Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Discrimination toward Employees

This was one of the most unprofessional places that I have ever had the displeasure of working at. The telemarketing manager Tracy should not be left in charge of a 5 year old.

If she would stop spending so much time talking about her smoking crack and partying days she may learn how to run an office. This is not 1950 and your discrimination and scare tatics dont work on me. The sad thing is so many employees are upset about the way certain people are treated in this company but no body wants to say anything cause this is the only job most of the employees can get paying 8.oo an hour and getting treated like ***.

she can stick it up her watoozi!!!! When you try to complain to someone over her they never have time to listen but someone better start listening because it is against the law to discriminate against people and I am reporting this to all the right people.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Refund

Just wanted to let you know that i haven't recieved my refund of 150.00 due to my furniture having a defect. Although i did take the furniture the delivery guys did give me a refund for the amount stated above. I have addressed this matter to the mgr. at the store and i also sent you'll a message about a month ago, and i have yet to see that money. This is my last request. If i don't get a response or a check in the mail before next month, you will not receive a pymt. and you'll can just come get you'll merchandise. I don't mean to be hateful, but just like you'll want your money, I want mine. So feel free to call me or email me asap.

Thank you,

Juanita Sims

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Other Company in Kalamazoo, Michigan - Record stolen

For several years I posted family & relatives, plus famous people. I also

helped others find their family graves.

Today I find pictures I sent are gone, (my grandmother, my grandfather, my grandfather, my own father in the National Cemetery, Ft Custer, MI., My great aunt, Nena Rosova Geren, from Belarus is wrong and claimed by "Grave Addiction", when I put it in.)

they say they do not recognize me and my work is gone. There is no way I can contact anyone.

several entries say they are the property of another source,Who are grave addiction & "anonomous"

Arnold Mackey (fighterglory or Boxarn02 @aol.com)

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Complaint about complainers

I think the general American public are a bunch of whiners and complainers, i.e. people who have no idea how to deal with adversity.

Sites like this are more about belly-aching and moaning, and generally unjust complaints! The reason America is in trouble is because it's populace is uneducated, selfish, and negative!

I think the general American public are a bunch of whiners and complainers, i.e. people who have no idea how to deal with adversity.

Sites like this are more about belly-aching and moaning, and generally unjust complaints! The reason America is in trouble is because it's populace is uneducated, selfish, and negative!


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Bremen, Georgia, United States #204513

Hey *** how do you think the american public knows what's going out in the real world. They posted there complaints and read complaints.

So the big deal is to let off steam and let others know what's going on.

Oh and by thw way I see you are pissed about something and took the time to comment. So chill.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - My shrimp alfredo and pasta were very disappointing.

My husband had chicken marsala; I had shrimp and pasta with alfredo sauce.

My husband's meal was delicious; mine was not. The sauce was barely perceivable and the five small shrimp perched naked on top of the pasta were so tough and flavorless that I could not eat more then three. I only ate those because I was so hungry and then my husband graciously shared his chicken marsala with me.

Our server though was fantastic and she would have sent my food back, but we didn't have time. She did say that the previous night, one patron had sent their shrimp back three times because of how tough they were. It didn't meet the restaurants usual standards. We're not sure if we would go back anytime soon.

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Other Company in Concord, New Hampshire - While processing pictures the associate was tied up covering 2 depts other asso. tried to help

Lake of Service because 1 asso. covering 2 departments with out any back up.

Other associates tried to help but were not familiar with the photo processing department. there was 3 customers at the time that need help and the one associate came across from the electronics dept. to help but told us we would have to wait tell she finished with the 1st customer. We waited with to other associates trying to help for about 20 minutes to 1/2 hr total.

what would have taken only a few minutes took longer and the associate incharge also missed a phone call in the other department.

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Michel Tire WILL ***

My fiances Uncle, well call him Joe, has been working at Michel Tires for about 20 years now, and has a very nice management position where he makes GREAT money. Joe is a family man, with his wife, and 3 kids.

They live in a very nice neighborhood (like I said, he make GREAT money) and the wife does not work. One day at work, at the Route 4 location in Cincinnati, OH, Joes boss went up to Joe and explained to him that the company is losing money due to the recession, and that Joe needs to LIE to the customers. He asked Joe to tell the customers that other things are wrong with thier cars that arent, so the customer will pay ALOT more than they need to to fix the "problem." Joe is an honest man, and told his boss that he would not do that. The boss fired Joe on the spot, after working there for over 20 years, and in his position.

This leaves Joe, and his family in a VERY tight spot, since the wife doesnt work. This also happened to a nieghbor of Joe that worked with Joe. He was fired because he is 55 years old and on the *** of retirement. Michel Tires fird this man because they did not want to pay retirement money.

Now the neighbor is forced to work another job, and cant retire.

Thanks Michel Tire for screwing over hard-working, honest people.

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Charges for Hospital Services

I was in the emergency room on 1/22/10 by a physician who took my pulse and ask me a few questions about how I felt, then he prescribed me medicine which I purchased at a local pharmacy. This hospital is charging for services I never used, they did not use any machines or provided me with nursing services.

Why are they billing me this exurbentant amount of money $1,136 which my insurance paid 928.57 and Im responsible 207.43. I think that these types of services are not fair for a consumer if they are not rendered. All I did in the emergency room is sit on a chair and talk to a doctor.

Can you please ask them to waive the charges they are imposing of $207.43. Thank you


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For your time in a chair, talking to the emergency room doctor, you are paying for:

the doctor, his or her decades of schooling, insurance, malpractice insurance,and most of all, his / her expertise.

The hospital, including 24 hour per day staffing, security, parking lot, equipment, insurance, etc.

Emergency rooms are not cheap. They are not a walk in clinic, they are not a doctor's office. They are a 24 hour day service standing at the ready to deal with accidents, heart attacks, strokes, acute illness, and other major conditions that cannot be treated at a walk in clinic or cannot wait until a doctor's office is open.

That's why they are so expensive.

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Other Company in Birmingham, Michigan - Never Ordered it

Never ordered this service. Can't believe how many untrust worthy people are out there

Can't understand how they got my information.

Called twice to have it canceled and still have it on my phone bill. Can't believe when you ask a question they can't answer it. Operator was really rude her name is Rachell. She scrambles for the words to answer any question because she doesn't have the answer.

Please look at you bill every month especially if you pay on line. I wish there was a way to stop companies like this.

Be careful with people like this.

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Other Company in Berkeley, Illinois - Mortgage payment

i have a 1st and 2nd mortgage. i wrote out one check for both and put on there both account numbers and how much was to go to each account.

they applied the full amount to the 2nd mortgage and charged me a late fee. the next month i enclosed both coupons for the 1st and 2nd mortgage, with two separate checks. only the second mortgage check went through. i called regarding the 1 check they said a computer inputs the payment.

my question is does the computer open the envelopes.

i asked if they could contact the department that enters the payments and they said no. so now i am waiting to see if they enter the check so that my account is not charged twice.

Berkeley, Illinois
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