Other Company in Mount Gilead, Ohio - BEYOND PISSED OFF

My husband and I bought a 3 piece living room set and twin bed for our granddaughter on Sat. They had to order it and guarantee delivery Tues.At 7:00 pm we called.They said it wasn't on the truck and they couldn't get it for 3 weeks.

After a heated discussion we would come in and talk to him (the manager)tomorrow.We went in and he had called off "sick".

We asked for our money back (cash) and we should receive a check by the end of the week. PISSED OFF Their "guarantee" is worth nothing.


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You didn't put the name of the company in your complaint.

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Other Company in Longview, Texas - Mattress emits a horrible odor

Spent a horrible sleepless night after you delivered the new mattress yesterday and it stinks so bad I have two huge hepa-filters running, a fan, the bath vent and opened all the bedroom windows. Help !! Please!!

Could you please bring another mattress that does not stink ASAP this morning and get this one out of my house. I stripped the bed and washed everything first thing at 4 am this morning.

Thank you in advance for all your trouble but I did pay $2,250.00 cash yesterday for this mattress !! I also went online and found one for $1799.00, free delivery, no tax and a free premium frame. Why was I not shown this one I wonder.

MaryAnna Howard

6425 Circle Drive

Tyler, TX 75703



Tyler, TX 75703

MaryAnna Howard
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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - phone doesnt work

i just paid for another yrs subscription not even 2 mo ago and now they are telling to to subscribe again my year is not up I need a phone number and get this straightrn out I work in my home and need this phone and tonight i cant do my job because i have no phone call me or e-mail me on this matter i have used this phone for 1 mo. solid and now they tell me to re subscribe this is b.s. what else do you want me to say i want my phone on and working as usual

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Other Company in Spokane, Washington - Norfolk nebr store fakes

they accepcted a ceder chest which was damaged, they say it was not propley packed,, why did they accepct it and take money for ins.?? now wont talk to us.

have sent regesterd letters, will take them to small claim court if need, any one with same problem post response,where does one need to file claim, where package was sent or city where it was sent to? fine china in side made it ,,chest was crushed due to too much weight placed on top of it.well over 15 calls and trips to ups store have had no response,, think of the money they take in on ins then wont pay when damaged close to gov spending i say.

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Other Company in Rice Lake, Wisconsin - Charged me almost $25 for absolutely nothing

I have no idea what this company is about. It was rather forced on me and I am not normally so naive.

I thought I was to receive coupons for money off for a stay at a hotel in Green Bay. WI during 7-4-10 weekend . I booked two rooms, paying for other family members to enjoy this weekend at a family reunion. Fortunately, I could afford to pay for the rooms.

My main concern is others who cannot afford to flop down extra money. It was a total rip off. I have no intention of paying the invoice.

A very unhappy customer in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Lana Woulf

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Other Company in Marshallville, Ohio - Dam services was turned off for no reason it was renewed

why was my service turned off for no reason the reneal was paided all ready i need my service now or i will have to find a nother phone service when i have had you all for almost three years and you do me like this what are you all wanting to do get me and everone else for double payments this is one person you wont get twice for the same payment i dont fill that i owe it again when i just renewed my service back in the middle summer time you are about to lose me now

Marshallville, Ohio
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I did not give you permission to deduct money from my account. contact me asap !

i did not give you permission to deduct money from my account! i have trid calling you toll free number and it says due to network difficulty you can not be reached at this time.

i expect my money to r redeposit to my accont by the end of the business day. i do not own a company so why would i need you services. i am on a fixed income and i do not appreciate you taking money from me without my concent.

i have reported you to the BBB and will not stop until my money is redeposited and you pay the service charge for isf. robert dix


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hope you learned a lesson. don't be giving out your banking information, ***.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Other Company in Chico, California - Sent out damaged appliances redding calif

I ordered a frig and stove in Aug i have been fighting with them every since.They either show up when they are not suppose to or not at all we have had 2 frig's sent to us with flaws on the doors,a stove never delivered because they said it came in dented and we waited for a new one to be delivered they screwed up so much we canceled the stove and sent back the frig.I wonder if their products are seconds or floor models.This was in redding ca. The store employees did not seem to know what the other one's where doing very bad managing and when i called before i canceled it all he never called me back we had to go to the store 35 miles away just to cancel.This all ended October 11,2010.

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Other Company in Bellevue, Washington - Called me at my work place to threaten me

called me at my place of employment, when I tried to say it was not a good time they said, it doesn't matter, we must reslove this now. Not caring that I was at work.

I will be calling in the morning to talk to a supervisor regarding this. I also gave them my bank acct. info and now realize what a huge mistake that was. I will be going to my bank to close my acct.

due to the fact I feel they will fraudently go into my acct.

I also could lose my job thanks to this company. I want to talk to a supervisor ASAP.

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Lousey customer service

Today 10-11-10----Spoke with customer service rep., at corporate, regarding our bed purchased 10-25-09. It suddenly dropped, during the evening of 10-10-10, on the left sideboard.

It has a one year manufactures warranty. Was told a customer rep. would come to the house, to take pictures of the bed and make a report at a cost of $79.00. We instead took pictures of damage and hand delivered the pictures to corporate office.

Asked receptionist to have the rep.come to the lobby, so we could explain what happened. We were told to leave pictures at the receptionist desk, all the while reading signs regarding excellent customer service, and making it an enjoyable experience. She couldn't even bother to come to the lobby.

We will not buy anything again from Lender's specifically because of customer service. Good luck calling Corporate to speak to the management or supervisor, if you don't have their name.

Sincerely William Burton


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Hey im in da bahammas spendin your money. You so *** i cant believe you bought the bed AND payed for delivery. You know we usually deliver free right?

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