Other Company in Flint, Michigan - They wont refund money they promised they would

I joined the club in Bolder, nevada. I canceled my membeship the next day and Mike(the owner) said he would refund my money into my account, I handed in my keys and to this day I have NOT received my money.

Now a guy named ALEX is calling me, giving me the run around and I still dont have my money.I feel like they keep hustling me. Just last week they said they would as send me a check and I still dont have my money.I am surprised that this is how they do business.Alex has changed his story atleast five times and I STILL DONT HAVE MY MONEY, the club phone number is (702)440-3400 andis in bolder,Nevada.

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Other Company in Alpharetta, Georgia - Annoying

From a customer's point of view they are extremely annoying when it comes to checking on receival of invoices and payment status. I get at least one call a day from one of the several locations we deal with.

"Did you get our invoice?" "When can we expect payment?". Our company pays them with in 2 to 3 weeks of receival so it's not as if we are slow paying or have had payment issues in the past.

It's time consuming and I am about to the point of ignoring all of their calls. From reading some of these complaints, it looks like they need to relax a little on the customer's and concentrate more on their service to the employees.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Stolen disable women money

well my son order me a gift which ended up costing me 130.00 for makeup I don't even ware I'm disable and never leave my home. I tryed to cancel it but it did not work they were suppose to email me the address and conformation number but they didn't so I was unable to mail there product back and now I have to pay for something I don't even want I just want to give it back and get my money back I'm on SSD and only gat 784.00 to live on I guess I won't get to eat this month but you can believe me when I say they haven't heard the last of me I will be calling everyone that will listen or help after all on tv they only charge 29.95 beware of bare mineral makeup they will rip you off do not buy from them if they have already done this to you call the better buisness breau like I am in the morning. feed up jeanette

disabled and scammed
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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Ripped off someone on social sercurity disability

My son ordered bare mineral elements make up for me as a gift he ordered a trail product of it since i"m disable and take percocet and morphine for the pain after 7 back surgeries and don't ever leave the house I never wear makup so I called to cancel it the man I spoke to said I could use it until dec 8 and he would email me the address to mail it back I never recieved it then today I wokeup at 5;00 p.m got on line to check my bank account and found they charged me $130.52 for a product they sell on tv for #29.95 I pnly get $784.00 monthly to live on I just want to give them back ther product and get my money back but they just refuse to work with me. If they would of emailed me like they said I would have not gotten my money stolen by them in this scam can anyone help me biswell63@yahoo.com thank you jeanette

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Other Company in Jackson, Michigan - Horrible company/ worthless policy

I have paid over $2000 for my policy. They have never covered any of my claims and just make me spend the money to fix it by myself and then charge $60 for sending someone over to check it out.

The policy is written in a way so that they have a reason to deny every claim. They are more ruthless than bank rubbers.

I had coverage with them before as well and it has always been the same story. Once the knob in the sink of master bed room broke. They wanted to replace it with a generic one which wouldn't match the other sink.

But then I got a call from them that even that is denied because some reason they found in their book. Can you imagine that!

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Other Company in Oak Harbor, Washington - They keep calling me!

They keep calling my house at all hours of the night, and it pops up as 800 services! I am on the DO NOT CALL list, and have nothing to do with these people.

Someone called and asked for someone that I've never heard of, and I said they had the wrong number and they asked if I was sure. As if I wouldn't know who is living in my house! STOP CALLING ME!

It's rude, and it wakes my spouse and I, especially when you call at 9pm. I pay my bills, and have good credit!

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Other Company in Wolfe City, Texas - Extremely Rude and Unorganized

I have a 6 year loan of which the last 5 years have been paid every month via auto debit with no problems. Two months ago I contacted them to cancel the auto debit and request an extention due to job layoff and divorce.

I also advised that I needed a payoff amount for the court as settlement monies would be used to payoff the loan as soon as documents were completed. I have contacted their customer service 3 times since to give timeline updates and again request extention documents be mailed to me. I have yet to receive the mailing. I received a phone call today from a very rude representative telling me I am one payment behind and must make payment today to avoid repossession.

I explained that my file should contain history notes and again requested extention. She would not accept. Only after asking to speak to a manager about 6 times did I get transferred to leave a message.

I have yet to receive a call back. I am appalled that after so many phone calls there were no notes on my file entered, rudeness of the representatives, and lack of management return call.

Wolfe City, Texas
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Other Company in Monroe, Louisiana - Where is my gift and reward or money

I have also been a victum in paying money and have not recieved the things that I have paid for too and I know how it feels. There are so many scams going on you will never think you are at risk until they take your money and don't recieve anything.

It hurt alot. I'm still waiting for things that I have signed up for and I haven't recieved anything yet.

We just got ot find websites that are giving what we really want and pay for. I am so sorry for all who haven't recieved.

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Other Company in Toronto, Ontario - Pd mbsp 110914501199 but cant use.why????

Paid my membership on my visa card. Trans # 1109145011199 but not able to use so I can hopefully meet someone special.

They are rquesting a reply BUT I can not do so UNLESS i AM A MEMBER???? i HAVE DIALED YOUR TEL #1-866-962-8244 AT LEAST 10 times and get a busy signal. I joined your site with very high expectations of QUALITY AND SERVICE and get '0'. On your notificaion 0f membership it states I can also use SERIOUSMEMBERS.COM but when I try it will not accept my USER or PASS ????

I know you are not purposely doing this so PLEASE correct this problem as-ap. Repectfully RMCCULLIGH07@YAHOO.COM TKS MUCH

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Other Company in Miami, Florida - The serviceman stood me up for 5 hours

I bought a Refrigerator only 4 months ago and this is my 2nd time of having to call for service and on top of it, I had to call 3 times within 5 hours to find out what time they would show up,then I asked to speak to a supervisor and the representative would not let me talk to one until I kept insisting and after holding for 15 minutes I finally spoke to a person who said was a Manager and she was wonderful but other than that their service dept. is not good at all, thank you whoever you are that finally was able to locate the service man

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