Taking money out of my bank acct.without permission.

First, My loan was sold without informing us.Then after they discussed auto payment to me and I told them I would let them know the next month they went ahead and took payment out of my bank acct without permission after I had already mailed a payment to them .They never did refund it. I called and asked to be recorded and told them to stop,that I did not give permission for them to take it from my acct.Here it is Oct.

and they did it again.Called chargesmart to cancel and request my money back. They said someone would contact me but no one did.When we discussed this I was told it was a free service and i'm being charged $9.95 for them to rob me.Im pretty sure this is against the law .I may have to hire an attorney.


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I don't see where to put the company but it is Citifinantial Auto.

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Other Company in Fort Worth, Texas - No reciept

i have requested and followed all their rules to get my receipt. I have waited pass their dead line (48 hrs).

I gave them my money and they can give a receipt...why???? very unhappy with their cusstomer service.

they transfers you from one to another and they can not help.. they said since i am in texas it takes longer to get a receipt..i go to the store and buy something i get a receipt..for the money i paid i should a receipt right there and then not when they want 30 days out or they should have a way to print the receipt on line.

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Other Company in New York, New York - Household goods held hostage cost $17,000

Beware of moving companies and their small print. Not only were we guaranteed a maximum price of $3,800 for a San Diegopick up on August 12th and a projected delivery to New York ON aUGUST 23 but the merchandise did not arrived until September 19th.

31 days late and we had to give a credit card for the amount of $5,000. Bad customer service, which made us spend $17,000 to furnish an apartment.

They also lost a wardrobe which contained a mink coat and two cashmere coats valued at$17,000 plus a $1,000 of bathroom toiletries. who is responsible for this costly mistake?

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The big boss of pella montreal,dwort or dworth is his name is the worste salesperson scam artist.

the worste experience ive ever had with anyone in home renovating.he comes off as a nice guy then he really sticks it to you.you dont believe me then buy from pella and you will see.then you call the head office in the united states and they give you the run around.ive done other jobs and never had any problems with the local manufactures,i ordered windows and i got what i wanted.the only reason i went with pella is becaus of the wood interior finish,all the other jobs i did was alluminum finish.i wanted to try somthing different and try to build a good relation with another company,big big mistake on my part.it was a mistake from day one.i dont want to write everything down cause im not done with them,but i will write back and tell you everything when i am dome,so you remember who this is making the complaint,a name to remember(batman)and you will understand batman when im done with this dworff of dwort or whatever this dirtbags name is......


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I dealt with Pella on 3 occasions. The most recent in aug 2010.

I was and always have been very satisfied with the service and quality I was provided.

The Gentleman you refer to was always professional with me and gave me excellent customer service when we did have an issue with installation (something expected when doing home renovation). All I can say is I would highly recommend purchasing Pella products and the man you refer to is a professional and a very reasonable man.

batman manbat
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Scare taticts

all due but 1 payment.. "if u don't make that final pmt by the 15th we will start forclosure.. OMG.... they never make notes on the account.. much less are always rude

their parents never taught them u can catch more flys with honey than vinager...

their calls are always harassing.. do those people live from check to check and have children? i wonder... do u think they are able to pay their bills on time?.. have they ever been on the other side.. apparently not

then... to get a call from them and they can't even speak english..


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Other Company in Saint Louis, Missouri - Calls me 20 times a day. Can't get off their list.

I applied for auto loan & now I have 20 phone calls a day from every Tom, *** & Harry. I work for a living and do sleep.

Now I am told the only way to get off the calling list is to answer the calls and tell them to cease & desist.

I pay the cell phone bill and am tired of them burning up my minutes. What is it they do not understand ?

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Website problems for both LTD and lakeside.com

totally pissed with both websites regarding trying to logon for my business account with LTD, then trying personal shopping at Lakeside.com which I beleive are same co. operating under umbrella corps.

1) no toll free telephone 2) items continually out of stock and when back shipped another ship charge 3)cannot login )4 cannot check out )5 website originator should be hung by feet and given an ENEMA.

I do not care to do business with either company since it must have been sold to a firm from China, a couple of years back, when prices were better, not all from other coutries, and no bankrupt shipping either.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Delivery guy calls and harasses and stops by to pick up merchandise all the time.

I am on disability and need surgery this month. Have talked to manager and assist.

manager they are aware. Every day a DELIVERY GUY calls to tell me they need payment or says he will be by to pick up merchandise. Why is he calling and not the two I have talked to? They excepted the arrangement and know as soon as I recieve my money I will pay.

Never stiffed them before. When I make arrangements I pay. Very pist that a delivery guy that is so lazy when delivering things keeps calling. He makes a very small framed girl do most of the work when delivering items to the house.

He is useless and should not even be working for them. Tired of the harassment and wish he would stop.

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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - $3.99 Promotion!!


Your promotion a side of salad, cup of soup or a slice of pie for $3.99.

Seems it doesn't apply in your Midway store at 1544 University Ave., St. Paul. Survey code #277-1000-1167-1241 from my bill.

When I ordered my meal and I requested a cup of soup, my waiter informed me the soup was no longer available. Later after my meal, I attempted to order a Peanut butter silk slice of pie. Was told they were out and could I make a different selection. Going by the place card on the table I saw no time limit indicated day or night for said items.

Said transaction occured around 10PM (2300 hours). It appears you are lossing business, look into this situation.

Chef Jim Winningham

Hamline College

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Other Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado - Premium channels used for broadcast of nascar

Why do you suck more money for broadcast of "prmium channels" such as ESPN Classic when they say it's your choice to charge for this. I pay for internet and hd already and we used to get more choices.

I'm about ready to cancil and go somewhere else. I'm sick of being robbed! You waste so much on channels that cover the same garbage over and over and then try to suck more money fro something your customers might want to watch.

Please start to consider the paying customer instead of your bottom line. Randy Short, Colorado Springs

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