Other Company in Reno, Nevada - Gaming all states Vegas Or Indian low paybacks with acclaimed no revenue

even though we know they start with overhead, we game happily at their establishments, We have high hopes that We(I) will hit a jackpot, not the Big One Because we are concervative realists. when the lessor of all options occur, stone cold broke, all credit extended and expired, Nation in turmoil, forclosures at their highest.

We (I), look back at the failure and sumarize the aftermath. Something not so right happened, but from the other side of the coin was this not so random event. slot Machines that advertised at high payback were not paying back so high. however enough payback that kept us (me) coming back but at a constant decline.

An even closer investigation showed cheating at an astounding rate , odds are for honest gaming , and Gaming Commission should be aware of odds. When We, I , you, your children, are cheated you get pissed,just as we se here. think about one thing , before we shut Down social Security and privatize Vetrans Benfits. How Much Money is the Gaming Comission worth , And why do we depend on this enity to regulate an activity thats stealing money from us on false advertising, hidden protocol, and misleading agendas, and tax evation, I say that because if your purjuring about income then your not paying taxes on it.

ABOLISH THE GAMING COMMISSION and see the casinos for what they really are. Move the Money into Social Security and watch our Nation recover.

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Other Company in Hereford, Pennsylvania - Incredibly Poor Service

TV package purchased in store and promised for next day delivery. No call as promised; the store tells you one thing and the delivery service another (delivery said there was no record of a scheduled delivery at all).

Impossible to reach the store manager or the sales person: everyone always "on the phone." After trying to speak to anyone at the store other than the unhelpful receptionist, I drove over and was told that there was a mixup in one of the components ordered and that it was out of stock. By this time, I had had enough of the run-around and said that I wanted to cancel the order. Incredibly, the manager told me that the order couldn't be canceled until the following day because the TV was on the truck! I asked them how could the TV be on the truck if there was no delivery scheduled?

This is emblematic of my interactions with these people. Why shop there again?

Hereford, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Loan Servicer

You are right. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. No communication between departments. No one enters notes or call you back.

I wish I could get my loan refinanced with a reputable company. These people are idiots. They don't have a clue on what they are doing.

I should had refinanced back when I could with a reputable company. Live and learn. I wish I had refinanced when I had the opportunity before this mortgage bust.

I'm still trying to get a person that has any common or business sense. I wish I could talk with the President of this company.

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Other Company in Evanston, Illinois - Great school!

Great, caring teachers at CSI that help you get certified. I was very nervous but did the cert preps they had scheduled outside of class and passed!!

I liked the facility, nice furniture, fast internet and experienced faculty. Their academic department is strong - what else matter? Fast Computers - Duh, they have great pc's and equipment. It is hard work, and can seem overwhelming - just don't get discouraged.

I guess I have to write more to post this so judge for yourself - check them out. They paid for the certifications and you can take the exams at the testing center.

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Other Company in Pearisburg, Virginia - Tv ads

Your needle inthe hay stack has a big error in it!

People don't stick needles in their pocket, as they are likly to get stuck by it! Your commercials are getting worse all the time. If you want people to watch your commercials you need to make them at least close to realistic.

The hay stack ad is just a bit too unreal I have reached a point that now when I see them coming on I just get up and go to another room or turn off the sound on my tv, as it looks too terrible to watch.

Pearisburg, Virginia
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Transmission error

When my father called from the Bexar county jail, there was one call where his voice was not transmitting. This I know from other conversations after that call.

I am very very very upset about it. Why in the *** did you rip me off? You are the real criminals. I should be sufficiently compensated for the pain your inadequate services caused to myself and my father.

That is so obviously the TRUE American way. You want a minimum of one hundred words. Really people your logic is so obviously for the birds. I am a very upset disabled person who comes from a very large family that has my back always.

Unless I receive compensation, such as a letter verifying legally 100 dollars at the least on my phone so he can call, I will get them in days. It does not take that long, but I like to give a little bit of leeway, just so maybe you can pull your heads all the way out of your ugly ***.



Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208783

I bet your dad scanned people, just like you are doing by demanding $100. Perhaps one day you will end up in jail as well.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208782

Well your dad caused pain and suffering to others most likely and that is why he is in jail. He is not a productive member of society so he deserves his treatment.

If he did not break the law he would not be in jail. He is in jail not in a funhouse.

Why should he feel any confort. If anything you should be ashamed of him and not want to speak to him at all.


As always, remember you only are given the right to have ONE phone call. Anything beyond that, unless it's contacting your lawyer, is a privilege and can be taken away at any moment for any reason with or without warning.

Very often, in the case of inmate phone calls, the guards will sanitize the messages.

This means that if they hear ANYTHING that sounds like a plan for an escape or illegal activity, then the guards will end the call.

It's not inadequate services in this case, but the law enforcement taking actions based on what they perceived as a threat. Most likely, your father used the wrong key words, prompting the system to lock him down from the phone.

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Houndstooth carpet cleaners does not show up

I give this company a lousy review. They have failed to even show in 2 Saturdays!

the first time they gave some sorry excuse that their truck broke down, hello ? do you only have 1 truck ? then they begged to come the next Saturday and give a "big" discount for giving them a second chance. How bout they give a freaking 3 hour window, they never showed or called, not even in the 3 hour window period!!

I have wasted 2 freakin saturdays waiting on this sorry company, and they did not even have the professional courtesy to call!!! dont use them! this is also a blessing in disguise, I heard they leave the carpet soaking wet anyways, they probably would have ruined by carpet. Gods way of telling me to steer clear of this company !!!!

Houndtooth should only be cleaning Dog houses, dont let them in your home !!! I am pissed!!!!!

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Incorrect English on front cover of catalogue

On the front cover of your Spring 2010 catalogue, the phrase "Look inside for hundreds of unbelievable low prices!" should've been either "unbelievably low prices" or "unbelievable, low prices". Just thought you might want to know.

Actually, I've enjoyed your products for several years and last year ordered my Christmas from you and everything arrived on time and in good order. Just recently I received your most recent catalogue and was weeding out-dated ones and noticed this error.

Since most businesses want correctly punctuated and worded English just thought you might want to know this little tid-bit! Keep up the good work in presenting affordable, low priced goods.



La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #209050

I have seen worse. Jay Leno had a book with tons of newspaper clipping and ads with misspelled words and horrible grammar.

One meat market in New York had a sale on pork loin and had it advertised as a Hanukkah special. Yeah, selling pork loin to Jews.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #208372
I think "should've" in your second sentence needs a capital. :grin However seriously I have seen books and magazines make mistakes in spelling.

I am not talking about using British spelling for words, I am talking obvious spelling mistakes like.

"My favorite color is read. They don't happen often but I have seen them from time to time.
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Other Company in Alexandria, Louisiana - How ex can do this

My name is Jeffery Smith 459-35-45-32 Loan was at address 19830 brisbane meadows Katy Texas 77449 cynthia wanted Tahoe back when we split up and i made the payments up until August this year and she had taken over the payment since then ,Know she has lost her job and she is letting somone she really dont know drive this vehicle and take up the payments ,i want the truck if she cant afford it are i want iot out of my name i will not be responsible for this truck any longer she has done nothing but ruin my credit and i will not be responsible for this loan anymore ,i have hired a lawyer and will proceed Monday morniong to file bankrupcy on this truck to get everything off me ,THIS IS BULL ***

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Other Company in Plano, Texas - Your salesman was a constant pest,would not let us just look

my wife and i went to your beaumont store for the first time on friday.the prices where good but the service was terrible. when we walked in ,the salesman introduced himself. we said hi then told him we was there for the first time and just wanted to look around.he said that was fine and said to just look around and if we had any questions to just ask.well....i guess that wasn't clear enough,he pretty much followed us around and kept telling us about this great deal on a bedroom set.once again i told him we wasn't interested,we were just looking.we actully wasn't looking for a bedroom set,we were looking for a living room set.we could stop walking long enough to look or try anything out,because as soon as we did here he came again.we finally just had to leave while he wasn't looking just so he would stop following us.you have good prices and we like the selection,but because of that salesperson we probly will never go back to your store again.i would actully pay a little bit more somewhere else to avoid that kind of pressure.me and my wife are both in sales,and we were highly dissapointed in our experience at your store,hopefully you fix this problem before you lose more sales.

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