Other Company in Westminster, Colorado - Calls to costa rica, having trouble connecting on calls

i am having trouble calling costa rica i have called the same number for 10 years with quest never ever any trouble the person i talked with wanted an area code for them they donnnnoooottt have one giving me the run around i need to call them i am really sorry i went with comcast amarti3873@aol.com why do i need to put in 100 words just let me call instead of '''''''''''''''''''''' 'cannot call the number as dialed' the number is---011 506 8 8438917' first 8 is for cell phone need eight more words need four more words

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Pep Boys- Pleasant Hills Store, Pgh.- Greasy Floor Mats

This happened to me.

At the Pleasant Hills Store, Pgh Pa. I just installed the top of the line floor mats.

$125.00 just for the front.

After having my car worked on, I went to get my car in the parking lot (I found the doors unlocked), and the driver side floor mat with dirty/greasy footprints on it.

Word of caution, be care full that this store returns you car just as clean as you left it with them, with you doors locked (if you locked them).

Also, one (1) of my custom crome valve caps where missing.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Green print on green background

Do you have any idea how difficult it is for we seniors to read small

print, much less putting colored print on colored backgrounds. Even

the black print on some of the colors is difficult for us to read. A

prime example is this month's "From the editor." How ***!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why I must stretch this to 100 words when I've made myself very clear. Seems like concise would be much more advantageous to both you and myself. Are you satisfied that we have discontinued our daily

paper because of the small print, hoping to enjoy magazines that are

usually more generouswith their type size?

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Other Company in Madison, Wisconsin - The phone will not receive calls -will not access long distance to come through

Someone calls our number a person on the line says this call must not be considered local call, but must go through the long disstance operator. We can get no further.....

thanx George Kalb This happened November 16 with a call from 608-754-8711 to our number 608721-1233. The computer is making a very unusual squeaking noise. It happened when I the owner called our home to talk with Lorraine Kalb, my wife....

I have tried several times today November 17 and it does not respond any differently. The operator still comes on the line and repeats this same suggestion and gives us an 800 number to use, but it has not been possible to remember the number so that I can use it...

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Other Company in Mandeville, Louisiana - One hour glasses taking up to two weeks.

On 11/4/2010, I go in to get glasses for me and my daughter hoping to get glasses in one hour. They wait until after we get the exam, pick glasses and pay before they tell us it won't be ready for a couple of days.

Fine, I guess we are in the "most cases" category, for 4 different pairs of glasses. I pick up my daughters glasses 2 days later when they are ready. Neither of my glasses are ready. I have to wait another week for one to be ready.

But the other is still waiting on frames and nobody has an idea when it will be ready. Today is the 17th. I spoke to a guy over the phone and he didn't seem to bothered by the fact that I don't have my glasses, that he didn't know how long it would take to get my glasses. He just didn't care.

Not sympathetic for the length of time or the strain on me. It's worse than going in for a 5 min oil change and it taking 2 hours. Eyemasters was pid on the 4th.

WTF. -Grady Roberts - grady.lsu@gmail.com -

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Poor service

are cell phone around here is not working like it should they are tell everyone it is because of the tower why are we been charger for the this are phone are showing that we are useing then but really we are not because are calls are been drop and we are having to keep calling that person back so it showing that we are using the service whats up here pay for what we are no getting att acts like we dont no what we are talking about so we are just dump people it take up to three hour some times to get are texts mess.be have bad service here att needs to read are daily home here in sylacauga alabama on nov 17 and see that everyone around here is having problem why pay if you are not get the service you pay for we have been having trouble it started back in september


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Allenton, Michigan, United States #212743
Save your money for spelling lessons!!! :upset :upset :upset :upset
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Other Company in Nyack, New York - Your calendar's ommission

Your calendars omit Orthodox Easter. The day usually differs from western Christianity.

We Christians outnumber the Muslims and you see fit to include their holidays. I have no problem in their inclusion. My concern is with your omission of the most important holiday for the christian orthodox. Please give your future calendars consideration.

It seems i must add more words to get my message through.

The orthodox are six million strong in this country and are the second largest christian body in the world.

I believe we do deserve consideration. I am close to the 100 words required of me.

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Other Company in Craigsville, West Virginia - I can not get credit from them, how do i build credit with them then

everytime i apply for small things on credit to help build my credit with them i get turned down so how can i build my credit with you if you wont give me credit just starting out.all i ask for is a small amount then pay it off to keep good credit but no i get turned down i dont understand why you cant help me like everyone else you have great selections but i cant find out how good of products with no credit. i needed a computer desk so i had to go thru my neighbor to get it from you cause you would not give me credit

Craigsville, West Virginia
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Other Company in Modesto, California - Room filthy

long beach down town #704 carpet and bathroom filthy. 11-14-10 Dr.

and Mrs Weldon Hess 9632 Theresa Cr. Stockton Ca 95209. 209- 9563975 We worried about bed bugs so dirty, sad, we won't stay with Hilton again. We wouldn't walk on floor bare footed.

I really don't know what else I can say, I think you get the meaning of this message with less than 100 words. I realize these are hard times and cutting back is necessary, but common cleaning should not be one of them, it would not take much to clean at least the bathroom.

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received catalog with approved credit tried to place order. why do you needmy social security number in order to place an order?

that information i feel is to personel to put on your site. i will throw your catalogs away advice other to also. i saw very many ideas that i wanted to order from your catalog but because you wanted information that i've been told many times to not release.

i will be forced to order from a different company who will want my business with having to know all my personel information. this was truly a sad day for me.


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If you ever get a catalog in the mail that claims pre- approved credit and you didn't ask for it chances are it can be a scam. Also if they required a crefit check for you to purchase items then they should never say pre-approved.

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