. It is not wacko to no believe these lawyers.

These lawyers work as a team (Joubert, Kelley, and Dudley). Two of them have been sued for fraud. The third is representing another sued for fraud. They have agenda. Kelly lied to this woman about the lawyer when he was serving as mediator to induce her to sign away her separate property house, her separate property minivan and give up her freedom to move a reasonable distance to where she has family support and job opportunities. They put her in a financially difficult position not expecting her to survive. They did this expecting to take the child from her when she failed. She hasn't failed and she won't. They filed a motion to take the child within months of entry of judgment. They lost. They have lost a whole series of motions in this case. The only issue of significance they won until the atrocious October 11, 2010 hearing was keeping her from moving to be with her family.

She is a determined young lady and she will probably prevail ultimately. These lawyers have not only attacked her repeatedly (false malicious attacks including the attack through her child -- malicious things said to her child) they have attacked her lawyer repeatedly. Two judges have ruled against them on their efforts to disqualify her lawyer due to the fabricated nonexistent "affair." They are bullies and they are not bound by truth or rules of ethics or really anything in their efforts to take this child and give this child to a woman who has been diagnosed as psychotic, homicidal, etc.

They have done things like this before. They kept Stanley Rains almost completely away from his child for roughly a decade with no evidence of any wrongdoing at all. This is what they do. William Kelly started the process with a new almost certainly false allegation just last Friday. He got the order against the mother after giving 1 hour notice (the notice was given during the lunch hour). They play dirty tricks like this all the time. They steal children based on lies and false allegations. That is how they earn their livings. It is ashamed Judge Adams got snookered into their frauds. They probably lied to him. He should be smart enough not to believe them.

Sibley is proud of standing up for innocent victims of abusive lawyers like these. These lawyers have not been successful at taking this child from a wonderful mother and giving the child to a psychotic, homicidal, etc. woman for over a year now. These lawyers are getting frustrated which is why they post slanderous dishonest nonsense like the above. They certainly posted the second posting. They probably posted the first.


Whatreallyhappened is telling the truth. Judge Adams has earned his reputation as honest and fair.

The libelous campaign by one losing lawyer needs to stop.

Stop, David. Enough is enough.


The above is a lie published in an attempt to bring discredit to good people after these people have lost in court. Unprofessional.

It is easily detectable who did this and I already know. When losing lawyers attack the judges and opposing council by blogs such as this, it is a pretty sad state of affairs. Most real lawyers do their "fighting" in court, dont they, on the record, reviewable by an appellate court and where everyone can look at the evidence. Ask anyone in the area about the above libeled judge and attorneys; they will tell you what is really going on and their reputation is good.

The lawyer who "represented" the mother here (note: it is only temporary orders; no trial yet)David Sibley, is before the state bar right now for this type of behavior. The above comment is going to them as well.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Sps,shim,shame

I have my house for 9 years,all monthly payments on time,(i have no credit for some strange reason,I refinaced 2 times) I still have no credit? I received a call for modification, I sent in all papers for some strange reason i kept getting calls saying i didn't send in the papers, but when i ask for a supervisor my papers would appear this went on for 3 months 6 calls a week, at the ened they said i failed the modification because i didn't send my taxs! they lied i did send it in

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New York, New York
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Other Company in Bunker Hill, West Virginia - I done what i was suppose to do and now they wont email me bk and they got my ssnum so im turning th

to whom it may concern

i figured since montel williams was on tv talking about this it wouldnt be a scam,but i thought wrong they emailed me everyday until i sent in my info

now they wont emil me back and tell me if i got the loan or not.this is false advertising and im going to turn this in,times are bad enough without

people trying to rip everybody off.i have talked to other people who have the same feeling that i do,i have a number to call to get u off of here and doing this to the people and im going to do it,this should be taken off of the tv,now before you get urself in alot of trouble.


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Bunker Hill, West Virginia
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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Salea adds w/no ph.no. or addresses

i recieved my want adds and half hour later im still trying to get phone number to store close to me with no results .addvertising does no good if you cant call or find a store close to you.is it to much to put information on adds i think not. keep me from going to lowes make advertising work not me thank you joe consumer eaven making an on line complaint is made diffacult please make my life easy and add phone numbers and addresses in news paper adds and shorter complaint letters i still have to think of moer things to say just so i use 100 words just to get a phone number that should have beenin the to begin with . thank you joe consumer

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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Drop dead Ashra, you Monster

Still ripping people off?

Just wanted to remind you of how much of a miserable and nasty monster you are.

I hope you live and see all the things you care about fall apart around you.

You will get what you deserve ......one day.

Someone is gonna find you in Ottawa and make you pay.

***..... I really hope you and all your family get some type of Cancer, you thief, Stop stealing desperate peoples money..... you will end up in a very painful situation.....(:

Let me tell you what....you will not get away with this for much longer, I have a good feeling that it will all be over for you .....SOON!!!

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Carthage, North Carolina, United States #653374

ASHRA IS A SCAM! If I could spit on her now, I would!!!

She needs to be stopped!

I guarantee her day will soon come!!! You just wait and see!

Wallingford, Connecticut, United States #654803

I agree I finally woke up after she scammed me out of thousands after she claims she performed my spell she wrote back that I needed to buy another spell to ''help'' the first spell.

I have had not had contact with her for months yet she keeps e-mailing me that the "spells" are working but oh yes I need to buy a new one to help :(

Do not trust or believe this woman!

Karma is a *** so be carefull Ashra :(


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Your full of *** David and you defend her like a women is that you ashra? I hope you get cancer you evil soul.


She isn't stealing people's money and how dare you wish cancer on her. I WOULD understand if someone killed someone in your family or raped you ect.

Ashra is a GOOD HEARTED WOMAN and she is the real deal. She WILL cast a spell that you must believe in and be positive about it.In turn, you will get quicker results. Some people need a big expensive one like $200 plus if their situation is great. I will order a more expensive one, so I can see better results.

The ones I have ordered all have been around $60 or $70 dollars and I didn't do everything that I could in my department and it delayed some results. She doesn't affect free will. If someone deeply loves you the spell will go into their soul and give them guidance and support for what you want to accomplish. It will fill your heart with love and truth and a direction to what you want and what is meant for you.

bye. LOve you Ashra

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Toronto, Ontario
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Other Company in Rockville Centre, New York - A Declined card

I went to the drug store to get something and they put my card through and it was declined. I could not even get to speak to a customer service rep.

They were closed. I went back home and looked it up on my computer and there was NO NO reason it should be declined. I was up to date on my payments. I do not have a payment due until December 27 is today December 27.

NOIT IS DECEMBER 9. I am going to call you on Monday I better get a real good explanation.

I was mortified. I also want you to call the merchant and tell them it was your fault.

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Rockville Centre, New York
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Other Company in Waco, Texas - Is it all about the money!!!!

Iwas at your store on 2 dec 2010 checking out when my card went through it was decline for 100.00 purchase one of the clerks got in touch with your office. The person on the line said my card was decline because none payment of $30.00 dollars, it was already mail.

I then ask what was my credit line it was for $2500 so for not receiving my payment of 30.00 dollars i was unable to purchase the items. I have only used this card once at your store. If you didn't want me to have the card why was it issued to me.

store code 02091-20310-06060. I ask the clerk to close my acccount, nice doing business with you.

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Waco, Texas
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Ticked OFF with SERVICE Walkertown,nc store

I live 5 minutes away from Walkertown,North

Carolina store emailed in my order didn't

check my email then looked later it said 55-65 min to delivery

well 90 minutes later I wished i had not ordered anything. Kids hungry

needing to go do an errand decided PIZZA HUT will make us a pizza!

tried to call the store they put me on hold for 10min. I TOLD THEM TO


not HAPPY !! AT ALL WITH this kind of service how long does it take to

make a couple of cheese pizzas. POOOR MANAGEMENT, SOMETHING STINKS ABOUT


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #219064

Is my seven year old daughter asked when the food would get here. I told her to shut up and she would have to go hungry today because the idiots at Pizza Pizza are ***.

SHe then started to cry and say she was hungry. I started using profanity at her and my other children. My husband said to calm down. He took my children to Mcdonalds and I had to stay hungry.

So they got to eat and I did not. I wanted to go as well but he said I should probably take time to calm down before I go because I have no right talking to my children that way.

Winston Salem, North Carolina
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