Uship cameroon scam pets

Thanks for contacting me regarding my lovely pups and I apologize for the late reply, they are called Lauren and Sandy, Laura They are still available and ready now to go to a new home.Lauren is a male and Sandy and Laura they are Female, They are 12weeks old pure breed CKC registered, vet check, updated in all shots. Well-tamed and potty trained, good associate with kids and other house hold pets. I live in London and these puppies will be coming from London .

i am giving them out for free and I can arrange for shipping to any loving person who lives far and it will cost £150.0 each puppy for National Shipment. This is because i have just had my new job as a journalist and it is due-to the mobility of this job that leave me with no choice but to look for a perfect home for these cute and well trained puppies of mine. And i want a home for them as soon as possible.They are very sensitive, well socialized puppies and possesses in the following characters..

Laura She is home and Potty Trained..

-She does not bark a lot.

-She is KC registered, vet check, updated in all shots .

-She Is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .

-She is health vaccinated.

Laura is one of the largest puppy and one of the calmest puppy we have ever had. She is a little more reserved, but friendly and snuggles right in when picked up for hugs. Her family bond will be strong and loyal. She is also doing great on leash training and simple commands


She is home and Potty Trained..

-She does not bark a lot.

-She is KC registered, vet check, updated in all shots .

-She Is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .

-She is health vaccinated.

Laura is one of the largest puppy and one of the calmest puppy we have ever had. She is a little more reserved, but friendly and snuggles right in when picked up for hugs. Her family bond will be strong and loyal. She is also doing great on leash training and simple commands


-He is home and potty trained

-He barks more than Laura but not to much.

-He is KC registered, vet check, updated in all shots.

-He is health vaccinated

-He barks when he sees strangers.

This cute puppy is the smallest of the litter and is growing fast. At a very young age he would sit up in a royal pose to whine . So the

kids dubbed him Lauren. He is totally unafraid to tackle any

of the bigger pups and loves to lick hands and faces if you get too close. He is one of the kid's favorites and gets handled a lot.I will like to know more about you.

-Are you married?

-Do you have kids?

-Are you familiar with this kind of breed?

-can you Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?

-What is your occupation?

-Were exactly are you located?

-What is your phone number?

-Are you interested in Lauren or Laura?

-Have you ever arrange for a home delivery of a puppy?

Hope to read from you soon asap

regards.. Do not buy or pay any money for these dogs From bobdenis90@yahoo.co.uk or ushipservices@hotmail.com Thanks

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I got the same email and it sad to hear that this scam seems to be going on for over 5years. Don't get involved with anything to do with u-ship cameroon.

Its a total ***!

Luckily I went on google map and noticed the home address he gave was false. I am so sorry if you have been conned by these people.


Don't do it. I was scammed big time.

My kids are so heart broken. I wish they would get these idiots and put them in jail for taken money that does not belong to them.

Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom #938691

Can any of you's help? This happened to me but it was a Shiba inu(miniature japenese akita) and now I've been scammed of £200 and there looking a further £940 and willing to help pay for the insurance to go on ahead..

Wat do I do to get my money back? :(

Castries, Castries, Saint Lucia #707695

Will they have any access to anything for me using my email??? This just happened to me!!!!!!


mine is pretty much the same but after i sent the money hours later they called and wanted 1850.00 for insurance certificate. emailed both seller and company have not heard from anyone.

i paid the money western union of 390.00.

the seller said his wife pasted and that was why they where selling the pup. he even said he paid extra to have pup urgent delivery.


i sent the money then hours later was asked for more money1850.00 for an insurance certificate. mine was boston terrier for 290.00 then the pup was suppose to be in vermont but wife pasted and pup was coming from utah. could not get a phone number and when i did out of service


this company are Thieves do not trust them


could u please send me the company address in perth wa


All of these experiences mentioned are not in any way related to uShip.com, but rather describes instances where a person or people have fraudulently used uShip’s name, logo, etc. without consent.

uShip is an online marketplace where those who need shipping services can list their items and receive bids from independent transporters registered on the site.

uShip is NOT involved in the actual shipment of any items, and uShip is NOT involved in the purchase or sale of any items.

We have been made aware of scams occurring on various online classified sites where the seller of an item makes false and fraudulent claims about uShip and/or impersonates a uShip representative in an attempt to trick individuals into sending them a wire transfer payment for non-existent goods.

We strongly encourage all of you to contact the online classified site where the ad was found as well as the Internet Crime Complaint Center to report this fraud.


They have been doing the same scam with me i must pay upfront for home delivery,

NAMES.................Benedict Mokom



ZIP CODE..................00237


From email adress ushippetconsultant@att.net

also dr.cathrinekenny@yahoo.com


Its a scam!


Yes I agree major scam! Erensen57@yahoo.com free english bulldogs!$290!

Pay just delivery fee! But western. Union to director in camroon! But the pups are coming from florida!

Good thing no money was sent!!! Bc as soon as I started asking questions about phone numbers to delivery company where the pup would be!

Got no reply! Beware!

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Other Company in Tampa, Florida - Treatment of employees

i am always upset when i see your cash register personnel shifting from one foot to another to eleviate the fatigue of their legs/feet from standing for hours to "serve" the public. Please help these dedicated employees by supplying stools or at least some support for their back.

aldi, the new grocery chain from germany, has resolved this problem for years and it has not decreased the speed of the check out process.

I am not related to any of your employees, just a socially aware customer who crinches when i have to check out my groceries. thank you for at least taking this problem into account.

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Tampa, Florida
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Other Company in Reston, Virginia - Asking for SSN over phone

Customer Service Rep called me and asked for my social security number. i refused, not even knowing who this person was until I checked caller ID.

Why did they need that information. She could not answer that question and refused to tell me why she was calling! I do not even know why she called from ER Solutions but this was totally unprofessional and I was not pleased with her demeanor and unprofessionalism.

If this was a collections call she should have provided me with the information she had for me and then I could have followed up. Recieved 2-9-11.

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Reston, Virginia
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Other Company in Lethbridge, Alberta - Well lets see uhmmmm no new *** movies hows that

think if your the biggest dvd movie place one would think you could at least change or add new movies again one would think , and hey if you need someone to add or even think about what people would like to watch i think i could do better than the bonehead you have doing it allready , lol i have to give you 100 words about how you sbould add or even change movies alot more often and thats an understatment because i havn;t see it change at all since i got this netflex , uhmmm a 100 words netflex sucks,

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Lethbridge, Alberta
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Other Company in Batavia, New York - Bad food and server

I went to one of your restaurants in fl the food was so bad and the server was to they was not a manager on duty i ask for one the three people that was there was very unhappy about there job. I told the girl that the porkchop were so tuff that you clould not eat them she said i have already made the bill out i told her that i was not going to pay for them so she went back and took off the chops the bill was 22.45 and after she took the chops off it was 19.95 i dont think that was right there hand touched the food with know glove on we all set right there and seen it. i am not a very happy person with that kind of buss.

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Batavia, New York
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Bark Off, is a rip offf!!! My neighbors are terrorizing my dog with these!!

He will not play with his toys any more and hides under my desk or bed !!! How humane is that!!!!!????

The manufacturers of these products say they are harmless, but if my dog is hiding, how harmless can they really be? My dog does not deserve a bark off or any other bark free product!!! They are all trying to get me to move out, if I could I would, but it is not possible. These people do not have dogs of their own nor have they talked with me about their problems with my dog!!!!!

There has to be a way to block this frequency so that it can not get to my dog!!! Someone, please help me!!!!!!!!

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My dog does not bark all day, because I am here all day!!!!!! They never talked to ME about my dog barking!!!!!!!

They are trying to get me to move and they can kiss my *** and so can you. You *** are the constant cause of cruelty to animals in this country!!!!!!


Bark off does not sound like a rip-off, it sounds like it works quite well. It probably has helped your neighbors not have to listen to your dog.

First of all, how do you even know that your neighbors have this item if you have not talked to them about your dog's barking? That doesn't even make sense. Some real advice would be for you to talk to them and buy your little "angel" a bark collar that shocks him when he barks so that he associates this behavior with a bit of pain.

It worked on my thickheaded untrainable queensland heeler. Ask them not to use the bark off while you take responsibility for how you dog is annoying your neighbors.


That sounds great! I have neighbors with dogs that bark constantly.

I'm going to get one.

No one wants to hear your dog bark all day. Try thinking of others for a change.

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Indianapolis, Indiana
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Other Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota - Misunderstood

I believe it is so profound that the laws today have not changed to help govern collectors against debtors who are abusive and harrassing. It is always reported what a collecctor has done but not the debtors.

Debtors have have made racial slurs, deragatory comments, and harrassing phone calls to collectors over the years and no law protects the collector. There have been undocumented facts that debtor's will purposely take out debt and not pay the debt back just to wait for that collection call to bait a collector into violation of FDCPA regulations and and then sue the company and the collector to obtain civil funds. It is not made public debtors who abuse the financial system by over extending themselves in credit debt and then claim harrassment when they are contacted to pay the debt's back. I thought our country was built on responsiblity and accountability.

America allows the freedom of debtors to request credit but have no responsibility in paying it back? I do not excuse the fact that their are collectors very few I might add that have crossed the line in collecting debt. Collections companies do not tolerate underminding tactics by collectors and are immediately punished by termination of employment when caught in the act even before and when there is no lawsuit obtained. I also believed when our country said that when you do the crime you do the time, and there have been collector's and people in general that have committed offenses in their past and have paid their dues.

These collector's that have a criminal past have made changes to their life style and are planting their feet into a new life thru employment instead of crime, paying tax's instead of filing for disability or welfare. Americans some say they do not want to carrie the load of others who are not working but living on the goverment system but then we punish them by not giving the a right to employment and to become a tax paying citizen by writing articles thru the Star Tribune. If a person was truly given a fare shot at Equel Opportunity of Employment in the United States then you would not have the issue of one hiding their background but openly discussing it and proving their skills and character for who they are today. What if it was you that had a petty offense 10 years ago and have not committed a crime since that time.

Do you feel you should have the right to Equel Opportunity of Employment like everyone else or should you be put on watch or banned from making a living because of your past. How come no article is written about the greed of the FDCPA attorneys that look for debtor's like chasing an ambulance to file suit against companies and then they file astronomicle amount of money in attorney fees. These attorneys will prep these debtors to change the true story of the call they had with a collector so they can place a claime against an agency or law firm that collects debt so they can fill their own pockets. No one has stated why lawsuits against agencies and lawfirms have gone thru the roof in numbers.

The economy is down and every one has taken a large hit including collection firms. So you have more debtor's filing suit and more attorney's that have left one filed of practice to practice suing debt collection companies now and more money made by these attorney's in the past 2 years then ever before. Attorney's are coaching testimonies by debtos and doctoring alleged complaints against collection agencies and firms because the laws have been made specically for the consumer.

this can help debtor's to avoid paying their debts instead of paying them and the debtor's dont pay attorney fees for their legal counsel the agencies are having to pay it. Hmmmm Think about it

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Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Other Company in Chicago, Illinois - Unlisted order number

I placed an order on Jan. 25,2011 ( Order ID 102-4339868-8037006) to which the delivery was sent in two packages.

1) B0039KDR76. The same parcel was sent a second time, when it should have been, 2)B001LONTC. The second invoice states the order as complete, which it is not. There is a problem with one item shipped twice and a discrepancy of $20.12.

Mean while I cannot get in contact with anyone to rectify the situation. Why the short cut?

Each attempt to reach some one with the order ID I was given has proven fruitless because there doesn't seem to be any record of the order ever being placed under the number 102-4339868-8037006. HELP!

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Chicago, Illinois
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Other Company in Los Angeles, California - Absolutely BS...they give you all these 800 numbers to call for outages

they give you 800 numbers to call but both them and reliants numbers go to dead lines or busy signals. I had to call in as a new customer to actually get an answer....Total BS.....they want our business, our money and yet they could give a *** on customer service

Derugulations good, but seems like its become more of a monopoly...huh...wonder why the government hasnt set in to investigate

Maybe its because most of our officials own stock in the companies...gotta love deregulation!!!!and this website sucks because I dont have 100 words...another example of *** poor service


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Los Angeles, California
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Other Company in Plano, Texas - Increase in Security

This company was the victim of an online attack. Security has been updated and the situation has been resolved. This company's website and e-mail are SSL certified. Any correspondance you receive from this company will be addressed personally to you. We appreciate your assistance in protecting this company's reputation.

It is important that you never click a link you do not recognize.

Never download an attachment without verifying the authenticity.

Do not depend on firewalls to protect you against spam.

Again, This company was the victim of an online attack. Security has been updated and the situation has been resolved.

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Plano, Texas
Review #194708 is a subjective opinion of poster.