Other Company in Gretna, Louisiana - Lied about warranty on tires, overcharged for balancing and stem. Extremely rude to customers.

I purchased tires in May, 2009. I bought Road Hazzard Warranty.

Yesterday when I received the first flat tire on the vehicle since the purchase. I was told that the warranty I had purchased was only good for 90 days, it makes no sense that any halfway intellegent person would purchase a warranty costing $34.00 for on three months of warranty. Then I was told that if I did not have the car alligned there the warranty would be void. Then the story changed yet another time when discussing the details of the warranty when I was told that due to the location of the hole in the tire voided the warranty.

Once I got home I tried to get the District Manager's name and no one would give me this information. The manager Jerry had me come back to Pep Boys after I was already home and replaced the tire but it still costs me (under my warranty) $34.00 to have a tire and stem replaced. We have four vehicles in our family and due to the type of service we received there will be no more tires bought from your Company.

Totally dissatisfied customer. Norma Sumrall, Gretna, LA

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Other Company in Monroe, Louisiana - Screwed me every mo on chges

post movies that do not show prob over 4 yr.make promises they do not keep.

make arrangements they break.make agreements post something.rude,snotty.

each mo after make agreement,they don't do as theft promise.i think if direct TV doesn't care that much i will go where thy have kept their agreements.

dish.next week unless i get a call i will cancel direct,go to that poorer visual co.

dish.my no is 231/972/5507.ps "this bull of your telling me to say more than necessary is alot of ***"it is jist anexample of your arrogance.

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Other Company in Lawrence, Kansas - My debit card was used illegally

used my card with navaho netword to gamble online. sence then i have been charged serveral times threw these companys listentobooks.biz and hellotronics.biz.

thur the months ofjan 8 thur jan20 of 2010. for the amount of $500.00 not inclouding my over drafts. what ___ ___ is going on.i dont know what the heck you want me to say i have explained it the best that i can.

iwentr to the bank onces they refunded the money and then they took it back. do you guys give out our card numbers for any other reason ifso tell me why.

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Other Company in Lansing, Michigan - Egnored my request for help in dealing with credit fraud

To whom it may concern:

History: My account was used by a subcontractor to purchase materials and gift cards on May 18th,20th,21st,22nd,23rd,24th and 30th of 2010. The purchases totaled $1903.37. When I noticed the purchases on my bill I went to the South Lansing store and reported what happened as well as called the police and filled a report. I then called HSBC and was told that because it was a commercial account there was nothing they could do about. Not believing this could be true I enlisted the help of a member of the contractor's sales staff. He informed me that he had talked to both the manager and the billing company that Menard's uses for thier credit accounts. I was told that that company would be contacting me to settle the problem. After waiting for anothe couple weeks I have asked my representative from contractor's sales to find out why they have not contracted me yet. It has now been 6 months, my account has been occurring interest and I still have not heard from anyone in the credit company. I have wrote this letter to the Menards manager and enclosed a copy of the police report number and a list of the stollen purchases.

Two days later I got my letter back in the mail in a Menards envelope, with no reply at all.

My company spends upwards of $3,000.00 at Menards every month (over $36,000 per year), in this economy that is substantial. My service when I am spending money has been exceptional, but when I have asked for help in this matter, it has been left wanting to say the least. I have decided to discontinue using Menards until this matter has been resolved. But where do I go from here?

Carleen Davis

Grace at Home LLC

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Really three years and no chilren in the home and the couch is coming apart at the seams..... 4000.00 and it's coming apart at he seams and just as luck would have it... that is not covered under warrenty. i wonder why does it happen often????

Customer Service was a woman that hadd her lines rehersed so well that it leads you to believe that they have had many issues. i thought she would never stop talking!!!

Quite differant than the apeech we heard when they sold us the furniture! Last time I will spend the money for a quality product with a well none brand name to hear it's going to cost me to have it fixed!


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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #203076

I am sure it does not happen often.. Also how do you know that lady had the lines rehearsed.

Yuo just don't want to admit you are careless. There may be no children in the house but you probably were acting like children when sitting on the couch.

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Other Company in Lawrence, Massachusetts - I would just like to end my memebership.

i as the consumer was not aware that I was being charged a fee for a loan i applied for a few days ago. they charged my account and now my accont is over drawn the amount 149.00.

please cancel my account thank-you very much. I was under the impresion that i was getting a loan and that was it not that i was applying for a credit card shopping thing.

well i would just like to unappply and then i'm sure we would break even with little thing we got going on here. thank-you much.

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Other Company in Springfield, Missouri - illegal filing to extort money from consumer

Authorized USER with a POA to assist elder with needs is being sued by this firm... Is not responsible for any debt for the deceased.

Legal papers served by a SEWER SERVICE firm. Never received papers to respond and judgement taken...Reviewing for counter suit for serveral violations.

This sells accounts without verificaion in blocks. I am sure many law suits are in the courts such as this.

They are crooked attys..Would like to meet them one on one. anyone who would like to follow in a similiar suit or need solid info to defend themselves please contact me

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Other Company in Allison Park, Pennsylvania - Unsolicited & incessent phone call to my home please stop t now

Had to look you up with reverse phone numberto see who the *** keps calling me all times of the day & evenin. You call my UNLISTED home phone & my work cell phone incessently.

I really wish you would stop. This is harassment. I will not answer your calls. Ever hear of "Caller ID?" I DO NOT want your services.

I already have benefit plans for medical as well as road side emergencies. And if I ever did want any kind of travel benefit plan I certanly would not want you to involved in ANY way. GOT IT?

If this is not what y ou are marketing I have no interst whatsoever in what you are marketing. AM I CLEAR?

Allison Park, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Macon, Georgia - Wow this stie suckssssssssssssssss.

i cant belive this, shut down again by this site my thing is this people that cant afford to pay that moment and that are not featured are about to be kick out the site,thier still making money how greedy can you be. i rate this site oooooooooooooooooostar's full of ***.this company needs tobe excuse from the internet services no freakin class its like they feel like we the ones who cant afford to pay are jipping off there company so i say the *** with them, but this isnt the only all of them need tobe took offline.

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Other Company in Boulder, Colorado - I made a double payment and have to jump through hoops to get it back

Copy of an email I sent today....Thanks for the help...I feel you and your "auto Finance TEAM are a bunch of crooks and are stealing from me each and every day. I guess thanks for giving me a loan when I was down that seemed good, but now that I am 3 freaking years into the thing on 5 year loan and still owe $7,000 and when I accidentally made a double payment I have to jump through every freaking hoop to get it back.

Awesome you guys rock my world hard. Cannot wait to pay off and never do business here again!

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