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can not speak to a person. want to advise that your mailing to "sarah c martindale, 525 thornhill ln, middletown, oh 45042" should be cancelled.


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Wabasso, Florida, United States #201201
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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - NO Vol on TV'S

It has been over a month that there has been no volume on the TV's except one. Closed captioning is on two and one doesn't work.

I have written concerns but to no avail. What is going on? Do you want me to call some-one as the is ridiculous. I don't understand WHY this is such an issue to return the volume on the TV'S or just to control the volume on a maximum sound.

This is very childish!!! Check the security cameras and see who is messing with them.

Very sad!!! Let's take care of this NOW!!

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Autodrawing on a "paid off" account

Apparently when you pay off your account ahead of schedule and use automatic withdrawal YOU have to close the account or they will continue to withdraw from your account.

I was using an autopay and when it got down to the "last" payment I mailed a check well ahead of the due date to make sure they recieved it and could close the account and was not aware nor was informed that I would have to close the account personally.

I wasn't aware until I checked my bank account and found a withdrawal taking place.

I never heard of anyplace that you could close your own account.

Getting to a LIVE person takes an act of congress.

I spent 45 minutes trying to find out why they were still dinging my accoumt.

Why do we have to deal with an automated system all the time??

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Shady Dealings/Rude Staff

Ordered over $8,000 in furniture. Paid cash!

Sales person & manager was more than happy to take my money. Delivered furinture. TV stand was beaten all to pieces. I sent it back.

Now they are telling me I have to wait another 5 days for my TV. When I try to get satisfaction. They love to quote POLICY! Plus when I called the store, the sales person,who before was gusghing over me, and the manager who couldn't wait to get my money, were rude to me.

This is in the Cool Springs Nashville location. I did my part! My money was taken. They broke it, now i'm paying.

Don't buy at rooms to go.

I'm telling you, you won't be happy. I ignored a screaming lady in the store and that should have been my sign!!!

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Other Company in Springfield, Massachusetts - They lied to me several times

they called me on the phone with a good deal,..told me all of the pluses,..but left out some important things,...told me i had to come all the way out to their office to finalize the deal.

when i got there they had me sign all of these papers,they also told me that by doing this i would be able to skip this months payment,..then i am told about the interest rate,..about the money being added on to the end of my loan,..and i get a bill this month,..and when i call them,they tell me that they did not say that,...and tell me that a payment is due this month,...they also threaten to keep my vehicle if i don't pay.

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Haircolor bottle and box did not match.

I have for several years now been purchasing your haircolor products and am usually pleased. Twice now I have purchased a haircolor that had the wrong bottle inside. The first time, it cost me over $80 to correct it. I had to go to a professional to fix my haircolor. I let it go, because I gave you company the benefit of the doubt. Well, it happened again and with the economy the way it it, I cannot afford to go to a hairdresser to fix it again this time. I would like to be reinbursed for the purchase and compensated for what it will cost me to get my haircolor corrected.

You may contact me at, or, or call me at (813) 775-5803.

Thank you,

Maggie Vazquez

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Other Company in Edmonton, Alberta - A complete scam

After reading the reviews here I thought I would do a trial membership and see what happened. As everyone has posted the exact same things happened and all the time they kept hammering me to join.

It got so pathetic that I found multiple members with the same photos.

Replies from UGLY women saying "we have so much in common" when my age was 14 years older and I was 4 inches shorter in height than what she had specified in her profile, etc.

It's not even a well run scam, its laughable. Try a trial membership but don't get sucked in to the replies you recieve.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Hung up on by Customer Service

Our corporate account had a large unknown deduction yesterday. I contacted my regular rep who was not able to get the details but provided me a phone number for their legal order department.

I was on hold for over 45 minutes before a rep answered the call. He told me he could only give the informaion to a check signer. I told him I had been on hold for over 45 minutes and I would need to put him on hold to get a check signer.

I told him not to hang up on me and he hung up on me. What customer service?

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Other Company in Prior Lake, Minnesota - Repeated cold calls.

This company continues to call and visit our place of business in spite of being told numerous times not to do so. Their last caller was typical: after I explained our position and told her that her company was on our "never do business with" list due their inability to simply listen to English, so even if she was selling something we wanted, which they don't have anyway, we still wouldn't be interested.

Care to guess her response?

"Are you the owner?"

Yeah. After flat out telling her we will never deal with her company, she has the abject brazenness to keep trying anyway. With a marketing strategy like this, there's little doubt that the actual product is worthless- if there even is a product.

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Other Company in Lafayette, Louisiana - Anti-Customer Policies

I am a long time dish customer with 3 receivers. Because I work out of town much of the time, I wanted to substitute one of my receivers for the new sling DVR.

I was told that a receiver replacement earlier this year disqualified me. They considered this replacement an upgrade. Now I would have to pay the same price as a non-customer($600.) and buy this new unit for cash. As an upgrade it would cost only ($200.) If I switch to a competitor, I would get whatever I need free.

What a poorly thought out policy!!

Driving good customers to the competitor is not something any good corp. can afford to do.

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