Other Company in San Bernardino, California - I have had great fun debit my account and don't even now how or when it started.

They started debiting my account and now every mon the charges are taken out. I will attempt to contact them and see if I can get these charges off of my card.

I have switched bank cards to see if that would do the trick and to no avail.

Will post and let you know how it works.

At first I thought this was something my husband signed up for so we switched his bank card as well, again, no avail. How can companies get away with such fraudeluant antics and still be in business, I don't know what this company even offers and how did they get my email??

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Other Company in Atlanta, Georgia - Faulty PageBrite

I have used everything but a sledge hammer to open the battery cover. It would not budge.

That means it is no good to me . Not worth the money. I have returned it to the store. I am a big crossword puzzle fan and this was exciting to me as I am getting up in years and my eyesight is not too good, Was excited as I needed something like that.

Saw this on TV and it looked great But I don't want to battle with it in order to use it . Mayve I will com up with something.

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Other Company in Caledonia, Michigan - We were purshasing large outdoor christmas decorations

We have been trying to purchase large Christmas decorations for the outdoors. We have had to take back two different large purchases because of missing pieces, holes etc., in brand new products we are just plain frustrated.

What happened to the American Pride I guess greed has taken us to outsourcing everything! And people wonder why are economy TANKED. Oh my! I use to write professionally before I got sick and you are asking for a minimum of 100 words to say I am angry, mad .

. .

I am on disability and the economy sucks and you all wonder why? GREED THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME VENT!!!!

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Other Company in Pass Christian, Mississippi - They lie lie lie then over bill

they sent me a wireless device in January 2010 as part of my package at no charge then billed me for the next ten month and won t return my money, year after year they have made deals then pad the bill lie cheat and steal thats att i have delt with some very nice people at att i feel for them working for such a dishonest company but after you find someone you can work with you you can never contact them again useally the number is no good or they have moved to another department looking for another phone company

Pass Christian, Mississippi
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Billing issues

I ordered the instyler and received it without any problems. OK item i guess not as easy to use as advertised.

However, now I am now being billed monthly two charges. I started receiving items from them and tried to return them and they would not take back. I called to cancel or stop the billing and shipments and they said fine that they would credit my account. But that didn't happen and the monthly billing continued.

Tried to call again and they want $3.70 from me to talk to someone. I would never do business with this company again.

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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Wavee

its a complete waste of time. i thought within an hour or so and $100 later that's i'd be a bit closer to winning an auction. Their megameter for your "best chance to win" is a complete waste as well

stay clear of this site, might as well go to a casino and get what you paid for. the language is not clear on how the bidding process worked. I was under the impression as it counted down and hit 01 that i had a good chance of winning. After watching it hit 01 maybe 200 times and a complete waste of an afternoon, i had drained my credits and everyone should know this before they enter the site.

The college grads who invented this need to revisit doing business online. if you have 1 of 100 people who win or have something positive to say, the website will eventually gain enough negative press it will shut down!

nice to get my money back or at least a productive afternoon....

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Other Company in Greenwood, Indiana - No heat in house had to make payment

Had to get furnace fixed in house had no heat only asked 1 time about skipping payment and wanted to know how much ck was and how much it would cost to get it fixed did not know till we had someone come out to house to fix the furnace and have bought 2 car from then and paid 1 of then off from them we had no other place to go and get a good car and all never had a problem from them before if we had a emergency come up to skip a payment know not to ask again

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Other Company in Flint, Michigan - They wont refund money they promised they would

I joined the club in Bolder, nevada. I canceled my membeship the next day and Mike(the owner) said he would refund my money into my account, I handed in my keys and to this day I have NOT received my money.

Now a guy named ALEX is calling me, giving me the run around and I still dont have my money.I feel like they keep hustling me. Just last week they said they would as send me a check and I still dont have my money.I am surprised that this is how they do business.Alex has changed his story atleast five times and I STILL DONT HAVE MY MONEY, the club phone number is (702)440-3400 andis in bolder,Nevada.

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Other Company in Alpharetta, Georgia - Annoying

From a customer's point of view they are extremely annoying when it comes to checking on receival of invoices and payment status. I get at least one call a day from one of the several locations we deal with.

"Did you get our invoice?" "When can we expect payment?". Our company pays them with in 2 to 3 weeks of receival so it's not as if we are slow paying or have had payment issues in the past.

It's time consuming and I am about to the point of ignoring all of their calls. From reading some of these complaints, it looks like they need to relax a little on the customer's and concentrate more on their service to the employees.

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Other Company in Dallas, Texas - Stolen disable women money

well my son order me a gift which ended up costing me 130.00 for makeup I don't even ware I'm disable and never leave my home. I tryed to cancel it but it did not work they were suppose to email me the address and conformation number but they didn't so I was unable to mail there product back and now I have to pay for something I don't even want I just want to give it back and get my money back I'm on SSD and only gat 784.00 to live on I guess I won't get to eat this month but you can believe me when I say they haven't heard the last of me I will be calling everyone that will listen or help after all on tv they only charge 29.95 beware of bare mineral makeup they will rip you off do not buy from them if they have already done this to you call the better buisness breau like I am in the morning. feed up jeanette

disabled and scammed
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