Other Company in Grand Junction, Colorado - Service Department

In October I submitted a check to Country magazine to not only renew my subscription, but to also renew our son's gift subscription. Now I receive a notice that your publication will not send our son's gift subscription and that I need to send more money to have this done.

In October when I submitted the renewal notice it specifically stated to RENEW both my subscription but also to renew our son's gift subscription.

The check that was sent included costs for both of these subscriptions. Now I want to know what happened to that money the check has already been processed through our bank.

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Other Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan - Failed to deliver dresses in time for wedding

We ordered bridesmaids dresses well in advance for a sept wedding. The dresses never arrived!

Now 2 1/2 months later, still no dresses or refunds. Almost impossible to talk to anyone. would NOT recommend any one to order from them! We have sent several emails (daily) and still no response.

when we were able to speak to a representative, they promised our accounts would be credited within 30 days. Now when we call, we are told we are calling the wrong number. this company is terrible.

Even with a rush order, dresses not delivered for the wedding date. What a mistake we made.

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Was unable to cash money order. and is lost.

i sent a money order to my son in west virginia he was unable to cash it. so he sent it back to me so.

why he can't cash it in west virgina or anywhere in united states? i dont think its right i purched a $200.00 money order and have to pay $15.00 dollars to retrive my money back from the money order that i purchaed from you. its not fair and yes i'm pissed off about the situation.

i want to track down this money order and take leagel action on the person who cashed it. and i would like a refund on my $200.00 dollars.


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What does this have to do with Insight Communications? Just curious......... :?
tammy nagy
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Other Company in Jacksonville, Florida - I can not pay my bill!

for some reason, when it's time to pay my bills, they never seem to make it on time! i started paying my mait.fee on nov.8 they still don't have it.so i'm sitting here now trying to pay online and all my info seems to be wrong?

confused! ever since we been owners every one has taken advantage of us.

it's hard to find honest people! you try to try something different to do in life and theres so many people waiting to take you for granted,so thanks for that experence.please help me pay my bill without all the late charges!

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Membership#4622022 I tried to cancle they stole four payments and i couldnt pay for my pain med's

I called two tomes complaining about about them taking money from my bank account without my permission i tryed to cancle both times the only reason i joined was for a wallmart $1000 gift card they said i won and then was disqualified for when it turnes out that that card that i sopposidly won was going to cost me a thousand dollars to win it im dissabled and on dissabilty the last three withdrawls from my account made it so i could not pay for my pain medication so i suffered i dont even have a blueray player. thanks

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Other Company in Santa Clarita, California - Ripped me off!!

this company steals!

We signed up to get some leads. they started sending us leads alright. Leads they got by stealing our own internet traffic.

They stole all of our pages and changed our numbers online to theirs so people looking for us would call them. They would then lie to the caller, and bill us for the leads...

they also sold those same leads to our competitors.

It has been months since I filed a complaint with the FBI, and DA.

I am still removing their phone numbers from websites like manta, yellow bot, google pages, yahoo, aol... a

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Other Company in Overland Park, Kansas - Do Not Do Business with this Company

I ordered a cell phone from this company approximately 3 weeks ago. I, like many other consumers on this blog, was told the item was shipped and my credit card was charged. However, there was never a tracking number and the item was not shipped. I've tried to email and phone customer service several times and it goes directly to their voice mail.

I'm afraid I may never get my money back or my phone. There is no one to communicate with.

Please be aware and do not order from this company. I would hate to see more consumers end up in this same situation.

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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Telephone Rep

The Rep just called my home giving out my personal information such as my birthdate full name and socail security!!!!!!! I'm calling the better business bureau to have this looked into ASAP!

I can't believe this company and how they operate! I'm hoping the call was being recorded because I have the exacvt time this woman called.

There's people needing jobs right now, and if this woman can't do hers professionally then she needs to be removed and FIRED! I'm going to reserach this company and find out what other people there doing this too, and put a cival law suit out there and get there money!

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Other Company in Saint James, Missouri - You have harrassed me for the past 13 months!

to whom it may concern....... I have been harrassed for the past 13 months.

Due to, the loss of my Husband,job,and home!You people have called me every day sometimes 8 times a day! You have recently sent a letter to my late Husband which, I sent u a death cerctificate and told u 5 times he is DECEASED! What don't u understand? If u want to make him pay please come and tell him in the Urn!

He was creamated! You have made my life a living *** for the past 13 months it needs to stop!I haqve consumer rights!And I have already notified the attorney general's office!Next, it will be the BBB! I can't help what happened! Have u ever heard it is out of your hands?


Saint James, Missouri
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Other Company in Burton Upon Tren, England - PARENTS!:@

my parents won't let me go to a britains got talent audition with my best friend because they're worried about me 'missing a day if school' WTF?! who gives a *** about school?!

Burton Upon Tren, England
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