Other Company in Woking, England - West midlands buses in bham

I am sick of seeing people at the back of the bus putting there feet up on the seats in front ,besides all the dirt on there shoes do they really think that its okay and they not offending its disgusting ,talk about very bad manners .There should be notices put up and fines to teach them a lesson they really do need . they dont care. I will not sit on a seat that some pig as put there feet on wake up west midlands buses and treat these bad mannered people a lesson there should be more inspectors checking for this

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Other Company in Lake Charles, Louisiana - Cell phone ordered was defective

I ordered a cell phone from Replace Your Cell Phone in August .It cost me $129.84 which included shipping charges.This was a reconditioned phone. I am unable to use phone because it tells me to insert simms card( which is already inserted)I contacted an AT&T rep and was told the phone is defective.

also I noted AT&T has the same cellphone for $99.

they did offer a 30 day warranty and I realise it is past that time.

Hopefully this may warn others concerning ordering reconditioned phones from Replace Your Cell Phone.Thanks for letting me vent my anger. I have contacted them through email lets see what happens.

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Wrong diagnosis on car

I took my Honda Accord in for an engine check light that came on.The mechanic hooked it up to the diagnostic machine and told me that it was the catalistic converter that needed to be changed.He told me to go back to the dealer because he did not want to touch it since it might still be under warranty.I had to pay $97 for the diagnostic and it did not even take him one minute to tell me an incorrect diagnosis. When I took it back to the dealer, Honda told me that it was not the catalistic converter and just the oxigen sensors needed to be changed.

I should not have been charged the $97 by your mechanic since he did not want to touch the car and gave me the wrong diagnosis. No one else charges for a diagnostic test especailly if they do not want to fix the car.




You mean catalytic converter, and only a shop that doesn't want to make money doesn't charge for diagnostics.........Your right $97.00 is not cheap, but they did what you wanted, to know why that light was on.....and the cat and o2 sensors are all part of the same system, could have been a problem with either of them, that's why shops geta bad rep, cause your assuming you know whats going on!


Which dealer did you bring it your car to?

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Other Company in Wesley Chapel, Florida - I am only 1 month late,current month due

I have been with regional for 2 years... I recently became unemployed and was unemployed for 1 month..

that months payment is past due.... the current months payment is due , late but not 30 days past due..... tried to explain situation again to them, but they stated they are unwilling to work with me. I now have a job and waiting on a loan check to come in tooo which I stated I would make both payments that too Was told unacceptable have to take to next level...

threatening to reposses my car...

REALLY?? and not even 2 months late???????

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Other Company in Canton, Georgia - Love coffee hate coffee maker broken already

love most of the coffee pumkin spice needs more pumkin coffee maker stopped working only had for few months. Dont get me wrong the coffees are good for the most part, but the coffee maker has room for improvement.thank U for your time U have my email on file maybe You could send me another one.I have even sent people your way and have sent over 200.dollars on coffee.Im disabled and on a set income. would like an answer this please.bla bla bla bla bla they wont let me do this without so may wors whats up with that?

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Other Company in Clearwater, Florida - Need all employees to speek english.

i shop in fl. last time i looked it was america usa.

i feel like i am in a different country its bad enough all the customers speaking another language. i think the employees need to speak only english. i have been a stockholder for a long time i bought it because everything was made in usa. you need to get back to that, sam would have some heads.

me and a lot of people are starting to shop other places.hanes city fl. is the worst store i have ever shoped in.

please thik about this. surly i am not the only on with this complaint.

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Other Company - Programe finished before american football game had finished

On several Occassions I have been watching Nfl and college games when transmition has ended.The latest one was watching a Seminoles game and the programme ended with an entire quarter left in the game. The first time this happened was earlier in the season during a 49ers game when transmission stopped with 2.04 minutes left in the game, I found out afterwards there was 3 scores in the remaining 2 mintes. this seriously ruins the excitement of a game when you dont know if you will see it all.

just to clarify, I live in the UK and these games are recorded at night

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Other Company in Torrance, California - Free shipping is NOT free.

I tried to order an item from their on line site. The site said shipping was free. When my total came up, they not only charged me for the shipping, but they had also added what they called a "handling charge" as well. I canceled the internt order and tried to order by phone. The lady knew nothing about the free shipping, but we finally found it together on line, and she extracted the secret code. I got the free shipping, all right, but then they still wanted to add a "Handling Charge".

I wonder if I walked into their store, would they charge me a handling charge for buying something.

This is bogus and sneaky, but they are not the only ones that try it. I strenuously object to last minute add-on charges.

I will carefully consider this before ordering from them again either on line or by telephone.

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Other Company in Henderson, Texas - A.T.M. machines

i want to know why there is only one A.T.M. machine in kilgore,tx?

this one is out-of-order more than not. i am retired and live on a very limited income.

i am not able to drive into town 3 or4 times a daywhen i need some cash. ialso want to know why regions is the only bank in town(out of 7)that charges a fee, if the A.T.M.card is used in any other atm machine?

that is the only complaint i have with your establishment.i have always been treated good in the bank.

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HE said Im screwed

I have them getting money out of my acount on the 18th of each month so I call to change it to the 4th when the guy is done doing what he dose. told me my due date is changed.

I said I wanted my payment date changed. he said he can't he can only change my due date. I told him he screwed me by changeing the one he said yeh you screwed your self. I asked him to change it back.

he said he cant I asked for a manager he would not and would not give me his name. 3 weeks of call and I still have not been able to talk to a manager.


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Hmm, is it possible, that if they company is taking money out of you acct., at a day or time that no longer works for u, and if they won't listen to u, so work out another arrangement, can you close your account, and let them know that they need to contact you to make other payment arrangements? Or you could prepay for the month where they won't be able to access your acct.., bc it's closed.

And in the meantime you let them know what the new payment plan is? Maybe notification to them via certified mail, return receipt, so you have proof that they were notified of the pending changes (if u have to worry about legal repercussions).

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