They put the wrong size oil filter on, I have had okay service till this point, They avoided my wife's calls, she has called at least 5 times, I went into the place to confront them, John the manager of course was not there and the girl at the register asked me to write my name and number on a pad, I did right next to my wife's name and telephone number. John called me back and stated my wife never called him at all?

He is not willing to replace the half day I lost at work or to fix my garage floor which is now stained forever.

He attempted to state that the problem was not his but between my wife and I. This business is not a place where the working man can get a fair shake in my opinion, They will not ignore my attorney, it's about principal now.




I went here to get my oil changed on my car. The service manager had brought out a sample of my dirty transmission fluid and recommend that I change it.

I agreed to it. About 10 minutes later, he shows that same dirty fluid sample to another customer and recommends that he get his transmission fluid changed!!

Every oil change customer was recommended to change something like air filter, coolant flush, etc. They got me for 90 dollars (who knows if they even changed it), don't let them get you.


Went to 2920 CAR WASH to speak to the owner John about the problem that occured yesterday. He refused to refund the money for the unused car washes on my gift cards.

The back of the gift card says "Use this Card toward the purchase of goods and service at 2920 Car Wash" He refused to let me spend the unused portion in the store

The lube manager came out and said "thats the lady that thinks her gift card are credit cards" I said "I beg your pardon" he said stop harassing the customers, the customer is someone I knew. I said out loud "was I harassing you" she said absolutely not" Paulie the lube manager then said "get out of my shop, and f--k you"

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Other Company in Oakhurst, California - Very unhappy

We boughtthis product about 5years ago. We were told at the time it was 100% gerenteed for life.

We jsut found out that the parts that it needs are not covered under the warenty. They want $600.00 dollars for the replacement parts. The product has been a piece of junk since we got it asked them to take it back after a few weeks after we purchased it and they refused. the product has not work right since it was enstalled.

Would not recomened it to anyone.

Uses way too much salt does not take the iron out of the water as was stated when we purchesed it. Very undependable ran our power bill way up for two months due to an electircal problem.

David Kiely very disgruntled

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Unfair Debt Collections

International Portfolio Inc is garnishing my savings and bank account for back medical bills I have been paying on.They refuse to send a statement of what I have paid and ballance after.The Lawyer fees and court cost are one third of my bill in a few months. There are few laws in place at this time to govern collection agencies. They can ask for any amount for a monthly payment even if you can't afford their standards.Then they can legally clean out your bank account and charge interest and court and lawyer fees.The state of New Jersey sued them.


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How about quit being a freeloading loser and pay your bills so that a collection agency doesn't need to get involved?

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Pissed off and want my money back.............

they are one of the worst websites i have ever been on.If others ran this

*** scheme the internet would have no bus.at all.How openly say it is an honest plot of what they are doing,stealing our money out openly I can not say much more without cursing all the way through this posting.again give me my *** money back or i will find another crook who can get it from you.there are alot of crooked Lawyer in the Washington,D.C. area looking to *** into your pockets on this one,so pay up now or later!

Review #183469 is a subjective opinion of PissedConsumer183469.

Other Company in Miami Beach, Florida - Thievery - stay away!

My ca had a growth, so my son brought him in. He got an estimate of nearly $600 to remove the growth and do a "dentak oriohylaxis feline package." We phoned the clinic and said that was too much money, so they should remove the growth only and not bother about the dental work.

They said fine. My son dropped the cat off this morning, and after a while got a call saying it would cost $800-something, that is is MORE expensive to remove the growth alone than to combine it with the dental stuff. I said this made no sense, to stop everything, and we went to get out cat back. They had done nother, then as I was leaving they started demanding more money for an office visit -- although I just paid for an office visit a couple of days before.

They were threatening as I walked out. Never ever ever do near these thieves!

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Getting screwed

i,ve been a member for less than 6 months ! i paid for a year membership !

the other day i lost my pictures & could,nt email ! could you look into this !!!!! i,ve been emailing all this time until the other day !it,s very hard to get in touch with you ! you are allways upgrating on here but seem like it,s get worse , i don,t like the new way ya are doing the pics , the old way is better , but could you please take care of my membership or give my money back !!!!!!

i don,t think you would scam people! i think its a computer era !!!


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Maybe you ought to get screwed. Reading your complaint tells nothing about who...

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Water supply in bay garden homes bay laguna philippines

i dont understand why in our place nobody complain our water supply because im so angry every time im taking a bath even my kids r taking a bath our water is the most dirties and 100% not safe in the world...how *** all the management of our village not to demand to change our water supply company here...i can show u some videos and photos how dirty it is...and onething our water bills is not fair its so high and expensive,how come i have 700 to 800php bill in a month...and our water is always ruin my day...pls if some one can help us to solve our biggest problems in water please help and save us now...thanks



San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines #639282

here also in margarita homes why the water is yellowish and dirty all the times i dont why...

plss. laguna water fix tis issue


Get the heck outta there leave that house its not worth to keep bay garden homes sucks! My whole family got sick hospitalized because of that dirty water.

Im goin to sell my house not only because of that also everytime flood comes along the bathroom wont work thats insane.

You wanna complain you cant find those people who are in charge of it. Call the office they gonna transfer you to the engineers there you cant reach.

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Other Company in Reno, Nevada - Gaming all states Vegas Or Indian low paybacks with acclaimed no revenue

even though we know they start with overhead, we game happily at their establishments, We have high hopes that We(I) will hit a jackpot, not the Big One Because we are concervative realists. when the lessor of all options occur, stone cold broke, all credit extended and expired, Nation in turmoil, forclosures at their highest.

We (I), look back at the failure and sumarize the aftermath. Something not so right happened, but from the other side of the coin was this not so random event. slot Machines that advertised at high payback were not paying back so high. however enough payback that kept us (me) coming back but at a constant decline.

An even closer investigation showed cheating at an astounding rate , odds are for honest gaming , and Gaming Commission should be aware of odds. When We, I , you, your children, are cheated you get pissed,just as we se here. think about one thing , before we shut Down social Security and privatize Vetrans Benfits. How Much Money is the Gaming Comission worth , And why do we depend on this enity to regulate an activity thats stealing money from us on false advertising, hidden protocol, and misleading agendas, and tax evation, I say that because if your purjuring about income then your not paying taxes on it.

ABOLISH THE GAMING COMMISSION and see the casinos for what they really are. Move the Money into Social Security and watch our Nation recover.

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Other Company in Hereford, Pennsylvania - Incredibly Poor Service

TV package purchased in store and promised for next day delivery. No call as promised; the store tells you one thing and the delivery service another (delivery said there was no record of a scheduled delivery at all).

Impossible to reach the store manager or the sales person: everyone always "on the phone." After trying to speak to anyone at the store other than the unhelpful receptionist, I drove over and was told that there was a mixup in one of the components ordered and that it was out of stock. By this time, I had had enough of the run-around and said that I wanted to cancel the order. Incredibly, the manager told me that the order couldn't be canceled until the following day because the TV was on the truck! I asked them how could the TV be on the truck if there was no delivery scheduled?

This is emblematic of my interactions with these people. Why shop there again?

Hereford, Pennsylvania
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Other Company in Baltimore, Maryland - Loan Servicer

You are right. This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. No communication between departments. No one enters notes or call you back.

I wish I could get my loan refinanced with a reputable company. These people are idiots. They don't have a clue on what they are doing.

I should had refinanced back when I could with a reputable company. Live and learn. I wish I had refinanced when I had the opportunity before this mortgage bust.

I'm still trying to get a person that has any common or business sense. I wish I could talk with the President of this company.

Review #183304 is a subjective opinion of poster.