Other Company in Fort Myers, Florida - Very agresstive stylist.Does not listen. Does what she pleases . Not what I want

Stylist named Kelly was very boastful. I knew nothing type of thing. No matter how I explained she just did what she wanted. Told me dont worry

this cut fits you best. She continued as she wished with my hair. I was not happy. she said you will when you get used to it. I will not be back

She is very head strong,does not listen does not care what you say. This is not good business. You must listen to the customer. During the process

of doing my hair she was talking to a customer in the next chair about things that is unprofessional in a place of business. I became discusted

with the entire experience.

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Other Company in Kathmandu, Bagmati - Nice reading

jenna im very thankful to u that u read about me.i also want u to read my further astrology but i cannot pay ur fee now because im just a student in nepal who is unemployed till now.i loved all of urs reading about me and will follow ur saying.but unfortunately i donot have money to pay for ur further reading.so please donot take this negatively but i assure u that after some periods of time i will pay u for ur reading.so it depends upon u whether u read my further astrology or not?anyways thanks a lot once again.. your's sincerely surendra

Kathmandu, Bagmati
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Other Company in Odenville, Alabama - EXTREMELY RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS

I paid my car loan off this week (thank you Jesus) and I will never, never, ever deal with this crappy, joke of a company, again. They have, by far, the most rude, hateful, uninformed and dimwitted customer services reps I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

When I paid my loan off over the phone I was not informed I would be charged a $15 service fee. When I called to complain about this, I was transferred to the collections department and treated like a common criminal. I have never in my life spent $20,000.00 on something and then be treated like an animal.

Get your act together Santander. You are a bunch of morons!!!!!!!

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Poor Service


I complained. I fially got fed up and cancelled this accoun leaving a small balance after confirming OI had no outstanding checks.

This Bank *** and Will let the world know!I now have a real bank with a much larger and better reputation than this Garbage Bank. I have never seen so much gouging to customers.

Enough is enough. It is time to tighten your belt just every one else and not pass these nonsen extras


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are you retarded? maybe if you included the name of the bank, your post would be a little more beneficial.

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Chairs for invalids or obese folks

I believe that your furnishing these auto/chairs are a great service, but when the back-up beeps hurt your ears, it is time to check this out. At your Town and Country store today, one chair was so loud and abusive that almost everyone I met shopping exchanged words about the shrill beeps and it seemed the man was shopping backwards.

PLEASE check out these chairs - we are in a store not a parking lot and the beeps DO NOT need to hurt our ears. Perhaps the man in the chair was deaf, as he never blinked an eye.


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #195917

Perhaps the people working in the store are deaf as well from listening to loud noises everyday. Like that airport joke.

Oh there is one thing you should know your new apartment is located next to the (loud engine noise.)

New Owner: Airport(after it stops)

Seller:Well none of the other residents complain.

New Owner: Probably because they are all deaf.

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Alsip Magistrate is an ***

First he is forgetiing or conveniently leaving out the fact that hearing aids last any where from 5 to 10 years and almost all providers offer FREE lifetime service, cleaning, adjustment, re-programming, etc. With 4 free check ups per year on an 8 year hearing aid life, that's 32 office visits for which your Dr.

would charge you $80 to $100 per visit just to walk in the door. That would equal at $100 per visit, $3200 worth of service that the patient is getting free....all included in the hearing aid price.

Also, our company (one of the largest in the world) spends $80 million dollars per year on research and developmnet to provide the patient with the best hearing technology available.....This is not just an amplifier. I could go on and on but I don't have time...I have to take care of another patient free of charge.

Professional Dispenser, Board Certified, Audioprosthologist.



Guilford, Connecticut, United States #1203662

First of all very few hearing aids last 8-10 years and even if they do (rarely) they will be nowhere near as good as the new aids. for comparable prices look up the cost of 10 year old aids on ebay…They are worth pennies.

So even by your standards they are getting a $100 consultation to help with a $10 hearing aid. Rather foolish for you and rather foolish for them. Secondly, did you know Phonak sells the v90's to the Veterans Admin. for around $450 (which is presumably what the hardware and research are worth) instead of the $6000 retail cost,.

Thirdly, the industry has successfully lobbied to make the programming software illegal to be publicly sold at any price. I own a CD with such a program and find it relatively easy to use to program aids despite your dire warnings to the contrary. Cost was $150. I have no special programming skills.

After having an audiogram, it allows me to program the aids far better than the "Hearing Aid Dispensers" (read salespersons) who often work in the audiologists offices and require only 6 months training. Fourthly, audiologists are not free in many of their services.

When I recently needed an external adhesive sticker that goes on the outside of my aid they wanted to charge me $50 for it. It is sold to the veterans for 75 cents……Now, where again did all that money that you mention is such a good deal go??


don't know where you are talking about mine are for 3 years after that there a cost of $610.00 a year that after paying $6000.00 for a pair of ear plugs

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #682470

So you complain about someone that you name freely, but won't leave your own name? You just lost all credibility with me since you can say you're a "Board Certified, Audioprosthologist" until the cows come home.

But without a name to check if your claim is true why should I believe you?

Title impress me. People who put their names out there, so that I can check up on who they are and what their products and happy or unhappy customers may be do.

Stop wasting consumers time and either put up your name and company name or shut up.


i sent a pair of hearing aids to have a yearly check only to find that they were sent in for a total repair it will be one month and i am not sure what has happen to them i am very upset after paying a large sum my last dollar for them and i am getting the run around for the company

3 Putt

Where are you coming from ? There was nothing said anywhere about the mold.


I was not with you when I saw what you were talking about. I concluded you were a nut. There was nothing wrong with the mold.

3 Putt

Cat, with all due respect, you have no idea of what you are talking about. Berate me all you wish, and defend Audibel and Beltone distributors all you wish, but it changes nothing.

You seem to promote yourself as the salt of the earth, and people may *** into this, I could care less.

I thought you had agreed with me that the "distributor" had purposely done this because I would not go along with him and buy new HAs after only 2 years. Get a grip girl........what you are doing is just not working.


3 putt sent me a picture of his hearing aid that he said had been "tampered" with. Let me guess what happened-He brought it in for a retube (probably without an appointment) Expected someone in the office to drop what they were doing to take care of him.

Then when he got it back the dispenser had not pulled the prebent tubing through the mold far enough and the bend was sticking out farther than he liked. So now he wants to claim that all dispensers are evil and out to steal money from the elderly. I have people come in all the time with no appointment and actually expect me to stop what I am doing with a patient that I am working with so I can help them immediately with their problem. My secretary will tell them that I am with a patient so they will have to either make an appointment or wait and the response is always the same "Can't she see me now?-it will only take 5 minutes".

I have no sympathy for 3 putt he is a whiner. When I saw what he so upset about I know exactly what kind of person he is.

3 Putt
:cry I agree with you about AM, he tends to hijack every thread.

But are you more interested in your clients needs or are you more interested in selling them another set of HAs?????
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Other Company in Columbia, South Carolina - I want everything removed from my acct. now

I wish for you to remove all accounting from your records, I did not bye anything from you. I need my account cleaned.

Please remove all from my credit card now. you the company that I want to clear everything from now. If you do not I will have invested by the BBB it will be done as soon as possible.You people love to scam people so bad do it to your selfs and not others who have no money.

All I want is for you to clean my account now, of everything in it. I will not pay you one red cent.


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I wish for you to remove all accounting from your records, I did not bye anything from you. I need my account cleaned. Please remove all from my side

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Other Company in Syracuse, New York - 1month& still haven't gotten my checks right

ordered checks,called 2 wks. later two see where they were .they got put in a new persons file received them the next wk.

name on out side box spelled wrong -inside looked fine so i started two use them-bounced one-went to bank found an extra 0 on the end of my my acct. this put it in to someone else's acct.called them (Tom-supervisor)he re did it for me we went back over my info.&said he'd get them right out-ten days later i called,again put in new persons pile.went though the whole thing w/supervisor Cindi(18006545178)she sent me one box to get by took three days.Name spelled WRONG called again explained.they said it would take 2 wks.

to get them ,then try to cancelled the rest that were wrong&just wanted my money reimbursed.they said i need to write a letter to get my money back because they didn't keep my record or acct. info.in comp.it goes on they owe me 81.46.so i have to dispute it& haven't been able to write a check out for 1 mth.i will let my people know how unhappy i am .you've just lost another customer-word of mouth-best advertisement

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Other Company in Honolulu, Hawaii - Lied on there delivery!.

I checked there tracking number and was informed that the lame driver stated he came to my home and could not deliver the item.I called and spoke to the rep and was informed that B.S..I asked her that i wanted to pickup my package,and was informed that there facility was closed?.WTF?.DON'T USE THERE SERVICES!!!.SUCKS!.Now why would a big company like there's be closed at 3pm???.Lame!!!.I spoke with the vendor and asked the vendor not to use there services. Every time i have had there service's,there was a problem. Dont use there services.LAME!!!

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Other Company in Toledo, Ohio - Site is always going down

just want to know why this site keeps going down and i can never get on we are paying customers and would like to have access i have paid already and still cant send mail on here i would like to be credited for my paid account im sure im not the only one to complain and who do we need to talk to or with to straighten this problem out as of right now i wouldnt recommend this site to anyone i have been told on here my account has been deleted on several occasions and was on earlier went to get back on and couldnt get on thank you joe

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