Other Company in Calhoun, Georgia - One on one resume did not fulfill their obligation to make changes to my resume

one on one resume took my fee of $189.00, but did not make the changes to my resume that I requested. After receiving my first copy I submitted to add more information.

The changes were made, I then asked that an additional job be added on 10/28/2010 to this date the changes have not been made. According to their agrrement you have 30 days to ask for changes before additional charges will be added, my initial request was on, 10/3/2010. I was within my 30 days.

I have tried calling no response and for some reason I am unable to login to my original email account. I have emailed them several times to re-set my password because it seems that they have deleted my account, no response.Do not use this company they do not tell the truth about what they will do for you.However, they will take your money quick.

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Other Company in Zurich, Zurich - Not so much a complaniant, but support

actually, 5.2 trillion UK debt

bring on the crunch camron, it's not your fault the UK is in such debt, but now it's your fault you are crushing down on the UK's debt, how naive from the British public, and the loose leashes the UK governments to have the uk very under educated public to be of the UK. I think it's only fair that the British public is made accountable for it's spending habits and it's lack of accountability with regards to spending money when they did not have it, also again the banks must be accountable for this large amount of deficit. again the banks and there chef chairmen should also be accountable for this too. this is the only way the UK will get back in to the world playing market, you will be seen to be the worst prime minister in the history of the UK, but if you do it well, you will be seen to be the best prime minister in the UK 10 years later from your service, in the history of the UK " if you do it right".

EX- british resident, age 27, chris

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Refund

I have not received my refund back into my account, it has been more than thirty day. I don't understand what the problem is.

As of today I will be reporting this problem to the BBB. I have been kind and understanding about your return policy but, it has not been kind to us the customers. I would like my money back now. THis also doesn't make any sense either that we have to add onto a email for you to receive it.

I will never use this again nor will I tell anyone else to use it either. thank you kiinoclaudia@sbglobal.net

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Other Company in El Centro, California - Merged my Memorial to his. Ihave the parents and added info (pics) etc to their memorials

I have my wife's close relative, and has been all her life. I asked the owner of their son to be transferred to me.

The son had been set up for about 2 yrs and no additional info was added. I created a duplicate memorial and added HS, Pics, Obit. He responded by merging my Duplicate with his.

I had written him with family history explaining the relationship with my wife.

I had set up memorials for the parents. His response was "I do all the work" which he did nothing except set up the basic memorial for two years.

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Shady practice

wife and her sister ordered online products and used credit cards for one shippment. Both wife and sister were sent a second order one month later and charged again.

Wife called and said she never placed a second order and cust sv said you can cancel it, which she did, but will take 3 weeks to credit her creditcard account. Be alert to this shady business practice of billing and shipping of unrequested products.

this company is betting that these female customers will accept these products several times before they get angery enough and put a stop to their practice. Pissed Husband

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Other Company in Greensburg, Indiana - 20days later, two calls later, still cant find my blood.

I'm currently on hold with the customer service rep. She cant find my results despite the fact that I have received a bill.

She tried to tell me that I called the wrong place, I told her this is the number that was on my bill. I tried to give her my invoice number but apparently she cant look me up that way, billing has to do that. Unfortunately billing cant see results though so there is no connection between the two. All they can see is that I was billed.

Their system is terrible.

I just got off the phone with my customer service rep and she suddenly found the correct results. I'm starting to wonder if my blood was even tested or if they just typed some *** up.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Good Tutoring in Easy Learning Path

I found good tutoring in Richmond Hill. They have teachers almost for all subjects.You could take a course and upgrade your credit mark.There are located in Yonge street.The name of the school is Easy Learning Path.

Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good GoodGood Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good GoodGood Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good GoodGood Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good GoodGood Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good GoodEasy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy! Easy!

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Other Company - How Long Can You Reach a Real Person? Car Insurance Customer Service

When time is critical and you need some human support from your auto insurance company, how fast can you actually get to a live operator?

Are you aware that not all car insurance companies are excellent in customer service? In fact most of them failed miserably in adding up a personal touch to their services by relying on machines to answer the queries of their customers. Check out how we experimented on how long individual car insurance companies customer services give a real person during a customer call :


and please tell us what you think

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Other Company in Little Rock, Arkansas - Military leave change told not coverd by travell insurance even though in policy,

They said not covered then told rebooking fee was 380.00 , I called the

airlines and it was less than 300.00. also blamed me for misspelling my own name on the reservation...hung up on me twice while trying to speak to a manager not worth using next time will pay full price it would have been the same as all the extra fees.

i intend to call the atty general here in

arkansas and also make sure the company is put on the warning list so other soliders/sailors/airmen/marines arnt suckerd in. also going to let the VFW spread the word.

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Other Company in Stockton, California - Hard Core Return Policy

Just make sure what you order is exactly what you need. There is a $15.00 restocking charge and no refunds, you get a store credit.

Since I do not plan on doing further business with this company, I'm not even going to bother returning the wrong item as it's going to end up costing me half of what I paid for it. Use this company at your own risk.

Email responses from them were very rude and condecending. In a word they told me I didn'r know what I was doing when I ordered the part

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