Other Company in Getzville, New York - You *** Keith olbermann

Remember back in the olden days when all Americans had faith in "big" business....back before it felt like you were the only business that we could resort to and we still chose you? From now on I cut down my own trees, I make my own books, I toast my own bread.

You big companies think you own me and I ain't gonna let you do that. I see right through you. You should have been happy having someone speak for me.

*** YOU...you think the tea party was radical...hah! You ain't seen nuthin' yet...

Getzville, New York
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Scammers

if you got scammed by one stop motors go to BBB. org and file complaint to get your money back. Also file a dispute with your credit card. do not let them get away with this. With your silence they are still here.

do not think that there is a chance that you will get your vehicule sold .

the most important is to complain to the better business bureau. when ou go to bbb.org search for onestopmotors and file a complaint. keep information of the contract with you . you will need date and sale representative name. if you dont know call and ask for someone.

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Other Company in Herndon, Virginia - Desert Lily b&b in joshua tree- unfairly charged

My husband and i wanted to have a nice anniversary weekend in Joshua tree. we booked 2 nights there last march. My husband go called on business over a week before we were scheduled to stay there and when i called o cancel Carrie Yeager, the owner, told me they charge you in full if you cancel within TWO WEEKS of the day you arrive. This was news o me but apparently, IF YOU SEARCH HER WEBSITE you would find the cancellation policy. I was shocked since she didn't verbalize that when i booked the stay. She then told me i could reschedule our visit when i was ready. I thanked her.

When i tried to reschedule she was very rude and told me she would be charging me AGAIN. I asked her why she was being so hostile and she said "never mind, i will refund your money". When i asked for a way to reference the transaction (didn't know her last name at the time) she hung up on me. She has since refused to reschedule (not that we would EVER go there) but she also refused to refund even half our money. In addition she was verbally abusive (Specifically referring to my children and my husband). I am mortified and I have to assume we all have bad days and i happened to be on the receiving end of hers when this happened.

I CAUTION YOU: find any other place to stay. avoid her charges and verbal assault. she would rather take your money than work for it by having you as a guest.

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Other Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - Ihave a correctional bill svc.....what is it for? What am I paying for?yapy

No review.....just tell me what my $24.95 on 9-8-2010 wnt for . I have no record of such transaction.

Who recieved the money. Please respond.

Rosemary Littrell (this is ridiculous! I am wasting time and ink to ask to ask a simple question. I do not have 100 words for you...I think this whole thing may be a rip--off.

We are senior citizens with enough problem making ends meet without someone or business taking advantage of us .Back to the subject....Where Is my $25.00 dollars and why is it there ? Please let us know.

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Other Company in Aurora, Illinois - Rip off

Never in my life have I met such unprofessional and dumb people.We were on

a hardship program with hfc for our mortgage I am a disabled person and my

husband was taking pay cuts right and left so we got in the hardship program. He eventually lost his job and has since found new employment at

half of his wages we are trying to get back in the hardship program and have had nothing but the run around they want to up the payment of over

200. a month trying to explain to them is not getting us any where and then

we were told we were approved a day later we get a letter wanting proof of income which they already have. How can a company quote you a hardship payment amount if they don't have the necessary documents. My next move is

to call 800-685-5880 ext 3403 marty milella director of customer service

or terry washington 630-758-3789 in the complaint department.

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How to stop being repeatedly charged in the future.

This is not a complaint, but a suggestion to those of you who use credit cards. Before purchasing, go to the store and buy one of those prepaid Visa/Mastercard/Discover or Store cards that only have enough money on them for your purchase.

Purchasing products like health medicines from a company that has a policy of charging on a monthly, bi-mothly or 6 moth course will be avoided. That way you can't be charged repeatedly in the future. Use this idea for all your purchases when buying online from even the most reputable companies.

Easy. Problem solved.


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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #207674

That's what I do. Works like a charm especially, with Guthy-Renker.

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What a scam company

this company is a scam; my mom policy has not been paid because bankers made a typo on her birthday.... don't the policy writer have to check ID when writing a policy...

they only want to pay what she paid into the policy....i have proof of them making even more errors i have three different form that they sent with three different birthdays its been three months since my mom passed..... this just adds to my loss...moms daughter will keep fighting them . if i need addidional insrance it wont be with this company.

there was never a payment missed or late. MOMS DAUGHTER


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Sounds like you will need a lawyer.

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Other Company in Pensacola, Florida - The new ad on tv puts down parents

The new ad where a child puts his parents down because they drive an old van, sends the wrong message. Not everyone can afford a new Highlander and the way this ad sounds it makes parents look like geeks because they drive an old van.

In my opinion parents have enough trouble trying to keep up with the Jones's. They don't need a kid in an ad putting them down.

You may have a good product, but your message to promote it leaves a lot to be desired. I suggest it be withdrawn from TV as soon as possible.

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Other Company in Ashburn, Virginia - I feel like I been discriminated

Went to get a loan was told I was approved by senior branch account executive Amanda G.Lamm and once I got there she tell me I wasn't approved.I'm not understanding this I called they confirmed the approval and set the appiontment and then once I got there this the Chester branch is no good poor customer service . I advise no one to call or go to iron bridge road location 11940 iron bridge plaza Chester va 23831 very rude people there I feel that they just play games with people gas is not cheap and a half day off work for nothing

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I am angry about Sushi

Every time i go to a Japanese restaurant I order Sushi they bring me raw fish! Why can't for once in my life I get fully cooked sushi! How is it possible that in this day and age a restaurant is allowed to serve raw sushi????

Here's a tought, turn on da oven, put some butter in da pan, put da sushi in it, and cook da sushi???

One of these days, someone is going to eat this sushi and get sick because they didn't cook it enuff...DUH!

I'm going to a Japanese restaraunt this weekend, I'll keep you posted.




Um, if you want your sushi cooked you should inform them when you order it and by the way if the "raw" sushi is fresh and handled as it should be most people won't get sick.

*facepalm* :cry
East Windsor, New Jersey, United States #208059

Don't order the sushi. Try some steak tartar.

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