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11-12-2010. HOUSTON,TX/Near Sugarland,TX..signed on February 2009. Personally visited the Sugarland, Texas office to inquire into the 29.99/package w/free installation. After spending about 30 min in the Sugarland office asking EVERY POSSIBLE question, I signed the contract.

When I received my first bill and EVERY BILL thereafter it was w/taxes 62.88/basic services 59.99. Immediately went into Sugarland office, where I was told I did not send in the "paper work" for the 29.99 deal. I was NEVER TOLD about any paperwork, nor was I given any to send in. The "boys" in that office seemed amused..and remarked..well, what do you want US to do about it. I called a number they gave me with NO RESULTS.

When service contract is up I WILL CHANGE Services. As of this date, I have not had any SERVICE since 11-09...SERVICE fact you could not call what they do SERVICE..Rip off. I was told a service man would be out 11-10 between 12-4...after numerous calls the service man showed up after 7:00pm,working in dark. Service went out about 30 min after he left. The cable went off and on, off and on. 11-11-2010, I was told the service man would be at my home prior to 4:00 pm. The service man FINALLY called about 6:00 ish saying he would call before he started this way. We were up until 11:29pm and NO CALL NO SERVICE this date 11-12-2010. Time 9:42am.

Someone from somewhere???? called (8:30am) to check on Service Man's work and promised us a Service man would be at our home by 11:00am this date 11-12-2010.



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La Prairie, Quebec, Canada #210671
There are tons of complaints on here about DirectTv. Next time, do a Google search of the company you are considering doing business with.

The failing economy seems to bring out the demon in people.

:sigh What goes around, comes around. They will get theirs.
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Other Company in Scotch Plains, New Jersey - They don't deliver and don't refund

I ordered a chair to be picked up in 7 days. 7 days later it wasn't there and I was told it would be there in 4 more days.

Still no chair. I complained and was given a "refund" on my credit card of $50 and to come back next week for the chair. Next week : still no chair. I was told that it had been marked for delivery to my home in error.

Again, talking to "customer service" is like talking to the non-existent chair. I cancelled the order and was given another "refund" for the balance on my credit card. That was 2 weeks ago.

I am still waiting for the funds to be taken off my credit card. Moral of this story : Go somewhere else!!

Scotch Plains, New Jersey
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Other Company in Saginaw, Michigan - Bought a wine frig. had it just over 1yr. and it doesn't work anymore

For Christmas now going on two yrs. ago my husband bought me a wine frig.

We had to move it to do some remodelling and when we brought it back in the room and plug it in, it wouldn't work anymore. My husband tried all the trouble shoting and it still won't work. We are very dissatisfied with this product. Thank You for hearing me out.

Were do we take this to be fixed? We are from Bay City, MI.

48706. Why do I need to use 100 words to get an answer from you people, like a school essay.

Eve Aumend
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Other Company in Denver, Colorado - Need one oven shipped to another person, please help,I am on the *** of cancelling my Visa this mo

on 11-11-10 I ordered two of your ovens for Xmas gifts, however after adding the info I find that quickly I'm shut out with no way to ask for 1 oven to be shipped to another address. As you know, shipping is very expensive on these items and I have no desire to have to turn around and pay another shipping charge to get it to ther for both ovens, however if you e other recepient. If you can in fact do this we'll continue with don't respond Iwill have no recourse but to go to visa and stop the charges and cancel the order-Walter

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Other Company in Perth, Western Australia - Disgusting!

I wish I had googled this website to find these reviews before sending money to them. I have contacted them via email numerous times and every reply has just been an excuse saying that they didn't receive my order and payment.

This a disgusting scam and they should be shut down. From now on I will search for reviews before ever doing something like this again. This is the second time I have been scammed by clever internet scammers.

Does anyone know how to report a website to the police? They should not get away with this ever again.

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Other Company in Chula Vista, California - Worst Company Ever Dealt With/Rude and Unprofessional/Expired Product/Took almost 6 weeks to receive

I can not remember in recent time a company that was so unprofessional, did not stand by their product, was rude and quite honestly the guy, Mike, that I dealt with was a Grade A A-hole. Sorry, not other description hits it on the head as well.

It took almost 6 weeks to receive the expired product, they never told us that it was backordered at any point after several attempts to try to communicate with them. After 5 weeks, I was told by Mike that I would receive a refund and was hung up on. The product then came a week or so later. The price was the initial attraction, but it is NOT worth the trouble.

I have no idea in the world how this company exists and really wish the right people would find out about them and treat them the way that they treat customers. I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN, BUYER BEWARE!

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Other Company in El Paso, Texas - Paid insurance yet I was denied coverage

I had been with this insurance for the last 10 years. When my daughter had an accident, I found out that she was an excluded driver since she was 16 when she didn't drive and had no licence (15 years ago).

My problem is that when I added a car to my insurace, which she (now 300 would also be driving, never was I asked if there was any changes or that there were excluded drivers in my policy.

I feel that this should and probably is the policy to make sure that the customer is notified and changes made as needed to ensure the right coverage is in place.

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Other Company in Bloomington, Illinois - Charged interest for a loyal customer

my last bill is to be paid in 11/27/10 which i called last month stating and verifiying that do to our bad mail service. the customer service women i spoke to said yes 11/2010 i told her i would pay the entire balance which i always pay the bill when bill comes in immediaely as you can see per my record.

when i called cust service yesterday she said i would have had to pay it by 11/4/2010 however the payment date is due on 11/27/10 i would really appreciate the credit for the interest as i am a loyal customer. please reconsider thank you

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Other Company in Washington, District Of Columbia - Screwed by modification

I was giving a trial loan payment to make while i was trying to get a modification. While I paid the new monthly loan amount that was told to make they also stuck me with 50,000.00 past due amount.

What the heck is that al about. I was 3 months behind when starting the modification and now they tell me I am 12 months and 50,000.00 behind and want thier money now or they are going to foreclose. I though loan sharking was illegal?

I guess it is not if you have a company name on it. Is there anyone that can help with this?

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Other Company in West Palm Beach, Florida - Charge fee

I am very dissapointed since signing upw/ net det. that if i want a criminal backround chack it costs me money everytime It was my understanding that i would have unlimited acess for 3 yrs I am a private invest.and this feature is my most needed catgory I REFUSE TO PAY A fee every time i need a back/chek 29.95 a mo.


is it still possible to cancelmy subscription to go to one of the MANY other sites that will provide me that type of info w/o/a fee everytime???? donald dill (

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