Need to make sight is to use

i'm not pissed or displeased but got a card in the mail for my order and i forgot something so you can finish my order. i tried to find a place where i could find out what i forgot and i can't find a place to do this.

i work part time and have to have my phone off so i din't realize you were trying to get in touch with me.

i will be home now for few days so please give me a call so we can get this done. 1-608-548-1759 or 1760 the last number is my husbands thanks

joella smith


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This has to be the most incoherent post I have ever seen. The very title is bewildering but the body doesn't help in the least to clear up what this woman is trying to communicate.

It's as if she thinks her intended audience is just going to be roaming around this site and happen upon her post. Cognitive disorder?

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Other Company in Bristol, England - Misstreated

Dear SIR/Madam

i m writing to you and i m varyy disappointed and upset about an incient happened today in one of your branche.

i m a regular and loyal customer of TXMax for years.

today, i was shopping in your store in colliers wood, i bought a tshirt and pair of shoes, i paid for them and on my way out i was stopped by the security guard, who took in aroom and asked me about the shoes i bought and if i paid for them, which i certainwly did, and i show him the receipt.. then he saoiid thats not the right price for the shoes , that i paid.. and he said that i switched the label.. which is not right at al.. what happened is ti tried 3 pairs ., and maybe the label fell off . so i putit back. without realising it was the wrong label and i tried to explain that to the security people but they wouldnt listen, and i said im willing to pay the difference if i did a mistake which i didnt intend to make, but the security person didnt listen, i was treated like a criminal, and now i m banned from going to any txmax shop, and issued with a fine.

i m totally upset.. this never happened to me.. i really aprreciate if you can consider this matter and get back to me as soon as possible.

kind regards

Emil hajj


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Other Company in Jenkinsburg, Georgia - Took my phone and never paid me

Beware of this website. It is a TOTAL scam.

I wish I had come to this site to read the reviews before I send my phone to them. THey took my phone and according to their website said they never recieved it despite the fact that I sent it with trakcing from the post office and it was delivered. I e-mailed them at least 5 times and they never responded.

Am going to report them as a fraudulent company and hopefully someone will shut them down so they cannot scam anyone else. I am just surprised that they haven't been shut down already.

Jenkinsburg, Georgia
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Other Company in New York, New York - Payment method

I am not happy about how I was treated over the phone when inqiuring to purchase 2 HD DVR recievers the customer service rep was extremeley RUDE and I did not appreciate her attitude at all I undersatand I had an issue well over 2years ago with a bounced check and I dont understand why still your company has not lifted that off of my account that I can only pay by credit card Im looking into changing over t. cablevision and not to mention that the HD dvr reciever I do have is very slow and hasnt worked right in over a year I called for service and when the technition came to my house I was told thats how they all are have a nice day I should have known from day one when it was installed the installer stole a tool from my house called your company and still nothing was resolved!!!!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Bed bugs in the curtains?

Members of my family were recently found to have a huge bed bug infestation. The problem has been happening for a couple of months but was not diagnosed until 3 weeks ago.

These folks moved 1 year ago into a bed bug free home. They have not traveled/stayed in motels during that year and were bug free until this summer. So what happened? They purchased some curtains at a nation retail chain store.

The exterminator believes that they imported the bugs on the curtains they purchased from this store and has told them that it is quite common to have bed bugs spread this way.

My family is now out $2000 for treating this infestation as well as out medical expenses for the allergic reaction a family member suffered.

I believe they should contact a lawyer and start a suit against the store but they made the purchase with cash and do not have the receipt, although the label in the curtains is one that I believe is sold exclusively at this store. I wanted to warn other consumers but I would also like to know if anyone else has had this problem or knows who I should contact for help.

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Other Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Bogus

This school is very missed leading you cant never get the help they offer a lote of the times when i tired to long in they were having problems with there website and when i called they said that i should try again the next day when i had the time to do my work then so it wasnt that convienent

the website is very old and need to be updated and you have no support my granny died and i lost my job around the same time and i told them that i couldnt make a payment but they didnt care they shut my login in off and sent the payment to collections just like that bogus

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Other Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Put funds in wrong area

Called to make a total of six payments.was told this was possible.found out later,they took out the right amount of money to equal six payments,but they only allowed me four payments.took it upon their self to place the rest of the money towards the principle. Told them I didn"t want to do that.They said theres nothing I can do now.Called many times ,trying to get a hold of someone higher up.I was given a number that went nowhere.Tried to find a number online,but found nothing.I will never go through this bank again.

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Other Company in Livingston, New Jersey - Not able to retrive messages

I have completed my requirments on me profile three times and hit the save change and i still have not been able to get my messages that have been sent to me from intrested parties this process is starting to get on my nerves and i have know answer advise so i can answer the i am sure you can understand that what is required of my time to complete this task takes a lot of my time and effort and i am a corp exec with a lot of responceability to my employees .please advise thanks for now

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Other Company in Seattle, Washington - HR rep always out side store somking , does not give stright word about employment opertunities .

I have been applying for this store for multiple positions for over a year .

I always get the run around from store managers and especially the HR rep who apears to be out side store smoking most of the time .

A store food dept manager when I approched him about this . seemed clickish and protecting her .

Seem s new blood is needed and an empire is operating in this location .

Its wrong and general public see s this problem of bad management .

It apears that hand selection thru HR is in process and the Fair system of the program on net is not being used .

I am always told no positions available from HR rep , and I see new employees hired .

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Other Company in Oil City, Pennsylvania - Needed return code still have not received

i called was told to have return code in my email the next day..... and i haven't had one.

called my credit card so NOT to be charge and it was successful but i can't seem to be able to return product. their policy for return leave something nasty in mind. promise you to get you code only NOT to. trying to call and get through is impossible.

the hold time is like 10 minutes but when you have a cell phone and have only x amount of minutes it is costly just to get no where. help

Oil City, Pennsylvania
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