Horneymatches.com a f...ing waste of money losers

I have to agree with the complaints against hornymatches.com. I am a divorced, good-looking man in my late 30s.

I posted a photo, so women could view me. In 30 days, I must have e-mailed over 100 women ranging in age from 30 to 60. Not once did I get a response. I was baited by the folks at hornymatches with several winks and e-mails once I singed up for free.

Boy, did they get me.

If I had read these complaints before I signed up, I would have saved 90 bucks. I hope my complaint will prevent others from wasting their money




I fell into the trap. i had a standard account recieved alot of mail and winks.

i set up another account with the same info same pic the only difference was i paid for the second account. my wife set up a standard account. when i messaged her she never recieved it. when she messaged me i never recieved it till i complained.

This site is such a scam wish i did my research first. Thanks for reading this

Newquay, England, United Kingdom #216913

l had the same experience had lots of winks from locals and when l payed l never recieved any winks or responses to mail l sent. however once my subscription expire l recieved all kinds of winks from people l had winked or sent mail to.its a rip off,don't wast your money


Thankyou Anonymous, if I hadn't read this and other messages on this site I would have spent almost 55GBP today. I set up a standard membership on October 25th, no pic, incomplete profile etc.

Within hours I had emails from a local woman claiming to be into older guys - I'm 47, she's 23! I've read the messages again, they were well written with PERFECT punctuation.

Not the kind thing you'd expect from an "insatiable", or "fun-loving" party-girl. I was completely taken in at the time though.

Thanks again all.

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Other Company in Birmingham, Alabama - Horrible customer service

I have been dealing with this company for about 3 months now. The first time they called, they tried to bully me into paying an amount I did not have.

After a back-and-forth battle, I blatantly curse "Jennifer", if that's her real name, out for telling me how I needed to handle my bills and finances. I don't know why companies decide to out-source this kind of work to individuals that do not know how to effectively communicate with customers.

I hate those calls on Sunday, even when hours show otherwise. This place is horrible.

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Other Company in Worcester, Massachusetts - Service rep hung up when I called about delivery

Went to track ,used the right number. It said they couldnt track it with that number.

Called rep and first time phone rang. someone picked up phone and then hung up. Called again about delivery and rep told me when delivery would be made.

When I tried to voice my complaint about delivery problem she hung up on me


I am very unhappy with your customer service. It was very hard to to talk to someone.

All I got was loud music. Not everyone wants to go on line or even has a computer do so. I like talking to a real person!!!!!

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Absolute outrage

My experience with carpeting installers had been a nightmare. They kept postponing the installation with lame excuses .

Always giving me a different story. Waiting forever for them to respond. This is a big joke. Causing me lack of sleep, frustrations and lack of respect.

I will never ever recommend this company to anyone and will never ever do business with them. In my opinion, they should be out of business. Period.

If you think you will get a promised nice service from them or their salesperson, don't dream. They give you no breaks, no compensation for your this treatment.

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Other Company in Karachi, Sindh - Request for forgive bank loan

my complain is against bank is that please forgive my loan due to flood because I face lot of difficutlties in this circumstances please do something for me for that I shall remain thankful to you sir. Sir due to financial condition it is imposibble for me to pay my loan.

My wife was died.

there is loan to me and my sons and daughter and it comes total 10 lacs which is not possible for me to pay in time. Sir now you can understand in this time when a man not eat two time food how he can pay the loan.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - It does not work after the first year, they hook you for long term, and cut you off

It does not work after the first year. good luck.

I have been on the help page for over 16 hours with no resolution to the problem. They keep running me around the issue, and when they reach a dead end they sign off with no response, very *** in their aproach. You will never talk to a person, and when you think that you have a dialog they will just drop the conversation. They control everything in what you think is right.

You have no recourse other than doing what I am doing. They are a scam that very well could be successful.

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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - Got mad because I asked to see his badge

I asked to see his badge because he knock so hard on the door, when I ask who is it he said ups I then stated just a minute walked away from the door to get a rob and heard my door knob turn. I was on the phone with my dad and asked that he stay on the phone with me.When I got back to the door I ask to see his badge he stated to me he could just leave it here which was at my front door so he did but the box is not mine.

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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Bulb order not received as so stated in the letter to me

I have not received my shipment of Bulbs that was ordered in Sept.and was checked off to send to my address 15146 garden park ave. baton rouge La. 70817 When I received the letter asking me to pay my membership dues I did and there was to be some 25 bulbs sent to me when planting time was correct Wellplanting time is here and guess what no bulbs I have been donating to this organation for some time now and other than some plants not living and being replaced that is the only complaint I have had Please send the BULBS

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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Discrimination toward Employees

This was one of the most unprofessional places that I have ever had the displeasure of working at. The telemarketing manager Tracy should not be left in charge of a 5 year old.

If she would stop spending so much time talking about her smoking crack and partying days she may learn how to run an office. This is not 1950 and your discrimination and scare tatics dont work on me. The sad thing is so many employees are upset about the way certain people are treated in this company but no body wants to say anything cause this is the only job most of the employees can get paying 8.oo an hour and getting treated like ***.

she can stick it up her watoozi!!!! When you try to complain to someone over her they never have time to listen but someone better start listening because it is against the law to discriminate against people and I am reporting this to all the right people.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Refund

Just wanted to let you know that i haven't recieved my refund of 150.00 due to my furniture having a defect. Although i did take the furniture the delivery guys did give me a refund for the amount stated above. I have addressed this matter to the mgr. at the store and i also sent you'll a message about a month ago, and i have yet to see that money. This is my last request. If i don't get a response or a check in the mail before next month, you will not receive a pymt. and you'll can just come get you'll merchandise. I don't mean to be hateful, but just like you'll want your money, I want mine. So feel free to call me or email me asap.

Thank you,

Juanita Sims

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